Trouble with Slow Rolling in Poker

As you broaden your poker skills, attaining new strategies. You are also learning proper poker etiquette, here’s one move to evade and that is slow rolling.

What is a Slow Roll?

A slow roll in poker games online is where the player with the very best hand (“the nuts”) makes a scene of calling a large final bet, adding pointless drama to the hand. One of the most disapproved moves in poker; slow rolling is liable to lose you admiration and may even annoy your opponents.

The slow roll ought not to be confused with “slow play”, “sandbagging” or “trapping”. Three terms which indicate to playing a strong hand feebly to encourage your opponent to bet. The slow roll comes at the end of the hand, when you hold-up showing your cards to tease your opponent. Continue reading “Trouble with Slow Rolling in Poker”

Prevent Money Management Error in Real Money Poker Game

If you are not too careful with your knowledge of online poker rules and poker money management, it could cost you a lot of money waste. If you play poker online, you’ll have to have at least a basic knowledge of managing your money so that you’ll be able to save your financial stability. There are a lot of common mistakes that players made when they play the games online, hence increasing their chances of losing more dramatically. 

If you’d like to manage your money, there are a few general guidelines that you must adhere to. First of all while you’re playing poker, the most important thing that you’ll need to watch out for is your bankroll. The bankroll is basically your money that you may either earn or lose during the poker game session. Naturally, online poker is a volatile game in which the players will have higher chances in losing within a short period of time. So in order for you to succeed in your game and last longer, you must make sure that you manage your bankroll and always keep an eye on it. 

Never be too greedy and eager

Never be too greedy and eager to earn prizes as it’ll potentially lead you in losing more money quickly. It’s better if you take things slow and one at a time as the pace of the game may vary. Next, manage the size of your bankroll.  

Always remember to calculate the whole cost of your poker games online and how much money it’ll require you to invest in the game. Use the ‘calculating bankrolls’ method before you start playing in a game. The method is normally influenced by the player’s game of choice, and also his or her background/ type of person. The ‘type of person’ basically means ‘what kind of player that you are’. For instance, you won’t need as much money to play a game when you’re involved in a lot of pots if you’re a tight player. 

The pace of the game and the situation really depends on the individual’s style of game play. The more aggressive as a player that you are, the more likely you are to lose a lot more real money in the game in a snap of a finger. This is also one of the reasons as to why an aggressive player will need a lot more backup plan and money due to his/ her playing style. Make sure that you don’t do these; the two of the most common mistakes that online poker players make include chasing their losses by moving up to bigger games and advancing too quickly. 

Happy playing!

Poker Games Unspoken Rules

Rules are an essential part of games, and players of every sport have to stick to some set of guidelines. The same is applicable for skill games like online poker game which has its own set of guidelines. However, there exist particular tactics of poker that follows as basic practice. And at the same time are noted to be unsaid rules of the poker game.

Slowrolling is Never Acceptable

It is regarded to be one of the major infringements that a poker player can ever do in the course game. Slowrolling means deliberately stalling to turn over the winning hand, and only practice to irritate your challenger.

Never Call Clock on a Player if Not in a Hand

The game of poker is of judgment, and sometimes you will come across players who require additional time to make a crucial decision. This surplus time taken by your challenger for decision-making must not trouble you unless you are engaged in the hand. So, let the players handle the calling clock if you’re not engaged in the hand.

Don’t “Hit & Run”

One of the most awful poker game acts is to leave the poker table instantly after winning a big hand. It is regarded wrong to play poker game with this technique. Many of these hit and runners are despised by the poker society, and are viewed with disregard. In this instance, you will also find poker players who perform Short-Stacking, that is, these poker players not only Hit & Run but appear with lowest buy-in and follow a push/fold technique. Put simply, if they work on one poker table, then they will depart from that table. And change to play one more poker game on another table with nominal buy-in.

Never Drink while Playing

In poker games online, you may encounter few pro players who have a habit to win more with a glass of liquor. But don’t forget, exceptions can be found all over. It is always wise to not drink when playing poker game, even not under the effect of others, as you will lose those hands that are suitable of wins.

Never Grumble, Never Explain

Bad beat occurs to all. You may sometimes find yourself in a scenario when cards may not prefer you. That very instant all you require to do is deal with the circumstance – smirk or nibble your tongue – but do not grumble about it. Worrying is not the answer to your bad luck, rather it makes you feel even worse. Another essential thing that you require to remember is not to clarify the situation- just neglect it and proceed. Though you might have a feeling for the acceptance of your friends and even unknown people on the table, but don’t ignore you have not done a thing wrong. It is not essential to explain to others how estimated your raise or call was as no one at the table has signed up to have poker lessons from you. Rather, you lose much more than you accomplish.

Happy playing!

Psychology Linked To Poker Cheat

The online poker card game is linked with smart moves and careful observations. A player has to be keen observers to play poker live. Normally, we are so caught up playing poker at home with family and friends that we forget the fact that there are cheats who play just to con other players out of their cash.

Many of the poker players are of the opinion that cheating during the game is an art. But when a beginner or a normal player attempts to play with some unknown challengers and they cheat, the action irritates them.

The good news is that though this blog post does not have sufficient details to teach you how to tackle with a poker cheat. It will help you in identifying the poker cheats. So that you can at least identify the cheater and his cheating. When it is going on around you and look after your bankroll.

So let us assist you to identify a poker cheat by listing out some psychological behaviour:

Poker cheat never admits guilt

A poker cheat never admits his guilt. Hence, be ready for this scenario whenever you are tackling a poker cheat for his actions. Even if trapped red-handed, he will surely try to cheat again and again.

It’s a universal fact that not all cheaters are motivated by financial profit. Some are encouraged by the thrill of winning the poker game or the excitement of cheating without being trapped. So never think low stake games as secure game play.

If you believe that you’re capable at watching out for a card cheat in poker games online, you will simply push the cheater. A poker cheat will seize it as a challenge task. As said earlier, it is not always about financial profit but also about the joy to get away with a swift and smart swindling trick.

It has been seen that alcohol always persuades the cheater, but it also diverts him from the poker game. In fact there is a famous saying “cheating at cards is either a profession or a disease.” Hence when it’s an illness, alcohol has a sarcastic double-effect as it persuades the cheater to con & it also affects his skills of cheating cleverly.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Play Pot Limit Omaha

Is poker getting difficult for you? Are you getting bored of Texas Hold’em? Then it is the good time to master Pot Limit Omaha. Although you might not feel like leaving your preferred Texas Hold’em game, here are five interesting causes for toggling to play Omaha poker.

It’s more Fun!

Whatever poker games online you play – it is not as entertaining as Omaha. Whether you play Texas Hold’em or other version, it might not be as fascinating as playing Pot Limit Omaha is. If Texas Hold’em takes a minute to study and a life to be an expert. Then PLO takes 10 minutes to study and 100 lives to be an expert. Say, if you believe flopping a pair and flush draw in Texas Hold’em is amusement. Then try flopping two pair, a flush draw, a gutshot. A backdoor flush draw in Omaha and discover how that really feel!

The Up-and-Coming Game

Acknowledge it or not! Pot-Limit Omaha is extremely growing in reputation as now a lot more people are learning, taking part in and enjoying the game. This has eventually led to exit of the games such as Limit Hold’em from poker world as such games are now seen in the early phases of extinction. Thus, if you wish to play poker for life, then today is the proper time to learn how to play the most famous game. Hence, learning Omaha poker will help you in the end.

The Games are Softer!

Let’s chat about the level of difficulty of poker games online. The level of difficulty depends on how an ordinary poker player plays the poker game. For example, games are regarded to be softer if an ordinary player is worse eliminating his status of amateur or pro player. Some of the poker research have uncovered that there are no 24-tabling automatic maniacs able to play viably at PLO, the same is not applicable for Texas Hold’em.

The Faster-on-the Draw, the Better

Now is the time to determine whether to play to Omaha or not. First, you may be a poker player who may lose funds to pro players. But soon, you will be amongst them combating down the No Limit Hold’em players who have recently switched to Omaha Hi poker. Therefore, the more time you take to change to Limit Omaha, the more difficult the games will be, and this will eventually increase your learning time to practice the poker game and emerge as a successful player.

PLO Trains You in Other Forms of Poker

Pot Limit Omaha is one particular version of poker that teaches and equips you in other versions of poker thereby elevating your win-rate. The abilities particular to Omaha like difference handling and tilt influence help you to turn into a versatile poker player, i.e., you will conveniently adapt to other versions of poker. For instance, the downswings and upswings are bad in Omaha as compared to other versions of poker online. So, you will be able to easily get over these swings in poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker, etc.

Happy playing!

How Is Poker Chips Made?

Poker has often been deemed as a smoky & sketchy card game & is often linked with back alleys. But in the past few years, this interesting game has developed a lot & has surfaced as one of the famous games of the mainstream.

We are aware that, poker games online are game of cards & chips but the most amazing feature would be to learn how these poker chips are created?

Let us look at the story:

The processing of poker chips is more limited to China. As they utilize cost effective solutions for producing these chips. The most regular method of crafting poker chips is by using shot moulding system. In this process, ABS plastic is utilized. It is heated up to a molten state and then pressured into moulds. These moulds are crafted by professional engineers and are crafted by toolmakers (who frame & elaborate all particulars of a poker chip).

Generally, two types of poker chips can be crafted with this standard approach of injection moulding to play poker. The most famous chips in the home market are manufactured via injection moulding with an ABS plastic. A few of the other patterns are – the striped dice & suited patterns. Another kind of chips is the ceramic chips that have a very exclusive texture identical to sandpaper. These are also crafted with the injection moulding procedure.

Previously, clay was applied to make poker chips. Later, makers used to add some other components along with some ratio of clay in order to make the chips tougher. These clay poker chips are produced by compression moulding procedure in which the clay chips are maintained to pressure up to 10,000 psi and heat about 300 degree Fahrenheit. Once the procedure is complete, this inlay cannot be separated.

Hence this is the story of a poker chip! Happy playing online poker with poker chips!

Card Suits And Symbolism

The games of card have always been a part of our civilization. In fact, India is the home to many card games such as bridge, online poker, teen patti, rummy, etc. Most of you might have played these games once certainly. Several people keep a packet of deck of cards with them at home to play in the leisure time.

Card games are not only regarded as the games of talent but they also connect with us as the deep astrological features disguised in the symbols of cards for poker games online. Have you ever given a thought to the symbols on the cards? Ever pondered regarding the concept of 4 suits in a deck? Well, if you have been ignorant of these facts; it’s high time to explore them.


The heart signifies spring season. It is also expected to be a portrayal of “childhood” stage of human life. It indicates the component of fire.


The club signifies the summer season. It indicates the period of “youth” where one stresses on studies. A sign of club is the best example of component of earth.


This symbol indicate the fall or autumn season. It signifies the “growing” phase of a human where a person work for his/her career. To be precise, a diamond is the perfect example of growth, task, values, security, etc. The component of air is displayed by this sign.


A spade represents winter season. It regards as an epitome of “old age” when people uncover wisdom, approval, transformation etc. This sign indicates component of water.

There are total 52 cards in a deck which are intended to symbolize the number of weeks in a year. The 13 cards of single suit signify 13 lunar months. 365 is the total of all the value numbers on the cards.

Every single value number of the card marks a keyword which tells us about the characteristics of card.

An Ace stands for Desire

2 stands for Union

3 is for Faith

4 is for Satisfaction

5 symbolizes a Change

6 is for Adjustments

7 is an epitome of Victory

8 stands for Power

9 represents New beginnings

10 symbolizes Success

The cards of royal family i.e. king, queens and Jack signify many historical figures. Honestly, the meaning of the cards have nothing to do with our particular game play; but, knowing such facts add more interesting dimensions to various card games like the poker games.

Happy playing!

The Psychological Attributes Of Good Online Poker Players

Poker is not merely a casino game of skill but a game of the intellect as well. Psychology plays a large part in this remarkably competitive casino influenced game. Poker has been out there for a while and there are many concepts about how to play poker. Today, we are going to concentrate on the psychological traits of what makes a good poker player. We will evaluate every trait so that you can put together your own brain for your next poker game. If you wish to turn into a serious and good poker player, you just may want to pay close focus to the info below.


There is nothing at all more crucial than being intelligent when it comes to play online poker game. Understanding the concepts of the ins and outs of the poker game before sitting down to the table is a smart approach. There are so many distinct resources out there nowadays that will help you get the most out of your poker game.


Estimating the time to get out of the game is an extremely essential trait to master. This is what various people point to as bankroll management. Numerous players who are new to the poker game have a hard problem with this part of the poker game. When the poker cards are merely not there, numerous try to bluff their way out!

While bluffing is a thing you should master, it’s not something you should entirely rely on. Rather, players should be able to evaluate the situation and find out when it’s point to fold. This self-discipline ought to be practiced regardless of what size the pot may be. Having discipline will enable you keep your bankroll in check to ensure that you will have funds to keep playing poker when your opponents have lost it all.

Capacity to Deal with Defeat

Let’s face it, every poker player regardless of how good they are, still get defeated big from occasionally. The capability to deal with this defeat and get back in the poker game is what is valuable. Many players just can’t handle a significant defeat and most give up on the poker game entirely. But if you wish to achieve triumph and build back the bankroll, you are likely to have to get out there and play poker.

The poker game can be challenging. But with the right attitude, even the greenest of poker players can learn how to turn into a pro. Keep in mind that when you just don’t have the poker cards, it’s most likely not worth wasting your bankroll on a losing hand of poker. So, ensure to keep what you have discovered here today in the back of your mind. This info will enable you outwit other players and boost your victory at the same time.

Happy playing!