Online Poker – Stealing Blind in SNG Tournament

One of the best ways to build your stack in a sit and go online poker tournament is through stealing the blinds. It isn’t very ideal to try stealing the blinds early on in the tournament so you’ll want to try and appear to be a tight player in the early stages. If you’re able to gain a tight table image in the tournament then it will help you down the road when you start to try stealing blinds from the other players.

You’ll want to wait until the blinds become worth stealing which we would say is at the 25/50 level. In order to steal poker online blinds, you need to consider several factors such as your position, options if you’re re-raised and the opponent’s lefts in the pot.

Importance of position

The position is important when you try stealing the best online poker blinds because you can create better odds by acting later in the hand. For instance, if you try stealing the blinds from the first position then you’re going to need to have 8 players fold to your raise. If you’re the 6th player to act in the hand then you only need 3 other players to fold after you. As you can see you have a lot of better odds of your opponent’s folding when you’re in a late position.

You need to consider what your options will be if you get re-raised for one simple reason. If you have a marginal hand then you’ll still be able to flat call a small re-raise in hopes of hitting a big hand in a big pot. If you have absolutely nothing when you try stealing the blinds then you have no other option but to fold if you get re-raised.

Stack size

Looking at the opponent’s lefts in the hand is the factor you need to look at when you’re stealing the blinds in a sit and go tournament. If you have observed the players left in the pot to be fairly tight then you’ll have a better chance getting away with the bluff. But if one of the players is loose, they might want to make a move on you. The stack size is also important in tournaments because you need to consider the likelihood of the other players making a move. If there is a short stack left in the hand and you re-raise to steal the blinds. They might just want to push all-in so they can try and double up.

There is a lot to consider when you’re thinking about stealing the blinds in an online poker real money game and it isn’t just something that you can do. You often don’t want to do it too often or else you’re going to begin getting re-raised a lot more often. Once the other players pick up on it.

Happy playing!


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5 Poker Online Tips for Successful Multi Tabling

Do you want to clear your poker bonuses faster? Do you want to make more money in the same amount of time playing poker online? Or do you just get bored by only playing at a single poker table?

Then you need to learn how to multi-table! Multi-tabling isn’t difficult!

Multi-tabling might seem to be impossible the first time you try it: you haven’t made your decision about a hand on one table yet or another starts beeping for your attention. You decide to click the fold button but suddenly a table pops up and before you know it you miss-click called a pre-flop all-in bet wit J7 off-suite. While still recovering from this unexpected and costly event you hover your mouse pointer to the raise button. At another table where you’re looking at pocket aces, only to see your hand get folded as your time out.

At this point, you might not believe it, but multi-tabling is easy! All you need to do is follow these six multi-tabling tips:

Don’t start multi-tabling too quickly

Successful multi-tabling is a skill that consists of two main elements. One element is playing winning poker online or: making correct decisions. The other element is successfully managing to make a higher amount of decisions you need to make in time or: not timing out.

Although you will play more hands per hour by multi-tabling this doesn’t mean that you will pick up the skills to play winning best online poker faster. This is because multi-tabling allows you less time to play each individual hand and therefore you won’t be able to learn as much from every hand you play.

Because of this, it is very important to be able to make correct poker decisions before you start trying to make as many of them as possible by multi-tabling. Just like you need to learn how to walk before you can run.

Stop trying to follow all the action in a hand

The human mind is a curious one. And although you understandably feel the urge to follow the action in a hand you also have to take care of other tables where you can already act. You simply can’t allow yourself to stay focused on that single table (only satisfying your curiosity) while there are other tables in more urgent need of your attention.

When multi-tabling you should make it a habit to constantly look for opportunities to make a decision at any one of the online poker real money tables you are seated at.

By not actively looking for opportunities to act at other tables you don’t allow yourself to make decisions when you have the time to do so comfortably. If this decision results in pre-selecting the fold option, then that’s one table less that can interfere with a big decision during the next minute. And even if you can’t directly make your move because it’s not your turn yet, you can already think about what you are going to do when it will be your turn. And this allows you to act much quicker and therefore to multi-table more effectively.

Train your decision-making speed

So, we’ve already seen one ‘multi-tabling trick’ to increase your decision-making speed and that is to look for opportunities to make decisions ahead of time. Another very important aspect in order to be able to make decisions quickly is to recognize standard situations and knowing how you have to act in these situations.

The most important way to learn to recognize standard situations will be through experience: simply play a lot of hands. But you also need to play them consciously to learn how to act in those situations and hence, you shouldn’t play too many tables too quickly to rack up those hands.

Experiment with your table layout

The way in which you arrange your tables on your screen can help you in keeping up with all the action when multi-tabling. There are three possible ways to arrange your tables: you can tile, cascade, or stack your tables.

By tiling your tables you arrange them side by side and one above the other so that there is no overlap. Tiling allows you to scan all your tables to see if you can already act somewhere and allows you to follow other players’ actions when you have the time to do so. Tiling your tables will be a very good option if you are playing up to around ten tables. One disadvantage of multi-tabling without overlapping tables is that it will take a lot of desktop space. Therefore, you’ll need a large poker monitor if you want to play many tables using this layout. But then again, large monitors are really nice anyway.

Play a little tighter when things go too fast.

You can make multi-tabling easier by simply playing fewer hands. Mostly you’ll play tighter automatically when multi-tabling. But when all of a sudden you have to make several tough decisions for a big pot. Then just fold some other marginal hands that you would have otherwise played. This will help you to focus more on those big decisions instead.

Happy playing!


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