5 Ways to Go Broke with Pocket Aces in Texas Hold’em Poker

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Pocket aces are great. Many poker players play poker every single day, thousands of hands each week, and looking down at two Aces in the whole is still awesome. Yet, they have seen many people lose their complete stack in a single hand, the tightest players on any table will go broke with their aces, blinded for possible drawing hands that probably have them beat. 

Here are some of the most favorite ways of seeing people lose with their cards: 

Slowplaying Aces pre-flop 

Don’t make a habit of slowplaying Aces. Just call only a marginal percentage of the time, and when you do, try to do it with aggressive online poker players behind you. You don’t want 5 people limping in to a pot. You want one, maximum two players in the hand. This is vital for the strength of your aces after the flop! 

Not keeping your head straight 

Yes, your aces are strong in online poker real money, but you can’t stop paying attention. Keep studying the board and the players around you, trying to stay on top of the game. Think about what kind of hands beat you, and if they’re likely to have called your raise pre-flop. Keep in mind that against aces, looser opponents are more dangerous than people playing only premium starting hands. With a J94 flop, the solid player made AJ tops (or a set). The loose player may have flopped J9, and your aces might be in grave trouble. 

Checking after the flop 

With aces; bet. Make a continuation bet if nobody has bet the flop, and raise if someone else has bet into what seems to be a safe flop. Define your hand. Checking is giving free cards, and it’s stupid. Not raising is stupid to, unless against a very aggressive opponent, who might keep bluffing at a pot when he thinks you’re weak. Keep in mind though; he’s getting free cards too, so you’re taking a risk. 

Putting someone else on a set 

Yes, someone may have flopped a monster, but it’s unlikely. Decide on the flop whether or not you put someone on a set, it’s the right time. If he bets out his turn, you raise, and he comes over the top. Make your decision based on his image and your instinct in best online poker. Same when you get check-raised. Don’t second-guess, it’s the wrong play. Once you feel he hasn’t flopped a set, stick to it. 

When it’s obvious your aces are beat, lay them down! 

4-card flushes and straights on the board are typical situation you don’t want to see. Let your hand go if you are facing a big bet in these situations. Yes, the other guy might be bluffing, but he’s probably not. 

Aces are great, don’t spoil the fun yourself! 

Happy playing!