Follow 8 Online Poker Tips & Be the Boss at Poker Table

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As beginners, the most common mistake an online poker player seems to make is making sure that they play as many hands as they can as if the number would decide their win. Though in reality, sometimes they must learn to fold for bad hands in the best online poker games rather than losing your pot. Even for online poker, during the game, remember to wait for your chance to raise/call depending on your hand, to not give away your cards. For it is all about how you play poker, your cards, no matter what you have been dealt with.

Control those calling urges

Another thing most players rush into is calling/raising before seeing the flop. Apart from following basic poker games online rules, you must develop patience along with maintaining a poker face to keep your opponents engaged. When sitting for a poker tournament, remember to stay attentive not just to the players but also to the table and the cards being played. Your chances of guessing the opposing cards might just win you the game!

Temperament is key

Since poker is a game of ups and lows, making sure you maintain your calm even after winning hand is important, don’t get carried away for you may lose more than you have won in the excitement. While learning to play poker can be easy if you read up, do make sure to participate in as many games as you can to improve your theoretical skills.

Learn, apply, repeat!

Always remember, keep a track of your play, as you start reviewing your own player after every session of poker online India you will find critical mistakes that will save you a countless number of learning hours as well as money. After all, the only way to get better at your game is to become better at thinking on your feet.

Sleep tight

As most poker action begins late in the night, the amount of sleep you get before that is paramount. Being drowsy or tired can cause adverse effects.

Poor nutrition, poor decisions

When hungry, the hormone ghrelin is produced in the stomach. This hormone has been shown to have a negative effect on decision-making capabilities and impulse control as studied in research conducted by a University in Sweden. So, eat right, play right.

Don’t just bluff or just stay in a hand

Most beginners think poker is all about bluffing. Remember, you don’t earn any brownie points bluffing. While it works, it’s all about timing. Also, another thing that haunts amateurs is staying in a hand because they have already bet. It’s always better to minimize your losses, so fold even when you have bet a substantial amount.

Practice, practice, practice


We don’t need to emphasize anymore. According to research, it takes 10,000 hours to perfect something. So, spend as much time as possible playing poker.

Happy playing!


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