Know when it’s Good Idea to Fold in Poker Online

Most online poker players love to talk about huge pots they won, rather than the huge pots they folded in. We are no one to blame them! They have just won a huge pot and want to share it with the world. However, winning a large pot is as important as saving you from losing a big pot. Although you won’t see great folds plastered around the internet, they are still vital towards making money in poker. 

The trouble with a lot of players is they wish to be a “pro” player. So much that they want to make  great call or read on a player. Even when they are pretty sure they are beat. They end up trying to make a great call and the pot gets shipped to their opponent. This can severely damage your bankroll until you get over the fact that to win at online poker India, you just need to make simple plays and moves, not hero ones. 

Avoid getting drawn to big hands 

Most players get drawn into big hands and almost get pressured into playing badly due to the size of the pot. Every single online poker real money player has convinced themselves to call a big bet because they have talked themselves into believing they have the best hand or their opponent is bluffing etc. You have to get over this yourself. Simply take a moment to think about what you are doing before instantly clicking the call button. Think about how the hand has been played out by your opponent. Then think about whether they would actually be betting that much into a pot with whatever hand you are putting them on. After considering this, analyse how you yourself played out the hand. Whether you showed strength or weakness on each street. And decide if this may have contributed to how they have sized their bet. 

Beginner players think their opponents are bluffing a lot of the time, which is simply not true. They may have watched too much television, in which they show the best hands which often includes the best bluffs. This paints a picture of best online poker which is misconceived by a beginner. Players do not bluff every other hand, nor do you get aces or kings dealt every hand as is also shown on television. 

Knowing when your beat is not really a skill, it is more an observation. You already have the skills to know when your beat, you just have to use them. Take your time and simply analyse how the hand was played out, and whether they would actually be betting with a worse hand then the one which you are holding. 

Happy playing! 

Tips for Playing Shorthanded Online Poker

Online Poker has been going strong years after years in the recent days. The MoneyMaker boom is still going strong, but the game of poker overall has changed a lot over these past years. Poker just like anything else goes thorough cycles. When the online poker boom first started sit and go tournaments and multi-table tournaments were all the rage. Then gradually players started to realize that even though the tournament guys get all the glory, the cash game players make more of the money. 

As Players started drifting towards more cash games, the games got tougher and a new cycle started, the shorthanded games started becoming more popular. For an experienced disciplined poker player, shorthanded online poker India games are very profitable. 

The reason shorthanded poker games have grown in popularity is like we mentioned above, they are simply a more profitable game. Players get to see more hands against a full 9 or 10 player table. They get to make more decisions per hour than full table. And many players do not know how to adjust to playing a shorthanded game. 

Opening up your hand range 

As we mentioned above, experienced players can make a killing play poker online tables with players that do not know how to adjust to the shorthanded format. When you are playing shorthand poker games you can raise with much weaker hands than you normally would in a full ring game with 9 or 10 players.  

Raising with weaker hands in poker online games is pretty standard and confuses the less experienced players. In shorthand value changes dramatically from a full ring game. In a full ring game AJs and 88+ are standard raising hands whereas suited connectors and weaker hands in general are perfect for shorthanded play. 

The Importance of Position 

Position is another aspect of shorthand play that changes dramatically from full ring games. In full ring games you must be very selective about what hands you play, and from what position. 

In a short-handed online poker real money Texas Hold’em game position is much less important against a full table game. Now, we are not saying that position is meaningless, but it takes on a new aspect in the shorthand games because there are fewer players and you will often be playing pots heads up against other player. Also, since there are only 6 players at the poker table, you will be in the blind much more often than full ring games. 

Adjusting to Poker aggression 

The biggest adjustment for new players trying their hand at online poker games is the increased aggression of these games. They love putting pressure on players and know how to do it. Of course every poker style has a counter attack that will stop it. So don’t think that shorthand is all about crazy aggression. But it is about well-timed aggression and strategy. If you can handle this style of play, then you can take advantage of the unsuspecting players that think they know how to handle the shorthanded format. 

Happy playing! 

Online Poker Texas Hold’em – Stealing Money in Cash Games

Playing online poker cash games for a living is a definite possibility. This is in particular if you develop the right Texas Hold’em strategy. 

What is the correct Texas Hold’em poker strategy?  

Some basic Texas Hold’em poker strategy suggestions include:  

Watch the Table before You Sit Down 

This Texas Hold’em poker strategy suggestion works for almost any game of online poker India. Watching the players and how they play at the table for 5 minutes can do you wonders. We guarantee you will see greater profits from doing these 5 minutes before you sit down at any Texas Hold’em poker table. 

Learning How to Bluff 

Players who are really good at this Texas Hold’em poker strategy increase their chances for getting players with excellent hands to fold even though they have the hand won by a mile. Those who bluff well can win with absolutely nothing over and over again and make great money playing cash games even if the cards are not falling your way.  

Learn How to Bet 

Learning when and how to bet is one of the most crucial components to the success of being best online poker player. Knowing your Texas Hold’em poker odds and when and when not to call or fold, is the key factor to being a professional poker player. Raising properly is most of the time betting 3 times the big blind. Pot sized betting and betting half the pot are usually the betting styles most people use that know poker well.  

Knowing When to Let it Go 

One of the hardest Texas Hold’em poker strategy ideas to clutch is learning when to fold. Knowing when you beat and accepting it, will be the factor to your success also.  

Knowing these 4 factors will definitely round off your game and make you an incredible poker player. Establishing credibility as the poker table by showing phenomenal and well executed hands will make online poker real money players fear you at the table. Also an excellent poker player DEFINITELY will show bluffs. A lot of bluffs to be exactly to set a table image! You definitely don’t want to be known as a tight player and only plays AA, KK, QQ. You won’t make any money at the poker table developing an image like this. 

Happy playing! 

Inducing a Bluff in Online Poker Game

Bluffing should only be used by experienced players who can pull it off. Bluffing is only effective when playing against good player since the less skilled online poker players will tend to call anything, and therefore bluffing rarely works with them. 

In an online poker real money game, it is recommended to bluff early (at the flop), because once a good poker player starts calling big bets he usually won’t fold his hand, unless he was drawing the cards he wanted and missed with the final card.  

It is also important to know when not to bluff. Generally as more hands are on the table more likely that someone will call. If somebody bets or raised the pot, it would be dangerous to bluff.  

The powerful tool in online poker 

Bluffing in best online poker can be a powerful tool, here are a few “classic” bluffing situations: Not a lot of players left in the game – chances are nobody has a good hand; you might need to be consistent with the bluff. 

Betting on river 

Betting on the river – usually players will stick to the rule. Throw your hand the minute you know it can’t win. They might throw a missed flush/strait or low pair. You can steal the pot with an ace high by bluffing on the river card. 

Position your online poker raise 

Position raise – when in a late position and every one check it is usually good to bet since you will probably force some players out. But some will stay so you should be consistent with the bluff to make it work.  

Pre-flop raise 

You raise before the flop and missed when the flop was revealed. Other players don’t know it so you might fool them with a bluff. They will assume you have a high pair in the online poker India. 

Pair on the board 

When there is an open pair on the board (preferably 8’s and lower) the others players might be waiting for their high card and won’t buy against a possible 3 of a kind. In this instance the bluff may cause the other players to think you have three of a kind. 

Happy playing! 

Take Your Online Poker Game to Next Level

Playing Poker online can be quite satisfying, and financially rewarding, if one uses the best possible online poker strategies. Some online poker players simply rush into games and hands without thinking about their options. This usually leaves the unsuspecting online poker player with a lot less money than he or she started with. With these four easy tips, you can help yourself avoid the pitfalls of many poker players. 

Don’t be afraid to enter tournaments 

Poker tournaments can often be the most fun and the most profitable. It has been said that tournaments depend largely on luck, but don’t let that deter you. A solid online poker real money player can make great strides in any type of game. However, luck certainly is a factor. You should be conscious of the buy-in and be willing to lose that amount of money. As you get deeper and deeper into the tournament, the blinds will increase and you should closely monitor the flop. In some of the cheaper online tournaments, new players will lose their money extremely fast. It is important to capitalize on this if you have a good hand. Playing a tournament came can be very fun, so any serious poker player should try to enter and win at least one tournament. 

Switch your table 

It is a very good idea to switch the poker table you’re playing at least once a session. This is especially important if other players at a certain table have started to notice your habits. Also, a fresh set of opponents means a fresh set of betting habits and a fresh set of money. The advantages to staying at one table are familiarity with opponents, but your best online poker experience will certainly be more rewarding if you switch around tables. 

Manage your money wisely 

In order to have online poker India success, you must be financially savvy. Set limits for yourself based on your poker ability, financial situation, and your aversion to taking risks. It is always a good idea to set a lower limit because the competition is often easier there. Some players play games at two different limits. This can be quite beneficial. Playing in an easier game just for safety, and playing in a tough game can lead to increased winnings. Also watch your betting. Never bet too high too often, because this almost always leads to trouble.  

Know when to quit 

This is a very important concept to grasp. Some poker players keep playing and playing until they have serious financial issues. If you keep playing in order to “break even” then you have played for too long. Additionally, if you start to lose your focus on the game and other opponents, and you constantly think that everyone is bluffing, than you have been playing too long. Even the best poker players have good days and bad days. One element that makes a poker player truly great is that he or she knows when to stop playing. If you start to feel as if you must play just one more hand, than you should stop playing immediately. Quitting at the right time can save you quite a bit of money and will lead to more enjoyable poker experiences in the future. 

Happy playing! 

Typical Beginner Mistakes in Online Poker to Avoid

Playing poker is hard work. There is so much to the game and it is very complex. However this is what makes the game fun. If you enjoy playing poker, then we know that you, like us, are always interested in finding out new ways of playing online poker better. That’s why we know you will love this post. 

Sometimes the best way to learn is to find out what not to do. Kind of like how to be health you first have to learn what foods are bad. That’s why we are going to outline the three worst common poker mistakes newer (and sometimes older) best online poker players often make. And these cost a lot of money and can really hurt your game. 

The most common poker mistakes that do the most damage: 

Playing far too many pots 

It’s just a fact of life, and of online poker real money, that you won’t get dealt good cards all the time. You simply have to wait patiently for the right cards in the right situation. Trying to force some results by playing less-than-optimal cards is poker suicide. 

It’s easy to make this most common of mistakes because usually you just want to play some poker. You don’t want to wait around; you want to be in the mix right now. Be wary of playing too many pots. 

Going to the showdown with only a top pair 

This is probably the most common of all the common newbie online poker India errors. This one gets a lot of people. We think it’s because you see on the TV all these pro’s playing all these fancy cards and moves and players want to imitate them. 

The thing is, under the cover these pros are working extremely hard to know the correct moves to do. Quite frankly, you and we aren’t. We aren’t even close to their level. 

Playing the showdown with just a top pair might win once or twice, but you will soon lose. The average winning hand in a game of Texas Hold’em is two pair. Last time we checked two pair was better than one. 

Only calling when you have something good 

You should be betting silly! Some players make this common poker mistakes because they don’t quite know they have something that’s good. They might not realise. If so, go out and learn what is good in what situations. 

You want to get as many chips into the pot when you have a good hand. That’s a lesson in poker online at the lowest level. 

Now we know that as you are reading this you are becoming more aware of all the small mistakes you have made in the past and all the times that you made on of these very mistakes. I’m sure you are realizing that if you had of read this article sooner that probably wouldn’t have happened. 

And as you experience a newfound sense of curiosity and excitement, and you think about all the money you can make in the future from the knowledge you can acquire, we want you to really concentrate on feeling like you want to get your hands on any information possible, and learn absolutely everything you can about poker. Because it is this feeling that turns average players into poker grand-masters. 

So the next time you have an opportunity to access some new information on poker, like poker tips or even outlines of other common poker mistakes, please act on that chance and take it, because that’s how you become a great poker player. 

Happy playing! 

Playing Poker Online – The Good and Bad Attributes

Chances are that you may have considered playing poker online. Before you get yourself involved in any type of play, it is a good idea to know what the advantages and disadvantages are. You should know that they go beyond whether or not if you win or lose. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of playing poker online? Well, there are a number of different ones. 

Play from the comfort of your own home 

One of the main advantages that draw people into playing online poker India is the fact that you are able to play from the convenience of your own home. This comes along with a number of advantages in itself. For example, if you are not a smoker and do not want to get second hand smoke, you will not need to deal with this. If you are not a very social person or you do not want to deal with loud or annoying people, you won’t need to when you play poker online. When you play poker online, you can play the game anytime you want to, whereas most tournaments in real life can only occur at a certain time.  

Another main benefit to online poker real money is that many online poker websites offer you cash just for signing up with them and cash at any time. Many people look at this as easy money. 

An advantage for you is that if you have a problem in which your face gives away what is in your hand, when you play poker online, no one will be able to see your face. At the same time, you will not be able to see the faces of other people, which mean you won’t know when someone is bluffing. So while it may work to your advantage, it may also work to your disadvantage. 

A chance of addiction 

One of the main disadvantages of playing poker online is the fact that it becomes addicting for many people. One of the reasons that this happens is due to the fact that best online poker becomes an automatic response to most people. It becomes just like checking your email, something that you do every time that you sign online. While everyone has their wins, everyone is also bound to have their losses at some point. If you do not know when to stop when you play poker online, you can end up owing a lot of money. 

Another major disadvantage is whether or not the online poker website that you are playing with is legitimate. That is not to say that all online casinos or poker websites are bad. However, many of them do not pay out on time, or at all for that matter. You need to be careful with which websites you do and don’t trust. 

Poker playing gives good experience in the end 

Playing poker online will be a good experience if you make it one. The key to successfully playing poker online without losing too much money is to set limitations on you. If you realize that you are having a bad day and can’t seem to concentrate, call it quits for that day. A good thing to do is limit yourself to a certain amount of money that you will allow yourself to lose a month. If you reach this amount of money, do not play any poker online until the next month in order to prevent yourself from getting into too much debt. 

Happy playing! 

Become a Consistent Winner at Poker Online

One of the most popular card games these days is online poker. Yes, more and more people, from all walks of life, are playing poker. Blame it on television, the internet, or man’s simple lust for the exciting game, you are probably one of those who want to know how to play poker and play it right! In playing poker, of course, the first motivation is the thrill, the mind games and tricks, and definitely, the money. Although not all poker games involve real money, historically, money and bets are the name the name of the game! And, of course, if you want to win money and be part of the huge number of people playing the ultimate card game, you must know how to play poker right. 

All poker players definitely want to win, that is the ultimate goal, right? But it has been a known fact that in order to win, you must master the moves. And what better way to do this than by being an expert at the basics. So we will teach you the basics first, then the different poker variations, and later on, the sly yet winning tips each best online poker player must know. In this post, we will first discuss how to play poker using the 5-Card Draw or the regular poker. Learning the basics and mastering them will lead you right on winning! 

Know the card values and combinations 

If you want to know how to play poker, you have got know the cards being used. Know their values and understand that in the end, the person with the highest value (Ace being the highest) wins. Poker uses 52 cards (in 5-draw, but other variations may use less like the Ross Perot Poker) and the highest is the Ace. In most card games, ace is usually the highest in value. The others card follow (highest to lowest value): King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2. Knowing these values and the symbols Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds, is very basic, every poker player should memorize them. 

It is also very basic to know the different card combinations namely the Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, and the High Card. 

Place the “ante” 

The ante is the token bets (chips, bills, coins, depending on the group’s preferences) and is placed at the centre of the online poker real money table. Other players will also put their bets using the value or amount the first player did. In poker, remember, winner takes all. 


Five cards will be dealt to each player, face down. The remaining deck of cards will be placed in the middle of the table. 

Analysing your cards 

Each player would analyse their cards. This is where bluffing and there tricks may be used. Beware though of the usual tell-tale signs like holding of breath, eye movements, signs of nervousness, etc. 

The rounds of the game continue 

Each player (usually starting with the person on the left of the dealer) can “see or call”, fold (quit), or raise. After this, draws can be made. A draw is disposing of card/s that you think you won’t be needed. A draw is made by throwing the cards face down on the table. 

Another round of betting is done 

After a series of this, some players will eventually tend to fold once they realize their cards are weak or the stakes too high to risk with their set of cards. 


This is the last step where all players end the game by exposing all their cards. The player with the highest value of card/s wins and he takes all. 

The steps mentioned above are the basics of how to play online poker India. Mastering these steps can give you the ultimate winning edge. After this, you are ready on how to play poker using the other variations. 

Happy playing! 

More Tip and Tricks to Play Online Poker

It is not uncommon for even experienced poker players to flounder at online poker games. This is because there are some differences in the manner in which poker is played in the real world and online. 

Use whatever available information to play 

When you play best online poker you are not able to see your opponent and thus you cannot gauge his emotions from facial expressions and gestures. Thus, you need to make use of whatever information is available. The time tells at online poker games offer an indication of whether the person you are playing against is a fresher or an experienced poker player. If the player takes time to make his move, chances are that he is new to online poker and you can probably try to bluff him more than you would otherwise do. 

Write notes 

Online poker is a fast game, more so than poker live. This means that you have to be at the top of your game. You can consider writing notes to yourself about your game plan and mistakes to avoid and quickly glance at them as you play. If possible, memorize the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. 

Analyse strength and weakness 

If you are new to online poker real money, polish your skills playing with virtual money first and analyse your strengths and weaknesses to gain confidence. This is the time to develop your own strategies and find out whether you are a safe player or an aggressive one who pushes an advantage to the fullest. You can then move on to playing with real money. 

Choose reputed online poker site 

Ensure that you are registered at reputed best online poker sites. This is because there is always a possibility of players colluding online against someone and sharing information. The site you are registered with should have an effective monitoring system for keeping tabs on the players. 

Select a game syncing your style 

Your chances of winning depend a great deal on your game selection. Select a game that is in sync with your skills, ability, and style of play. If possible research on your opponents and get an idea of the quality of opponents that you are going to face. Research on online poker India games shows that there is a great deal of benefit in accumulating as much information as you can on your opponents. The key mistakes that people make and the ones you should look to avoid are calling too frequently, betting too much, or folding too often. 

Know skills bringing maximum gains 

Know the skills that can bring you maximum gains. For example, if you play with a group that plays very few hands and folds more often, you can benefit by sharpening your short-handed play skills. You should also be a little more aggressive in blind-stealing. 

Hold on your cards 

Conversely, if you are playing with the “maniacs” who bet aggressively do not be afraid to hold on to your cards because they are betting “maniacally” and not because they have good hands. If you feel that your poker online opponents are calling too often, take advantage of it and do not bluff. 

Remember that at an online poker game, if you are unable to form an intelligent opinion of your opponents, you will get sorted out by them. 

Happy playing! 

Give Time to Family while playing Online Poker Games

Poker is one of the most celebrated games across the world. Professional online poker players have erratic working hours and busy schedules. This might lead to neglecting the family and it may affect the social life of players. 

How can players strike a balance? What are the ways of spending time with the family? These questions generally harrow most of the players all the while. This post may be of some help as it lists some great advice for best online poker players. 

You should never bring your problem back home. You should be able to leave your game at the poker online table or else it may act as an irritant in your social life. If you have lost a game you must not let the irritation and frustration affect your relation with the family members. 

You should be honest to your family about your wins and losses. You may win some and lose some. However, family is very important as it would always support you whether you win or lose. Talking to your family would help as the conversation would throw light on a lot of rational things that can be implemented to enhance your online poker game. 

You must chalk out a working schedule and stick to it. As a rule you should avoid working on Sundays and spend quality time with the family. This would increase your rapport and your presence may be felt in the family. 

Plan some kind of outings 

You must plan picnic and vacations with family so that you are able to devote time. You should refrain from living in the online poker real money world always. We are aware that poker is an addictive game and you always want to earn more money for a better lifestyle but this obsession may cause sabotage to many familial relations. 

Do not let down your family at important occasions because of the game. Emotions are sacred and you should not play with emotions as people would look down upon you especially family members. 

If you are travelling with your family for a tournament you must make sure that you spend time with them and refrain from gluing yourself in casinos as relaxing with the family is also very important. You must make an effort to remember birthdays and anniversaries as it would reflect your attitude and love towards the family members. 

Poker players should know that family comes first and the game ranks second. 

Happy playing!