5 Tips to get most of a poker book

Today we really have a lot of choices when the matter comes to poker books and playing poker online. There are a lot of good reads out there that we can use to improve our skills. Here are a few tips on how you can make the most of your money spent for a poker book: 

Read the whole book 

Most of the time, we browse for a good title of poker games online book and leap through some chapters of the book where we can find some useful things that can help us with our game. Then we get bored and we never pick up the game again. This should not be the case ideally. 

Stop and Read 

A lot of books are left unfinished because we are busy to play poker or playing in local tournaments. We should take some time off the game and have the discipline to pull out the poker books from our shelves and read. This will also help us learn some discipline. Stopping is also one great way to recover from a series of bad beats.  Continue reading “5 Tips to get most of a poker book”

Become an Expert Poker Player in No Time

Okay, we know that by now, with our innumerable post you have become a good player. But what about those ones who have grown up by playing the simple card games? Are you one of them? Or do you know any of your friends or family members who are damn new to the concept of online poker India? Then this is the post to follow: 

Before we begin, just answer this simple question. Have you watched the movie Casino Royale, the James Bond movie? You can only watch in stupefied amazement as the players throw away thousands of cash in one online poker real money game. 

Don’t lose heart. You may not be able to coolly lose a million, but you can certainly play as coolly as the Casino Royale characters. All you need is the proper poker training and you’ll be tossing your cash bets with a great deal of devil-may-care attitude in no time at all. Formal poker training will not only teach you poker how-to but help you acquire poker discipline as well. Here are some ways by which you can acquire the professional poker finish. 

Experience is the best teacher 

This may sound clichéd but experience has indeed always been the best teacher. Learn the game by playing with other players at a live poker table. Begin playing with novices like you and you’ll learn so much without losing much.  Continue reading “Become an Expert Poker Player in No Time”

The Creative Art of Playing Poker

The common knowledge on making money in poker online is that you earn money if you win, otherwise you lose; it is as simple as that. While this is true, did you know that highly-skilled poker players still win even when they lose? This may be as ironic as it seems, but it actually is true. 

You see, poker is all about combination of luck and playing it smart. And you probably heard this countless times before. What is probably new to you is that these extraordinary poker online India players actually learn to make their own good luck. To understand this better, compare an amateur from a professional poker player. 

Amateur versus the professional 

Pros earn at every single hand because unlike amateurs. They have learned the art of folding when they have a really bad hand. Moreover, they still win even if other players have stringer hands. Not to mention, these players make the raise when they have the best hand. The secret behind all these skills is their discipline in playing their cards. They also know to size up their opponents and they play with the betting tendencies of the other players in mind. 

This is not all. Professional players also differ from amateurs with the strategy they employ in maximizing their chips. These players keep a low profile when they need to. And they go all out when they are sure to win. While there is no assurance in the poker games online, the experienced player has a analytical skills of the percentage of loss / win of the cards they’re betting. They take calculated risks and they are able to maximize profits. 

Players need mathematical skills to calculate odds

These players experience their own share of bad luck just like the amateurs. However, they know that as much as poker is a game of chance, it is also a game of skill and it is majorly game of skill where players need to have mathematical skills to calculate the odds. Thus, even in situations where luck seems to have left these players, they choose to be patient. They are conservative with their bets and in turn this allows them to have enough chips to risk on betting when their luck turns up. 

Furthermore, they also know how to manipulate the other players into thinking they have better hands when they dont have anything. Thus, they end up with the pot. So you see luck alone cannot win you a poker match. Professionals take this game to a whole new different level where they are able to make this as a lifestyle and a career. 

Acting the professional 

Making money in poker is playing the game like a true professional. You make your own luck when there is none. You also try to play it smarter than your competition. By trying to play poker online like a professional, you minimize your mistakes and you actually get to improve your poker skills. 

Sure, you will make a lot of mistakes and you really wont turn into a professional overnight. However, you now know the tricks of the trade. And all you have to do is make them into a habit. Before you know it, you have actually become one, a professional poker player who has mastered the art of making money in poker. 

Happy playing! 

Choosing a Table for the Perfect Poker Game

Strategizing your game in poker online starts before you think it does. Before the cards are dealt and even before meeting your opponents face-to-face, you can take steps which can either make or break your game. 

Eying Your Opponents 

For the live play poker games, it is best to watch players for afar. You can get an idea on whether they are loose or tight players, based on their mannerisms alone. Of course by doing this, you are trying to pick up signs from players who have lesser or equal skills to yours. This increases your chances to win should you choose to play with them. 

The Numbers Say It All 

As for poker games online, you can boost your chances to play against weaker players by paying a visit to the lobby and letting the numbers tell you what you need to know. With the given statistics for each table, you can gauge what kinds of players there are and decide on which table can give you the most profit.  Continue reading “Choosing a Table for the Perfect Poker Game”

Using Your Poker Table Image to Your Advantage

Image is how you project yourself to other people or, from their perspective, how they see you. Poker online table image is what other players see when they play against you. Having an image and making use of this is something most people fail to realize. 

The key to online poker table image is to make your opponents see what you want to see.  

If your temperament is to play poker as a loose player, make them think that is how you play all the time. When you get a premium hand, play it as if you have a weak hand which will confuse the other players when the hand is played out. 

If you are a tight player, turn your plays to your benefit. Allow the others to think you have picked up a good hand by betting pre-flop. If you win the blinds, act pleased and if you are called, dont be dejected. A follow-up bet on the flop will make it difficult for a good player to call. If the flop turns out big (i.e., ace, king, knave), your opponents will most probably assume that you have a hit and fold. If the flop comes out low and your weak hand hits, it may turn out even better as they will think you have an even larger hand.  Continue reading “Using Your Poker Table Image to Your Advantage”

Taking Notes and Finding Fish Online

One of the biggest opportunities ignored by many online players is the ability to take notes on individual players. It is for reference at table selection time. This simple step can make a huge difference in the profitability of your online poker play. And all you have to do is remember to follow through on it.

When player play poker online, the platform provides some sort of note taking system and this is the step one. When at a table, every time you notice something that you feel could be of value. Jot it down in the note section for that particular player. But, this is a quite common tactic and it isn’t where most players miss the boat. Where most online poker players are losing out is failing to keep an external list of notes. Especially of players’ names, for them to cross reference for game selection.

When you sit down and turn on your favourite online platform, you’re presented with hundreds, maybe thousands of options for which game to choose to sit in. Far too often players just go to their favourite game and stakes, and sit down seemingly at random, or perhaps at a table with conditions they like, such as last seat open or large pots. Continue reading “Taking Notes and Finding Fish Online”

Do You Know These 7 Poker Tells?

To get an accurate read on your opponents in online poker, you must learn to spot their “tells”. This can indicate the strength or weakness of their hands.

Getting a read on your opponents requires more than just seeing a few signals. It is a compilation of dozens of different signals.

While there is no single tell that all poker players have. There are several signals that most poker players send out. And they are almost impossible to prevent.

The first five of these tells are for players who play at live tournaments, home games, or in casinos. The next two are for everyone, including online poker real money players


This is one of the lesser-known tells in best online poker. But it is one of the most powerful tips that you can possess.

A man’s pulse can be seen on either side of his neck. And this will give you valuable information about the strength of his hand. Continue reading “Do You Know These 7 Poker Tells?”

Playing Pocket Jacks – Avoid Overplaying Them

When dealt a pair of pocket Jacks in either a cash game or online poker tournament action, it is crucial not to overplay the hand. It is one of the best starting hands that you can receive, trailing only A-A, K-K, Q-Q and A-K. But, it is also a hand that many beginners or amateurs tend to overplay. That’s because if flop reveals one or more of an Ace, King or Queen, many beginner players marries their hand. And unable to let go, even with aggressive bets being fired their way from multiple players. Read on to discover our tips for playing pocket jacks, and avoiding overplaying them.

Don’t be scared to throw away your jacks

Being a made hand in the online poker India and a better than decent pocket pair, jacks are a highly playable hand. But, it is one of those hands that you should not get marry. And should definitely fold if the writing is on the wall, so to speak. Being right in the middle of not the highest pair but still better than mid-pairs. It is often wise to play Jacks as though it is a mid-level pair and not a high pair. Continue reading “Playing Pocket Jacks – Avoid Overplaying Them”

The 5 Costliest Poker Mistakes Made By Players

We all have a basic understanding of Texas Hold’em. We know the rules and how the game is played. What most of us don’t know is basic strategy and what it takes to win. Most people like to think they have it all figured out and play their own style. Yet, they can’t seem to understand why they lose almost always. You’re now asking yourself, what are these mistakes and how do we fix them? Let’s start with the costliest of the online poker mistakes.

Limping into pots

Most beginning players will look down and see some sort of hand they feel is playable.

Regardless of where they sit at the table, they will decide to limp in and look to see a flop. Next thing you know someone raises the pot in you online poker India.

The flop comes down and we completely miss every piece of it and are forced to fold our hand. The very next hand the same set of actions takes place and yet again we lose more money. Yes, sometimes we will hit our hand and win some chips, but that will happen far less often than the times we lose money.

The reality is that you probably would have never lost to if you had raised pre-flop. The purpose of raising pre-flop is to put more money in the pot when we have a strong hand. It also gets people out of the pot with weaker hands and gives us the greatest possibility of winning the hand. Continue reading “The 5 Costliest Poker Mistakes Made By Players”

Playing Several Tables at One Time in Poker Online

When you initially begin playing online poker, many of you might think that it’s boring. You sit at a table and wait till all of the other players make their moves. You cannot see their faces so you cannot truly study their expressions. By playing only one table, you will not win a fantastic deal of money because the pot is not that large.

Particularly if you really are a beginner with online poker India game. And you do not wish to get an opportunity at losing a fantastic deal of money. The important thing to winning in online poker would be to play several tables in the exact same time. 

Practice of playing multi-tables

The practice of playing a quantity of tables in the exact same time is called multi-table. It merely indicates that you are sitting at a quantity of tables and also have an opportunity of winning much more money. This really is accurate regardless of whether you play limit or no-limit poker and regardless of whether the pot is higher or very low.  

It’s one of probably the most valuable methods that players use to play best online poker and increase their probabilities of winning. Now, you sit at several poker tables at game platforms and play two, three or four games simultaneously. You can have all of the tables showing on your display to make certain that you can set them out in whatever purchase you want. Continue reading “Playing Several Tables at One Time in Poker Online”