Footballers who are Really Good at Poker Online

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Poker is such an engaging game that we can see many popular faces playing at their leisure or as a pro. Many can find many actors and sportsperson taking part in poker online games or live poker tournaments throughout the year. These popular faces not just win our hearts in their specific field but also through their poker playing skills.

Today we are going to talk about some of the very popular sportspeople of the most famous sport around the world, football, who play poker and also win the game.

Have a look at the list:

Tomas Brolin

The former Swedish player had taken his national team to the World Cup Semi-finals at the age of 24. However, due to numerous injuries, his promising football career ended prematurely and he put on a ton of weight. He became one of the fattest ex-footballers.

Since 2006, the former Leeds midfielder has been active on the professional poker scene. Brolin played frequently in live tournaments and competed in online poker games. Despite failing to win any events, Brolin has managed to earn a decent income from his participation in these events.

Gerard Pique

The Spanish footballer who plays as a center-back for Barcelona and Catalonia national team, Gerard Pique is one of the best defenders of the world. The man of many talents was a leading poker player during the world championship of poker in 2013.


The former Brazilian footballer and arguably the greatest finisher football has ever seen, Ronaldo has shown his ruthlessness in poker games as well. Ronaldo has managed to win $42,180 at poker tournaments.

Jan Vang Sorensen

Sorensen is not a very illustrious former footballer. However, he surely enjoyed one of the most prolific careers of any ex-football players. It is reported that Sorensen has raked an estimated $2 million winnings through playing the best online poker.

David Levi

He is the least popular football face on this list. However, he is one of the most renowned footballers turned poker player. Levi initially was a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces, but he went to play professional football for Hapoel Ramat Gan. He has $2.6 million by playing poker.

Happy playing!


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