Be a Poker Pro Playing Poker Freerolls

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Nothing feels better than wining huge prize money at online poker tournaments. And, players often use various strategies to come out as the winner. However, you cannot use the strategies used for poker tournaments in the freerolls. In the freerolls games, gamblers tend to be aggressive and play the game with loose hands, without bothering about the results. So, below are some helpful strategies that would permit you the play freerolls in a better way: 

The First Hour 

During the beginning stages of the freeroll poker online tournaments, try to play tight. Many gamblers will give away with their weak hands, believing that it would not incur any kind of losses. For this reason, make it a strategy to play with strong hands; for example, two kinds, a king and an ace, two aces, and many more. Most importantly, you have to be patient during the first hour. Choose your spots cautiously and you will certainly get a great opportunity to win. 

After The Initial Break 

Once the game advances into this level, you can afford to cast off your inhibitions a little, but not too much. Broaden up your range to include low pocket couples and well-matched connectors, only if the price to view the flop is feasible. By this level, most of the weak players would have already seen the exit door; but, you should not go after the advanced players. Keep an eye on the hands that you have not tried yet, and also on your opponents as well. 

Mid-Game Strategy 

Once the game reaches into the middle stages, half of the players have already been discarded. Now, it is the time when you can afford to relax a bit, particularly if you have not yet made into the top 10% of the leader board. Before the blinds ascend, you aim should be to gather as many as poker chips as you can. The payout configuration usually depends upon the organizer of the game; however, only few players are entitled to get into the money zone. You can afford to take more risk in this stage, but do not wager with bad hands. 

Late Game Strategy 

By this stage, just few players would be left on the table. And, your game play should be determined by the size of your chip stack. Players with large stack size usually play tight, and the ones with small stack size tend to be aggressive. 

Happy playing!