Creating a Winning Poker Betting Strategy

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Poker is a game of wits, strategy and skills and nothing engages one’s wits and skills better than the process of betting at poker. Betting at online poker is an activity that is simple in concept but complex in execution, which is why poker is one of the most enjoyable games for people of all ages. 

Developing an effective poker betting strategy is one way of getting the most out of the game. Here are some situations that can help you develop a winning poker online betting strategy: 

Blind Stealing

Blind Stealing happens when you are in the dealer’s position and the only players remaining are the blinds and you. Calling at this point allows the blinds to check; a raise from your position may push the blinds to fold and lets you buy the blinds. Failing to raise here will be a missed opportunity that you may regret. 

A Steal Raise is betting to limit the number of players or to take the pot when you are the last player to act and the other players have checked. The strategy is best used when you are holding a strong drawing hand (i.e., a flush). A word of caution, never use this move too often, as other players will recognize it and begin to check raise your hand. 

Check Raise, or checking (allowing the other’s to bet first) and then raising is one way of getting an idea of what your opponents have. It also increases the size of the pot. 

Pre-Flop Strategies 

Review the situation before the flop: think about your hole cards, the number of players (also categorize them into either aggressive or passive players), your position at the table, the size of your bankroll, and how much you are willing to risk. 

When playing Texas Hold’em, the best approach is tight and aggressive play poker online: betting only and often – on high-ranking cards. 

Keep in mind:

The more players in a hand, the higher the possibility that one of them is holding on to a strong hand. In the same way, the larger the game, the higher the risk that someone’s pre-flop hand will fit the flop, so exercise caution in betting. 

The reverse, however, often holds true: the fewer the players, the less likely that another player will be dealt a strong hand or one that will fit the flop. 

In terms of your position at the table, remember that players in earlier positions have the capability to influence the size of the pot, compared to those in later positions. 

If you have only little money left, extreme caution is called for. Use a tighter strategy than you normally do. If you have more money, however, relax a bit and play more often but still exercise caution. 

Play a much tighter best online poker game if you see an opponent that raises every pre-flop chances are that the player will win the big blinds, but an opportunity will come where you can hurt him with a winning hand. 

Raise pre-flop if you want to target large pots and don’t mind losing a few hands, especially if you are in a late position. If you want to be selective at pre-flop, wait patiently for a winning hand. 

Happy playing!