Topics Not for Discussion in Online Poker Game

Poker is normally regarded as a shady & dark game but in fact, it is simply speaking like any other community game. The game not merely offers you the opportunity of financial gain, but also stimulates intellectual and social delight. A good online poker game is not just about the hands being played, but is also the joy, atmosphere and discussion at the table through the entire game. But, you need to prevent a few topics which should not be pointed out.

Let us see what the issues are that online poker game players avoid discussing with their team mates while playing poker.

Avoid Talking about Politics

Never talk about politics while playing at the online poker India table. It may be fun to discuss a future election or to give your views on a popular political issue; however you should avoid such subject areas if you don’t want to end up in a certain heated argument with your tablemates.

Prevent Talking about Religious beliefs

Poker, as a game, help to unite people from diverse cultures around a common interest but, talking about religious dissimilarities or issues over the poker table can ruin the jovial ambiance of the poker room. It is better to fight the battle of showdown instead of religious bickering.

Prevent Talking about the Hand Being Played out

It is regarded as unethical to talk about the hand being played. This kind of discussion not only distracts the participant still in hand, but even affects other players & their gameplay. Therefore, until a hand has ended, it’s better to keep your ıdeas to yourself.

Do not ever talk about Previous Hands

“Don’t dwell in the past, focus on the present.” This is true for online poker real money as well. There is nothing to be attained by talking about previous hands. Furthermore, it will only lead to usual arguments like which cards were on the board, what order they came in etc. Therefore it is preferable to focus on the existing hand & enjoy the action on the table.

Prevent Rude Demeanor towards Weak Players

Bear in mind that any immoral, dishonorable behavior or disrespect towards pastime players can turn them off from playing best online poker. If you’re an online poker pro, you should not criticize other weak competitors. Instead, make an effort to be genuine with your compliments & motivate them.

Prevent Criticizing the Dealer

Dealers have the most difficult job in the game of poker. Dealing with different types of players & spending so much time to be fair with everybody at the same time is not always easy. It’s seriously rude to freely discuss a dealer’s efficiency regardless how poor it is. In case you have a problem, contact the floor manager or poker site manager.

Happy playing!

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Online Poker – Don’t Be a Loser with Card AA

While some players light up with joy when looking down at “pocket rockets” in an online poker game of no limit Texas Hold’em, others become filled with dread. Why?

More than one online poker real money player has seen his pair of aces go down in flames, taking his entire stack with it. If you’re a no limit Hold’em player, how can you avoid being a loser with pocket aces?

Raise Pre-Flop

Some best online poker player like to get sneaky and limp with aces. In most cases, this is a big mistake. If you are in a very early position and think you can get another player to raise so you can re-raise, or as a very rare change from your usual tactics, you may consider a limp.

However, in most situations, it is very important that you raise pre-flop with aces. Firstly, you want to get money into the pot. If the pot is unraised, it will be very easy for opponents to get away on the flop if your aces are still best.

Secondly, you want to thin the field. The more players there are out against you, the better chance there is that one will catch something to beat you.

Most importantly, you need to find out where you are. If you raise pre-flop, you are likely to get called only by people with premium hands, meaning mostly big cards. On a flop of Q 8 7, you can be fairly sure that your aces are still best. However, if you fail to raise before the flop, your opponents could hold anything, from 56 to Q7, and when you bet, you will only get called by one of these well disguised hands that beats you.

Know When You Are Beat

There’s no law that says you have to put all your money in with aces. If you get two callers pre flop with two black aces and the flop comes T J Q all hearts, it’s okay to check fold. It’s great to get aces, but if they’re beat, they’re beat.

Don’t Go on Tilt

From time to time, you will lose with aces no matter what you do. In these cases, it is very important to keep a level head. It is just one hand and if you do the right thing consistently, you should come out ahead. Continue to play your best game and if you can’t, get up and play another day. There’s always another free poker bonus around the corner to get your bankroll back in shape.

Happy playing!

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Online Poker Can Make You a Better Investor

The game of online poker goes beyond depending on luck. It is also the game of calculative skills and strategic thinking, artful dodging and mysterious expressions.

Take a look how you can be a better investor playing the online poker game. Read on:

Planned risks

Poker is all about taking calculated risks. Depending on your hand that you have been dealt, the level of tournament, your bankroll you take planned risks in hope of winning more. Same skill can be applied to investing as well. Every investment you make has some risk attached to it. The key to a successful investment is taking planned risks to gain maximum profits and minimum losses.  Big gains be it investment or online poker real money come from well-timed planned risks.

Lasting thinking

A successful poker player is the one who is focused on long term goals and is patient. In short term, luck may play a role but in the long term, skill plays an important role. But the key to success is to stick around and persevere.

Like in a game of best online poker, investment too requires patience and can take years to yield any tangible results.

Knowing your numbers

Knowing your numbers is important in both poker and investing. Good poker players know the odds, outs and are good at number crunching. Same can be applied to investing as well. A good investor knows the fundamental analysis and technical analysis for their stocks.

Keep emotions in check

Keeping emotions in control is important in both investing and a game of poker. A lot of poker players get angry or frustrated when they are losing in short term and it ends up costing them dearly. In the same way, keeping emotions in check is important while investing to maximize ROI.

Ability to read opponents/market

A successful poker player is one who knows his opponents and his playing strategies. He is able to read opponents’ actions, cards that might be drawn and strategy the players will employ.

Similarly, a successful investor is the one who is knowledgeable about the market and gauging trends of the market

Studying the game/markets

Players make time and effort to study the game when they are not playing.  Similarly, investors too need to invest time in studying the market when they are not investing.

Maintaining discipline

Discipline is important whether in game or stock market. Good players/investors are disciplined and play within their means.

Perhaps the most important investment lesson a game of poker teaches is knowing when to quit.

Happy playing!

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A Guide to an Online Poker Newbie

Starting off playing online poker can be fun, but it can also be stressful if you’re unprepared for the challenge. Once you start playing, you will not only compete with other beginners, but professional players as well. Keep in mind that some of these people are playing online poker for a living. Spending up to 10 hours a day playing it. So don’t feel down if you realize that you’re not doing as great as you expected. Defeating your friends in a home game is one thing. But the world of online poker is a completely different thing. To make things easier for you, we’ve got you some cool tips and tricks that can improve your games. But be prepared for days and days of practice and nerve wrecking games until you see some real results.

Keep your emotions at bay

It’s fairly easy to get over emotional while playing online poker India. Who could blame you? There’s the heat of the game, your ego (especially the “macho” moment if you’re a guy playing against other guys), money at the stake. That’s why most beginners make this mistake and lose their head in the middle of the game. Remember that getting emotional will lead you nowhere. And there’s no place for passion if you’re serious about winning some cash. You need a cool head and the ability to focus and analyze your opponents. Waiting for crucial signs and playing smart. If you catch yourself getting irritated or still thinking about the previous game. Take a break and cool down.

You need to learn and practice

If there’s one thing we keep hearing from fresh players, it’s “I’m a natural”, and there’s nothing more annoying than this statement. Although you might be talented for best online poker, that makes just one tiny bit of the whole picture. Even the most talented of athletes have to sweat their way to success with hard practice, and online poker is no different than any other sport. There is a whole lot of literature on online poker as well as online sources and forums where you can learn a lot of useful stuff. Of course, pro players will always keep their little secrets to themselves, but getting informed and learning about poker strategy is essential.

Focus on the players, not cards

There’s an old online poker real money saying that goes something like “play the players, not the cards”, and it’s one wise piece of advice you should stick to. Many beginners’ focus on their hand too much, missing the whole picture and their opponents’ moves. Carefully observe your opponents, try to find a pattern in their behavior and predict their moves, attacking them when they least expect it. Even if you don’t get a great hand, you can bluff your way out of it if you break the pattern in your opponent’s moves and predict whether they would fall for the bluff or not. Remember that it’s all about the right moves as you’ll rarely get a winning hand that guarantees you 100% success.

Happy playing!

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Online Poker – Observe your Opponents and then Play

Many players spend hours perfecting their online poker by, reading up on strategy posts, striving to become more accomplished players. Allowing them to gain themselves an edge against their competitors, but many players overlook the importance of sitting back. And studying the other opponents around your table. This is to try and give yourself a better insight into the hands they may be holding. And what they intend on doing with these hands both Pre-Flop and Post Flop.

When They Drop Their Guard

Some reactions are impossible to hide this includes situations where an opponent has already made their mind up 100%. And therefore, are no longer bothered with the other best online poker around the table this can be shown for someone who is about to fold. It is by showing a blatant lack of interest in the action that is unfolding in front of them. And sometimes have their cards in their hand ready to throw them away.

Many players think that you are not watching them, or alternatively just don’t care if you are. As a winning player it is crucial to pay attention to these periods of time. As this is the perfect opportunity for you to gain a little insight into your opponents. Any time you see the opponents do anything that is out of the ordinary this is done for a reason; it is up to you to try and understand the reason behind this action.

This is an example to try and illustrate our point. Say you are at a table holding A,Q I make a raise in a Late Position Pre-Flop. There is one caller the flop comes over 5,9,3 off suit my opponent. Then looks at their cards before deciding to check this movement along gives them the confidence. They need to know they am in front of the hand.

Identify between the two types of player

This is for a number of reasons. If the player has to look at their card once the flop comes down this tends to mean that they do not have a hand of any importance such as a big pocket pair or an ace with any kicker up to a 10, it also means that they have not noticed a card on the flop that they see in their own hand another possibility is that the player has hit one of the cards that has appeared on the flop thus giving them the winning hand. You do have to be careful of this put this type of play. It will be employed by a more experienced. And better player so therefore should be easy to identify between the two types of player.

Trying to gain a read like this can be the deciding factor on whether to carry on or fold a marginal hand or a hand you are doubt full over.

Actions When Other Players Are Observing

Players who know that they are under constant supervision start to panic somewhat, and make some uncharacteristic and unusual moves. Things like laughs and twitches among other can tell you a story you just have to try and understand what that story is. A player that has the nuts or a new inexperienced player who also thinks they have the nuts, (but in reality, only have top pair) will react in exactly the same way.

It if from here that you have to again look into the way the player has been playing previous, ask yourself if the player is more experienced and fully understands the concepts of online poker real money game, or are they just a new player who is getting excited at the prospect of winning their first pot of real money. It is from here that you will be better able to gauge a read on your opponent, you will have to try and figure out what their reactions are telling you to do and do the reverse. This is a hard concept and skill to acquire but once you get to grips with it, it can become a deadly weapon in your arsenal.

Happy playing!

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Online Poker Tips that Work Fruitfully

Poker is not a game of chance; hence it is not fair to blame your luck whenever you lose a game. You just need certain skills and need to follow the rules of the poker game. Many people now want to be an expert when it comes to online poker after discovering its promising future. Some of the players found that they can earn a living from this game and it can be perfect job for them.

Now, you might be wondering how to be an expert in poker online. Here are some tips that you can try on how to be the best in this game:

Study the Game

It is essential to study the game of poker if you wish to be a successful online poker gamer. When you think that you have known all things about poker, it is the time that you will have to research even more. As a matter of fact, you must not stop learning online poker real money. This is because standing still in the game will make you left out.

As such, you can read the articles or books, join a site, or hire a poker coach. Any discoveries that you learn for the day will lead you closer to gaining more profits.

Prove that You’re the Best Player

It is not a good idea to jump straight into the game. You must prove to yourself first that you are a profitable online poker player.

Indeed, there are some people that join in a tournament and win a cash prize which is equivalent to two months of salary. Then, they start thinking that this game is an easy way to earn a living. But this is actually all wrong.

In reality, you need thousands of money and multiple games to join to prove that you are the best online poker player. If you don’t become the best player that you hoped for, you will soon find yourself heading back to the old employment that you are praying to get rid of.

Be Realistic

When you have proved to yourself that you are the best online poker player, it’s time to think about how many tournament or games you can join. With this, you can determine if the new life you choose to have can match your previous employment. This is where many online poker India players fail.

When you are working fulltime, you receive your salary on the same date each month. This is regardless of how productive your day, week, or month is. Sometimes, you are paid even on vacation or if you’re sick. The idea that you have to work five days a week is enough to make you wake up early each morning and report for duty. However, what if none of these things are true?

How many online poker gamers are there to wake up at 12 midnight, play poker for two to three hours, and go have some fun for the rest of the day? The answer is only a few online poker players. And for those who don’t do this will generally don’t succeed as online poker players in due time.

Give it Some Try

Lastly, you should have a trial in playing poker games online. With this, you can experience how to play professionally. Take a five-day leave from your job and spend it playing poker. You will be surprised by how challenging it is to convince yourself to play poker non-stop. Thus, it is best to find out first if you are into this game before taking the plunge.

Happy playing!

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Steps to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone in Online Poker

It is not easy to get out of your comfort zone in online poker game but you need to try and get out so you can go for your long-term goal of winning more. Here are some steps that you can take to achieve this:

Ask for help

If you will not be asking for help, you might not be able to execute the other steps. A poker online friend or a coach will assist you in understanding yourself while keeping you motivated. The other persons will be a good reinforcement so you can stick to your improvement programs.

Start small

Change will not happen overnight. So, you need to take it one step at a time. Pick a small mission that you want to work hard for and achieve. Having realistic goals will help you to act on it more often, overcome challenges, and build your confidence.


You need to give it your all if you want to improve your game. Commitment will lead to pride when you achieve your goals. Your support group should recognize and praise your achievements while giving you feedback for your shortcomings.

Identify challenges

You need to point the forces which will affect how you think and focus. You need to address the problem and dissect why you fail in some areas and succeed in some.

Short-term price

You need to accept the fact that there will be a period when you will be very uncomfortable as you try to implement the changes to your online poker real money game.

Happy playing!

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5 Great Techniques Making Online Poker Game Much Easier

With so many people playing online poker today it is no wonder that everyone has his “ultimate technique” for winning at this game. Everyone has at least one friend who claims and believes in this with all his heart that he has discovered a sure fire way to always win.

Poker players always try to find the best way possible to be good at online poker India and that, of course, includes online poker. So here are 5 techniques that helped me improve my game and I’m sure that they will aid you as well.

  1. Begin tight

Information about your opponents is vital if you want to win. Unfortunately, when you join the online poker real money tournament, you don’t know jack about your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Because of that, you have to start slow and to observe your rivals. Check out which of them are aggressive and which passive players, which like to play tight are and which loose. These first hands are perfect for rooting out weeds, by the time the game progresses, the weaker players will leave the table, leaving only the serious players. And if you’ve done well at the beginning, they still won’t be sure what to expect from you.

  1. Know your level

Maybe it looks tempting to play with the “big boys”, but with great opportunity comes the great risk of losing all of your money in just two or three hands. Best online poker player must know his limits if he is to progress further.

  1. Use the information at your disposal

Okay, so you can’t see your opponents in a poker online game, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their “tells”. These can

  • What they say in the chat box
  • How fast do they play
  • Their betting patterns
  • Which cards do they like to “showdown” with
  1. How to play at mid-game?

Once you reach the mid-game, you should mix tight with aggressive style. Be selective with your hand. Raise only Aces, Kings and Queens. Once you get involved in the game further, you should start to be more aggressive. Because you played tightly so far, the rest of the players will always be wary of you, thinking that you have a strong hand.

  1. Know when it’s a good time to play loose

You shouldn’t always play aggressive or tight. There will be times when you should play loose as well. In a tournament, you want to reach the top three, where the money is and not waste your time with small players.

Happy playing!

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Adjusting Your Online Poker Play – The Tight Game

One key factor in becoming a good online poker player is the ability to adapt your game to each situation and move your game up a couple of gears when needed as well, This is because a certain style that you have adapted may be very profitable against a select number of opponents yet that same style could have you leaving the table with great loss against another set of opponents.

Simply if you can learn to read the players you are against and adapt your own game. It is to counter their styles then you will become a lot more profitable at a lot more tables. But how do you know which style to play?

Adjusting for the tight game

Obviously you have to sit and observe your players. And what they are doing you need to try and identify. Whether the table is mainly loose open play or tight play you. Normally you try to adopt the opposite tactic so if your table is playing lose you yourself should tighten up. And wait for a “premium hand” on which to play. Whereas if you’re on a tight table you should loosen up your own play a little. And raise a bit more with “speculative hand”

Many players believe that there is not a lot of money to be made In a tight game of online poker India and the money is with the loose players however this is not the case as a tight player is just as exploitable as his loose counterparts, all be it in a different way.

Tight players by nature will only play their best hands. This means that they will fold a lot. It is this that you can use against them to yield a profit from the game.

Only raise with speculative hands

It is possible to steal small pots from tight players all day long but be cautious if you are to aggressive in your style a tight player will sit and sit and hit you only when holding a premium hand, potentially costing you a lot of chips. We would advise that in a tight game you only raise with speculative hands so you still have a chance of hitting a flop under a call and We recommend that you still apply pot odds to your raises. It may seem good to steal small pots all day long but if you do not do this with some knowledge behind you eventually you will start lose money with the tight players hitting you big when they do catch a hand.

However as a word of caution not all tight players will crumble under the slightest raise unless they believe themselves to have the nuts, there was a couple of years ago a new breed of player that was conceived in the play poker online world the Tight-aggressive player these players tend to have a good understanding of Position and other aspects of the game that allow them to switch from a tight to a loose game in the same hand these are the players that you need to be wary of as they will monitor how you play and make there move to maximize their own profits.

Happy playing!

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Online Poker Basic: Learn to Glance Around

When you play poker and a rumored good player joins the poker table with you do not be pressured to show off. Continue to observe all players for their style and tell signs. This good player might be losing small bets in the early part of the game to check on the other players’ abilities. That means you have to be careful for other players at the table might be doing some observing too. In this article, you will understand why it important to observe how online poker players react.

It is really important to not get too excited on showing that you have talent too when playing against a good player. If you are one of those good players too, this game could be a battle of talent and luck. Initially, you may say the rumors were bad. The looks of this guy just don’t fit the image of those winner guys you see on international or national poker tournaments. It could be true you play better than he does, no one can tell until the games begin.

And so when the cards are being dealt, you feel the pressure of winning the game and proving yourself. You may have the tendency to stare at your cards without even glancing at the other players. The result of your analysis was wonderful: you are raking in pot after pot. Then you wonder what is so good about this other good player. It seems like he is not so good after all.

Tackle the presumed good opponent

Then after several games it became established in your mind that the good player was just not up to your level of proficiency. So when he called for a raise in bet, you were thinking that there was nothing he was worthy of showing. You shoved in part of your stack. He raised again, you raised with him.

But after that you were slowly losing and losing pot after pot. The stack of chips you had on table is leaving you piece by piece. The thing to do would be to quit game or else lose all chips you previously own. You wonder what went wrong.

One reason could be that you failed to observe tell signs. Certain people make certain reactions when given a set of cards and/or when community cards are revealed. You may find a smirk on their face that could mean a good online poker real money hand. When a frown is observed, then it could mean the player’s hand missed cards on table to make a good hand.

When you just stared at your card all throughout game, you are missing out tell signs. And if you don’t want to let other people read your position, you may either bluff or maintain a constant face with no reactions when community cards are laid down or when cards are distributed.

So when you play poker online this weekend, don’t keep staring at your cards. Keep that stoic face and be observant of other players’ reactions. This talent cannot be learned overnight, it will take some time. Try to play as many kind of players as possible, take note of how they reaction to certain situations in game.

Happy playing!

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