Does It Sound Amazing To Have Poker Career?

pokerlion_blogs_img_Does It Sound Amazing To Have Poker Career?

Imagine you play poker online all day. Not having to report to a strict boss. Not having to meet suffocating deadlines or the suffocating conferences. And not being stuck within the same cubicle days after days. Have you hit a jackpot? 

Well, people who picked Poker as their career are living a free life without the eyes of office bosses behind their back. Let us tell you why that is! 

Take it and make it 

A full time job or a fleeting one, poker online will not crib on the commitment you make. It’s totally up to you. Be your own boss and carry on with your poker whenever you wish to. 

Travel with poker 

It’s the most portable career option. Be it your office, train, college, home or anywhere, online poker goes hand in hand with you. You can quickly sneak in and start playing on a table for a small break. 

More earning potential 

Go limitless with money! A skilful and planned game can help you buy that latest model of smart phone and you can still save your kidney. 

Meet new people in every game 

Very few jobs give you a chance to meet new set of people every day. Online poker is one of them. Talk, play, explore and touch lives. You never know if someone across the table just straight flushes you with his/her sparkling smile. 

You don’t have a retirement age  

Hooray! No age reminders and no age limit to making money. You can keep playing poker for the rest of your life. Your experience is just going to help you get better. 

Poker a brain sharper 

Studies have concluded, playing poker makes you smarter and active. It also teaches you how to stay calm, composed and hide emotions and not let it pop-up on your face. 

The Royal Game 

The charm and class that comes along with Poker is a win-win. You will be proudly introducing yourself and be assured that everyone made a note. 

You can chill. A lot 

Unlike the 9-6 jobs, Poker gives you a lot of space for all your ‘me time’ and gang time. You finish your game, collect your reward and celebrate. 

Reporting- Your time. 

No time limits and no reporting time. You come to a poker player and leave as you may please. Play through your mobile your way to gym or in the middle of the night, nobody’s going to judge you. Honestly. 

It’s getting famous 

One of the greatest things happening to poker right now is the number of people joining online poker daily. There are chances that it becomes as popular as the MBA and Engineering degrees. Let’s just keep our aces ready. 

Happy playing!