Fighting Fire with Fire against an Aggressive Opponent

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We have all been on the table when someone constantly raises on every hand and continues to take down pot after pot in an online poker game. They look for weakness and when they see it or suspect it, they go for blood on every hand. The only way to beat this type of a player is to play the same online poker real money game that they do and earn your half of the table. 

The first way to do this is by taking the lead in a hand. If you raise pot, stick with betting and show them that you are not afraid to fire chips into pot. If you are playing tight, this should be enough to get them to back off of hands that you are in. Make the continuation bet, but also fire on the turn as though you have a hand. Even the most aggressive of players will step back when a tight player continues to fire on the turn of a hand that they have raised on. 

Calling down the pre-flop raise

Another move that you can make against an aggressive opponent is by calling down the pre-flop raise. And the flop bet and then fire away on the turn. The board is really of no consequence when playing against an aggressive player as they will play poker game just about any two cards. This is more of a feel move that you have to make based on when you think they are truly weak. If nothing more than a value bet was placed on the flop, it could be a green light to make your move. 

This is something that you are going to have to be committed to from the very start. And regardless of what the turn brings, you fire away like you just made a set. If the board was on a flush or straight draw and you are isolated, it actually works in your favour as tight best online poker players will usually only bet when they have it and firing right away gives the impression that you have made your hand and could care less what they are holding. 

An aggressive player can be a nightmare unless you can tame them. You are going to be out of position against them half the time. And if you show them that you can be walked over. They will do it every chance that they get. In order to keep your stack, you are going to have to fight fire with fire. And get them to back off when you are in hands. Or you are doing nothing more than making a donation to their kid’s college fund. 

Happy playing!