Bluff in Pot Limit Omaha Poker

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Bluffing in Pot Limit Online Omaha Poker Game

Bluffing can be a very crucial part of various online poker games like Pot Limit Omaha, but there are good reasons why it might often play a lesser role than in a game such as No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker. 

In Texas Hold’em poker, the hand that is currently winning is usually a big favourite over any drawing hands. Furthermore, the hand that is winning on the flop will very often be winning at the end. And because Hold’em is usually played as a no-limit game, the ‘winning player’ can bet so as to make it very expensive for anyone to outdraw him. 

Know How To Bluff In Pot Limit Online Omaha Poker

Consequently, in Texas Hold’em poker, if you bluff at a pot and people believe you have the best hand at the time, they may very well fold their hands, knowing that they will have very little chance of outdrawing the hand they believe you are holding. 

In online poker games like Omaha, however, things are different. You can bluff, but other players will very often be drawing to hands that will be better than any hand you can possible have at that stage of the game. 

The Rules Of Bluff In Online Omaha Poker

For example, the nuts (the very best hand possible at online poker games) on the flop might be three-of-a-kind. You might bluff, pretending you have that very hand. But, even if the other players believe you, they might very well be drawing to the nut straight or nut flush. They might believe you, but call you anyway at online poker games like Omaha. 

And to compound the problem,online poker games like Omaha is usually played pot limit. This means that the pot odds facing your opponents will, at worst, be 2 to 1. At these odds, it can often be very profitable to call on a draw. 

On the other hand, however, there are the usual opportunities to pick up a pot when it is clear no-one else is really interested. And there can be some very spectacular bluffing opportunities on the river. If someone has been betting big with the nut straight and a third spade turns up on the river, your opponent might well become very worried. He isn’t necessarily going to realise you’ve actually been drawing to a full house and don’t have the nut flush. And if you’ve actually got the ace of spades (but no flush), you do at least know he doesn’t have the nut flush him (unless a straight flush is possible!). You have a spectacular chance to go for the big one! So what are you waiting for? Starts playing poker online today!

Happy playing!