Bluffing at Scare Cards in Texas Hold’em

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How To Bluff In Texas Hold’em Poker When You Have Scare Card In Hand

While playing Texas Hold’em the community cards that are even known as the board, can become a weapon for use to use at your online poker table. 

One of the ways a poker online player can use the community cards to the advantage comes in being able to play the scare cards. However, do you know what the scare cards in poker are online? Let us take a deeper look at this: 

Scare cards are just the exact what they are sounding like. They are the cards that put the fear into your opponent that you just hit a better hand. For instance, if a flop falls with three hearts, a fourth heart on the turn or river would be the scare card. 

The opponent just requires one heart to make the hand. The same is true if there are three straight cards on the flop, like 6-7-8 and then a 9 hits the river or turn. Scare cards do not have to finish a draw. If the community cards pairs and ace, king, queen or jack, then that can be a scare card. If the opponent raises pre-flop and you put him on the hand like A-K, an ace or a king hitting the community cards can be a scare card. 

The use of scare card 

In Texas Hold’em, scare cards are great chances for a player to bluff. If a fourth heart hits the community cards and a player at a check from your opponent, this would be a great time for the poker player to bluff at the poker table. The same is true when the fourth straight card hits or when the board pairs. 

A key to play poker with the scare cards is being able to properly put the opponent on the hand range. If a player is certain that opponents have raised or bet with a hand like a big pair, the player can use scare cards to steal a pig pot away. 

If the player is going to make use of the scare cards, it is better to ensure that the opponent is able to understand what is going on and if they are able to fold. When you are playing poker online, you play should make sense for your style of play. If you are observed as loose cannon, then betting a scare card will perhaps appear as a bluff. 

But, if you are a poker player who plays the game fairly, your opponents might give you credit for the flush when the community cards come up with four hearts at the table. In addition, ensure that you can read your opponent very well. There is nothing worse than trying to play a scare card just to be betting into the immortal nuts. 

Using the scare cards as a bluff is just another way or you can say tool to pick up more pots. The more tools you have, the better capable you will be to win more pots. 

Happy playing and good luck at the tables!