Bankroll Management in Live Poker

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Manage Your Bankroll Management When You Are Playing Live Poker

In the game of poker live, bankroll management is a special topic, as it can’t really be compared to poker online! 

When you are playing in brick and mortar poker rooms, you handle real cash. You might not just need to bring some cash with you when you are playing, but you will also need to keep a tab on how much you are winning and how much you have left to work with. 

One of the biggest errors which you can make as poker live player is to simply play each day without any regard for how much money you are winning or losing. Keeping record is absolutely crucial to your success. It’s very much a repeated procedure in poker that the small things will separate the long term winners and losers. If you aren’t willing to put in the extra work away from the felt, you should expect lessened returns on your play. 

Know How to Manage Your Online Poker Bankroll

Bankroll management in poker live doesn’t mean that you keep a box somewhere and put money in it. You need not grab wads of cash and place it back away when you have finished a game session. Most people will maintain their significant amounts of cash safely in a bank account. This won’t only prevent you from losing the money, but it will also allow you to easily determine how much money you have on hand at any given moment. After you have your money carefully stored in a bank account, there are a handful of other steps that you’ll need to take. 

The important thing to remember is that you should try to make your life and poker bankrolls one in the same thing. This is the type of situations which will permit you to lose more money than you can truly afford. Apart from this, taking shots shouldn’t be done if it means that you will need to dip into cash which is truly meant for other expenses and uses. 

Separating your two bankrolls 

The easiest, although not always the most practical, way to separate your two bankrolls is to have two different bank accounts. Many serious poker live players find that this makes for very easy accounting. It will also help to ensure that you aren’t pulling money from your normal checking that’s intended to be used elsewhere. This is a very simple way to ensure that your money is kept apart from itself, but it also requires that you have the will power to not break your own rules. 

Happy playing!