Hands to Avoid Pushing All-in When You are Short Stacked

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The toughest thing in online poker game, when you are short stacked, is to have discipline. If you have been card dead and on the brink of elimination, you have to make a move. The question is when. A lot of players will look for any pocket pair and shove. But you have to be a bit more selective than that. Avoiding certain hands & situations is key to give yourself best shot of making it through your all in hand. 

When you are on full table with a lot of big stacks in the online poker real money around you, you must avoid pushing with a small pocket pair. Firstly, there is a good chance that someone else will cover your 66 with higher pocket pair in later position. The other thing you are probably going to be looking at is multiple callers. The more people call, the more odds the next person is getting to throw in their chips. Everyone likes to be in on a big pot, so you are just asking for trouble here. 

The only time you should consider shoving with baby pocket pair is when you are in cutoff or button position. You only have to get through two or three players at that point and it is worth the risk. If you have to try and beat any more than that, you are giving yourself a very slim chance of survival. 

Endless possibilities of losing 

The other reason you do not want to push with this type of hand in the best online poker game is because the possibilities of losing is endless. You are going in with baby cards and you are in danger as just about anyone calling you is not only going to have two live cards, but you are also in risk when the board pairs as you can get counterfeited. If we had a buck every time a small stack got booted out of a tournament because of this we would be rich. 

Another hand that is deadly to go in with is A-rag. Again, you are in fear of the big stacks here and anyone with chips and an A is going to make this call. You are also going to get called with just about any pocket pair as well. If you go into the flop with only one live card, the rail is more than likely your next destination. No, you are much better off shoving with a hand like QJ than you are A2. You probably have two live cards in online poker India game and are also opening yourself up to a straight draw. 

The one thing that you have to remember when you are short stacked and shoving for your life is that even if you are behind going in, you want to have live drawing cards that can get you back ahead in the hand. A rag and small pocket pairs are just not worth the trouble. Take a second to think about what you can hit before you shove those chips in there. 

Happy playing!