Favourite Poker Players to Watch Out

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Favourite Poker Players To Watch Out

The Indian poker players are slowly and steadily developing their skills in poker online. Many of the Indian poker players are being established as brilliant player nationwide. 

But there is still time to emerge as the famous international poker player. In fact, the Indian professional poker players consider many of the international professional poker players as their role models and inspiration. Let’s take a look on some of the famous international players watching whom you can learn to play poker online. 

Let’s See The Popular Poker Online Players

Felix Schneiders 

The name Felix Schneiders may not be as familiar, but he’s one of the most popular poker Twitch streamers recently. Playing under the name “xflixx,” Schneiders often streams on Twitch channel and puts forth plenty of effort to teach how to play poker . Provided that you’re familiar with the basic rules of the game and poker hand rankings, you’ll be able to pick up lots of helpful tips and strategies. 

Fedor Holz 

A rep of the young gen of poker online players, Holz has attained results that are simply out of this world, with nearly $32 million in live earnings in just the last three years. Although there is no denying Lady Luck was on his side during his best runs, Fedor is one of the best tournament players around without any doubt, and watching him playing is real joy. He is calm and silent for the most part, but once he enters a pot, watching Holz go down the hand is just charming. 

Vanessa Selbst 

Selbst has recently retired and now works for a hedge fund company in the Northeast. When she was playing poker online, she was one of the top poker players and was the only woman to ever reach No. 1 position in the Global Poker Index rankings. She’s also been known to pull a rare crazy bluff that leaves the viewers stunned and puzzled.  

Gus Hansen 

Another player we haven’t been seeing as much of most recently, Hansen attained his fame during the early and mid-2000s. And it was then he took the poker online world by storm by virtually changing the rules of Texas Hold’em. He was one of the first players to start using the ultra-aggressive move to the game, putting utmost pressure on his opponents. 

Viktor Blom 

Viktor may not be your trite poker online player who picked up his facts from poker books, but his style of play is massively entertaining. Playing under the nickname “Isildur1,” Blom, whose identity was a mystery for a long time, took on a few of the best poker online players at the highest available stakes and would play them for as long as they could take it. Crazy bluffs, big calls and huge pots are what make poker amusing, and you can find all of this and much more when watching Blom play. Although his playing style has changed fairly since a few years ago, Blom is still a lot of fun to watch in poker online games. 

Phil Laak 

Alias as “Unabomber” for his odd dress style, featuring a hoodie and large sunglasses, Phil Laak is one of those guys you’d love to have in your home game. Always coming up with crazy ideas, Laak is a natural showman who keeps everyone entertained.  

Four More Popular Poker Players Must To Watch

Phil Ivey 

According to numerous the best poker players to have ever lived, Phil Ivey is always pleasurable to watch, even though he rarely puts on a show. Instead of amusing us with his words, Ivey does it with his unbelievable plays, which are sometimes just inexplicable. His stoic stance and lack of emotion at the table make him a real sample of a poker online player: cool, calm, composed and always ready to put other players to the test. 

Tom Dwan 

Very few people have the ability to pull bluffs as Tom Dwan named as “durrrr,” and even watching any old footage featuring Dwan in action is always fun, even though most of us know the outcomes of these hands by heart. Of late, Dwan has been back playing poker online or live in some high roller tournaments and cash games, so let’s hope that trend goes on. 

Phil Hellmuth 

The all-time boss in World Series of Poker bracelets, Hellmuth has been amusing poker fans for decades. Hellmuth is a marvellous player, but that’s not the only reason we love seeing him on TV. The Poker Brat seems to employ a very effective MTT poker strategy, and his 15 WSOP bracelets are proof of this. 

Daniel Negreanu 

There is no denying “Kid Poker”, Daniel Negreanu, is fun to watch on TV. Apart from often trying to strike up the conversation at the table, he’s also become somewhat well-known for his live reads, which make for really great TV when he’s right. 

Have a happy poker online  time!