6 Amazing Female Poker Players of 2020

Amazing Poker Players of 2020

Card games are not for women – discrimination based on gender has always been prominent in every industry and sector.Online Poker tournaments were not an exception. However, 2020 has been a good year for the girls! Despite the traditional belief that poker is a man’s game, women are also taking the poker world by storm. 

Although a world series for poker is still away, however, girls are surely making a lot of money by playing poker online. To keep up the spirits of other girls who are willing to play poker, check out the list of a few international winners. 

1. Liv Boeree

She is a talented, intelligent, and a very impressive player. She is the only female poker player who has won many poker tournaments. Not only that, but she also has a degree of astrophysics in her name. If you’re into the world of poker, then Liv Boree is a common name that you should be knowing. Not only poker, but she is also a celebrity in the television industry. 

2.Joanne Liu 

Don’t let the distinctive hats and unconventional dressing style of Liu fool you! She’s been an exceptionally good player since 1996. She became 4th in a Limit Hold’em match and uses her Chinese gambling skills to play poker. Although initially, she was looking forward to a career in computer science. However, once cash started raining on her, she gladly accepted this as her fortune and career. 

3. Maria Constanza Lampropulos 

You might have heard her name in poker very seldom! She already has a great professional career. But as she played on, she got engrossed in the game. Maria entered the world of poker with her boyfriend, the famous poker player Ivan Luca. Since there was no looking back. One of her notified wins is the one in Nottingham over 7,000 people. Have a look at her playing videos and learn to play poker online successfully. 

4. Vanessa Rousso 

If you’re into poker, then you must’ve heard the name of Vanessa Rousso several times. Her poker skills have successfully landed her in the 8th spot in the Women’s All-time Money List. She is beauty coupled intelligence – rare but a dashing combination for a female poker player. Although she has no major titles to her name right now, that time is going to come soon! 

5. Vanessa Selbst 

After completing a smashing 12 years in poker games, she has the number 1 ranking in the Global Poker Index. Very popular and having a net worth of around $11.9 million, she is undoubtedly a tricky player. Opponents are of the opinion that it’s very difficult to win over Vanessa. She knows the right set of bluffs than can turn the game around. She is a very reckless and bold poker player and can teach you some smart moves for your poker games online. Check out her bluffs and you’ll know why she is famous. 

6. Annie Duke 

With a net worth of around USD 9 million in the bank, Annie is popularly known as the Duchess of Poker. Unlike others, she has made poker her career, profession, and passion. She thinks it’s a great initiative to help other novice players to get the tactics of the game in mind. For that, she has written books on poker strategies and instructions. Want to get some handy tips for poker online? Read her books. 

Happy Playing !!

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