Colourful History Of Poker

The discovery of new media (internet) was a boon for us. Not just it made the communication easier and the entire world closer, it served and is continuing to serve various other purposes. Our entertainment is one of the purposes it serves.

The beginning

Online gambling began in the 1990s, with sports betting appearing initially and then the online casinos and poker rooms following it soon after. By the year 2000, internet access was available to the common people. And when Christopher Bryan Moneymaker, an American poker player, qualified for and went on to win the World Series of Poker in 2003 after playing a satellite tournament at an online poker site, the fame of online poker went high.

The very first reference to video poker appeared in 1830s. Poker machines started appearing in America during 1800s. These machines were coin operating and manufacturing by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn. They were normally in cigarette and liquor stores.

Other reference of playing poker live throughout history includes 12th and 13th century Egyptian game of cards and also a 165th century Persian game named as ‘Ganjifa’, or Treasure cards.

Poker dates back to

If you want to trace back the history of poker, you have to go over ten centuries back. With the years passing by, the game has evolved. The cards have developed, the playing style has improved and players have discovered new techniques to play poker. But, the concept of card rankings and bluffing about the card you have in your hand, is the one that has been around for more than a millennium.

There is a belief amongst the poker lovers; a game similar to poker discovered in 969 AD. The Chinese Emperor Mu-tsung reported to have played the game of ‘dominos’ cards with his wife on New Year eve.

The first video poker machines did not appear until 1970s, when computers were beginning to be available to people easily. Video poker experienced a revival in its popularity during this phase, as the fresh machines were attractive and interesting than the older ones to play poker games.

Evolution of Poker name

Poker, the name, believed to evolve from either French game ‘Poque’, or the German game ‘Pochen’ came from 17th and 18th century.

The older machines were similar in operation to the first slot machines. The poker players will insert a coin in the machine and pull the lever of the machine. These machines had drums with cards attached and these drums would spin to create hand. Winning hands did not pay out in cash, rather in cigars and liquors.

The first poker variation most people learn is Five-Card Draw. This is an admired variant of poker in home games, but is not generally seen in casinos.

The playing style had evolved from then. Each poker player is dealt five cards, one at a time, and all the cards are placed face down. The rest of the deck is placed to one side while players study their hands, and then settle on to bet or fold.

If there is still more than one player left in the game, then there is a showdown, where all the players disclose their hands, and the player with the best hand wins on the game.

After the players have been dealt their replacement cards, a second round of poker game starts!

Happy Gaming!

5 Reasons Of Poker Not Being Game Of Luck Totally

Every pro poker player in the world hates to be termed as “professional gamblers” as it’s not an appropriate title for them. Why? Because they know firsthand that poker is not actually a game of luck or chance.

Sure, we are thankful to have luck in online poker and wish we could save it for our forthcoming games. But in several ways, luck is really the enemy of a good poker player. Primarily, let’s take a swift look at luck from the view of a bad poker player. At least half the time when a bad player wins a pot, he will have been lucky to do it. In a poker game, bad player has a million ways to be lucky.

Alternatively, good poker players play poker with their skills. Certainly, they still get fortunate every now and then, but they have been obtaining pot odds on that draw and will have built the pot appropriately as well. Good poker players will always take action precisely in any given scenario.

Here we have listed the 5 reasons why poker is not a game of luck completely.

Read on those 5 reasons:

Poker includes discipline, patience andconcentration. Without those aptitudes, a poker player cannotwin at a poker game as the challengers can easily divert the player.
Pokerneeds the skill of psychology to assess thechallengers’ hands. You have to be capable to reads your challengers and carefully estimate every single move they make at the game.
Pokerneedsmathematical intelligence to analyse things such as pot odds, implied odds, and outs, which are very crucial factors to determine who’s going to win.
Just like chess, pokerneedsthe brainpower to plan in advance, to make a solid tactic, and to correctly combine the cards prior making a decision.
Just like any other sports, pokerneedsknowledge and years of experience before someone can be a pro player. The more you play poker, the better you will be.
You see, poker is not just about what cards you get. Everybody gets the same amount of cards at some point – it’s how you play those cards wisely. In fact, a poker player can turn losing hands into winning hands if he uses his skills during the game.

With luck out of the question, a poker player with the right skills is always going to play better again and again.

Happy playing!

Poker Tells – The Hidden Body Language

Mastering poker includes mastering your body language. Right? Poker is the game based on the availability of information. As poker is a game of human interaction, we sometimes receive clues from other players, based on changes in their playing patterns or their physical manner, which points to the strength or weakness of their hand. These are termed as “poker tells.”

A poker player gains a benefit if he notices and learns the meaning of his opponents’ tell. Poker ‘tell’ is particularly unintentional, unconscious and reliable. At times, online poker players fake a ‘tell’ to confuse their challengers. After all, poker and deception are not enemies.

Two Forms of Poker Tells

Poker Tells come in two forms:

Playing patterns
Physical tells
Playing patterns are the most reliable poker tells. By observing the way a poker player plays, you will have more info and will be able to judge better. Playing patterns will be your main tells.

Physical tells, numerous of which are exaggerated in television and movies, are fun.

Spotting Apt Poker Tells is Tough

What makes tells tough to apply is the way they differ from player to player. For instance, a player might toss his chips into the pot with strength, and then leave his hands out near the action. For most players this implies a big hand, for other players, it is a bluff. Numerous poker tells are false, numerous are conflicting, and several are just downright undependable. There is no magic to it.

As you make scrutiny a habit, you will learn to filter through these several tells and observe that the first tell is very often real, and the shortest tell is the most dependable. Most long, drawn out tells are fake, set up to baffle the players. We have all seen a movie tell as a player makes a screwed up face of annoyance and then bets!

The universal rule is that weakness normally means strength, and strength normally means weakness. But, you must choose how much weight to offer a tell at any given instant. If you make learning tells fun, it will be an ever-changing, exciting part of your poker game and your skill.

Practice is the Key

Practice is the key to learn reading any tell. Learning the poker tells is more fun if you learn a couple of them every time you play poker game. For an instance, one night at a game you pick a player and observe his energy levels. While he won’t go from almost comatose to sitting bolt straight in his seat, most poker players do shuffle around in their chair and sit straight when they have a good hand, or in any case a hand they mean to play. Notice everyone’s posture and it will be a habit and you will ‘train’ yourself to be alert at the table.

Happy playing!!

Overcoming Nerves At First Time Poker Game

Hey all the poker lovers out there! Are you a first timer at the poker online game? We can assume your nervousness. Perhaps you are pondering what will happen if you lose huge money in the first game.

The first thing you need to do is to stop freaking out! The more you will freak out, the greater you will be bad at your hands.

And if you have decided to play poker live for the first time against heavy opponents, then all the very best from PokerLion Team.

If you are to play poker for the first time and you wish to play against the live challengers, then nice for you. And we are here to offer you suggestions, the useful ones, on how to not have any nervous breakdown and survive in the game as a first timer.

Most of the poker experts refer to the first timers as calling stations. If you are trying to catch the logic behind this term, it is mostly as the first time poker players have the inclination to call almost all the bets with even giving a moment of thought on their decisions.

Of course, we believe you don’t want to be referred by the term, and you want to be recognised as a good poker player by your opponents, then we suggest you to think calmly before you act. You have heard this numerous times by now that poker is a mental game and not merely a game of cards. It is a strategic competition between many poker players.

If you feel that your nerves are getting the better of you,

Here are some tips to get rid of cold feet

Don’t give yourself unnecessary pressure by comparing your talent in the game to other players. That is a futile task. You simply cannot compare. Think about the logic. You are playing for the first time and your challengers have played the game several times more than you unless you are playing against another first timer.

There is a first time of all things in life. Accept that there is nothing to lose and there is no harm in trying. And you will be able to focus better on the game.

Okay, so you have heard some reputation of your online poker challengers. This doesn’t imply that you have to put them into superhuman place. Bear in mind that once in their life these players were too first timers, just like you are today. Do one thing; replace their faces with some funny characters to lessen your nervousness and your sense of inferiority.

And lastly, relax! Be calm! We know, it is easier said than done, but you really need to calm down and relax. Block out all except the cards you are holding. Completely focus on the game you are playing. Just think, as a first timer, you will play poker good.

Happy playing!

Interesting Fact And Figures Of Poker Game

Numbers and interesting facts strike readers attention and make them think.

We have collected some amazing numerical facts about poker and if you play poker and are from India, these figures will motivate you to spread this game of skill in India more.

A few figures collected here are rather astounding and others are not so much but the number of the obtainable facts on poker suggests that it is one of the most played games online around the world. And we have to spread the game in India and make the poker figures high for India, as well.

Fact #01

As it is acknowledged, poker was played first at the starting of the 19th century. Almost two centuries later, in 1998, its online version of poker appeared when Planet Poker opened its online gates. It was Planet Poker’s step was then followed by Paradise Poker in 1999.

Fact #02

There are 2,598,960 possible poker hands with 52 cards and the odds of a Royal Flush are 649,740 to 1.

Fact #03

Approximately 5 million people play for real money in online poker and 2 million in clubs or casinos, at least once in a month.

Fact #04

About 70 million decks of cards are sold in America every year.

Fact #05

The majority of poker players are from North America (63%) or Europe (29%).

Fact #06

The game of poker is played in USA (54%) followed by the UK (10%), Canada (9%), and Australia (4%). Most of the rest of the users are from other European nations.

Fact #07

97% of the poker online players are male and 2% are females.

Fact #08

52% of players play poker, 27% play poker live and 21% play both.

Fact #09

62% players cash games, 24% play MTTs, 10% play SNGs.

Fact #10

79% poker players are amateurs, 17% semi-pros and 4% pros.

Fact #11

At the peak time of poker games, over 1 million people play poker at various card-rooms all over the world.

Fact #12

Last but not the least, plenty of poker players are uncertain to join poker online websites. This is because they are sure that their cards will be hacked by hackers. But that is not true, best online poker site like has very high security. Or else they are not offered with licence to offer the game to the players.

Happy playing!

Observations About The Pro Poker Players

A good poker player is admired by all. And this admiration comes from their skill, the manner they play the game or the way they can maintain their calmness even when the game has reached to an extreme exciting point. Here we have brought to u few observations we have noticed about the top poker players and which can help you in coming out as a pro player.

Work Their Game

The first step into being a professional poker player is to truly be a ‘professional’.
And there’s no easy way to be that.
A pro poker player needs to put it in the effort. If you want to play poker as a professional, read every article and book s you can get your hands on. In fact, read them over and over again.
But don’t merely leave it to the books. Get as much practical experience as possible without harming your personal and social life. Face your fears and intimidate players. The more you will play the game, think about the strategies your next move, the more you will boost your talent.

The Appropriate Blend

No, we’re not talking about drinks!
A good and pro poker player has to have the right balance- of business and poker online game, management of cash and hand selection.

Change the Game

Unlike other games, poker doesn’t cheer a player to find a steady rhythm during the game. After a while even pro players, begin showing a pattern. It is a smart move to modify your play every once in a while to keep your challengers on their toes.

Spot the ‘fish’

In a poker game, the fish is always the weaker player. If you can’t recognize the ‘fish’ on the table, almost certainly it’s you. Before you sit on a table try and identify the ‘fish’. It will only perk up your chances of playing a good game.

Know It All

The majority of online poker players stick to Texas Hold’em poker. But this restricts their playing style and game intelligence. Wouldn’t it be better if you knew how to be beneficial in other versions of poker game like Omaha, Blaze and many more?

Happy playing!

First Multi-Linguistic Microgaming Poker Website In India Rolls Out

Greetings to all the poker fans! We are here with an exciting story for you all. After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to announce launch of new Multi-Linguistic Microgaming Poker Website. Bollywood actor Rajeev Khandelwal inaugurated and Team Goa Lions.  What’s more, at a grand event organised by the parent organization, Ability Games on Saturday, 24th February 2018. Also, the event took place at Mumbai, Club Sirkus. You can now find us at

Online poker is rapidly gaining acceptance as the game of skill in India. Launching first poker portal in multiple languages for people from different regions is a proud moment for PokerLion. It has clean uncluttered design, user-friendly interface. Moreover, secure coding, guaranteed GTD, audited escrow bank and 24/7 support team. Additionally, PokerLion takes the real money poker gaming experience to a new height.

PokerLion has multiple language support for the players to access games and website. The budding poker talents from Team Goa Lions will play at different tournaments. In addition they will promote the sport more and more. Goa Lions have talented players from around the world to lead the team in various tournaments.

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Poker Lion And Team Goa Lions – New Entrants In Poker Space

India is warming up to the poker games!

Poker lovers can now leave out the misty casinos and legally gamble their INRs away on their fat couch. PokerLion and Team Goa Lions launched on Saturday, 24th February 2018. Actor Rajeev Khandelwal launched the platform in a grand event. Heads of PokerLion and Goa Lions organised the event at Club Sirkus of Mumbai. Different real money poker games offering in the platform, reviewed carefully before incorporating. Additionally, poker games like Hold’em, Omaha, Fish Party, Blaze and many more are availing at PokerLion. Furthermore, PokerLion is available to the Indian poker enthusiasts in multiple languages for regional benefit. Start visiting to register and avail the SignUp bonus at the earliest.

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And talking about Team Goa Lions, a team which has collected some of the budding talent in the poker arena. They lead Goa Lions in numerous national and international tournaments. Both PokerLion and Team Goa Lions are subsidiary to an Indian software development organization, Ability Games.

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Pokerlion – New Poker Site For Real Money In India

The official launch of the new online poker site in India has been announced. Several poker lovers expecting its launch this month. PokerLion set to rock the online poker world with an awesome gaming experience. PokerLion offers thrilling poker games to the players which represents a virtual analogue of the admired skill-based game. Now it will reach out to a huge poker audience in India and around the world.

As PokerLion is just about to launch and is not a large poker site in terms of players’ number, it is surely the one trustworthy site in the Indian poker market. This website can be of a good advantage to newer players, as PokerLion form a relaxing atmosphere and sense of community.

The platform provides good security to the players, regular poker promotion, amazing bonuses. Additionally, enhanced technology with rich graphics for the online poker players. And that is the reason why this poker site is worth trying.

Secured and safe performance

Furthermore, associated with fair gaming, PokerLion has license.  And secure which ensures total confidence of the players. It ensures that meets all the criteria of reliable poker platforms.

It has the necessary encryption technology in place, makes anti-fraud initiatives a cornerstone of their business, and does everything they can to keep players safe. Most importantly, they’re all licensed by regulated gambling authorities, so you know that they’re honest and reputable. Just use the links to start with a secure online poker gaming.

Generous Bonuses and VIP Scheme

PokerLion offers a good selection of bonuses and promotions for both new and regular players. First off, they offer a really great welcome/sign-up bonus for all players. Apart from this there will be first deposit bonus, players can enjoy a first deposit bonus as well as other promotions including reload bonus. All details on these promotions can be easily found on the website. All these bonuses credits directly to the user’s account.

Deposit Methods

PokerLion has a good selection of deposit options, so players will definitely find the most suitable one. They offer all the major providers, as well as plenty of options for the players:

Each payment system ensures immediate depositing, while the time of withdrawal may differ depending on the selected procedure. Taking into account Visa and MasterCard speed and safety, they greatly recommend by PokerLion as a priority.

All things measured, PokerLion has well-designed and fairly involving poker gaming, both in relation to real money rewards and tournaments. They appear to be geared towards beginners and pros and have a very user-friendly site, as well as clean and clear graphics in-game. Due to many promotions, responsive support specialists and excellent system, PokerLion is suitable for all poker lovers.

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