6 Smart Online Poker Cheats That Every Player Needs to be Aware

6 Smart Online Poker Cheats That Every Player Needs to be Aware

Cheating is illegal. Yes, we all know that. But do we really follow the same? Cheating was always a part of online poker – now, before, and in the future! Some of them are simple, some are highly aggressive. You may not even know when you’ll suddenly get cheated. 

Before you face such humiliation in any online  poker tournament, here’s a quick recap of the most commonly practiced online cheating techniques. You may find the same names in different other blogs. But an easy explanation never hurts! 


It’s a perfectly made-up gameplay between two players. Although strictly banned in poker games online, however, it’s still a common practice. You may not find such cheaters in multi-table games. But when it’s a two-player game, you’ll find players offering you such things. In such cases, they share information over the phone or skype and not on online chat options. 

Multiple accounts 

This is a dangerous cheating technique. You’ll get pros in the game who maintains multiple real money accounts. Online poker rooms don’t permit more than one account for a person. However, cheaters always find a way out! Those alluring offers like “first-time deposit bonus” make people indulge in such activities. There can be cases where a player starts playing in several tables of the same tournament! Stop such cheaters from grabbing the bulk winnings! 


If you get hold of a robot to play on your behalf, then no one can stop you from winning! And that’s exactly what people do while playing poker online. Although this is a form of cheating, however, it’s very difficult to catch the real ones. So next time if you want to earn some real amounts of cash, then get hold of a robot! 


Now, this is a super confusing technique. Sometimes one player helps the other one in the same tournament by giving tips. How will you catch these? In playing poker online, it’s impossible to catch such cheaters. Very common and very easy strategy! Majorly this is used in the final phase. 

Superuser accounts 

What if you get to see the hidden cards of your opponent? This was a fairly old cheating strategy in live poker. If you’re thinking that this is impossible in poker online, then you’re wrong. A complete hand history and hidden cards all can now be revealed to the players from the stored server. Guess, there’s nothing that a cheater can’t do! 

Account selling 

Let’s say you’ve selected a table based on the statistics of a player. Obviously, you’ve chosen a weak one! But 30 minutes into the game, you’re amazed at the way this weak player is playing! Magic? Not always! Often weak players sell their seats to pros. It’s illegal in poker tournaments! But who cares! 


OK, so this article is not for you to become a pro cheater in online poker games. Rather it’s an eye-opener for players like you, who use their brains to play a fair game. Remember, that no site is completely free of cheaters. So, keep your eyes open when you’re at play. 

Happy Playing !!

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