How to Encourage Your Fishes to Stay on Poker Table

How to Stay Your Fishes on Poker Table

In order for you to make a profit at play poker online cash games there has to be other players who lose. In fact, when you take into account the rake, there has to be more lost in total than can be won. For this reason, you should be extremely happy when fish show up at your cash game and start giving their money away. This article will look at why you shouldn’t scare fish away from your table by insulting them and ranting at them. 

When you are playing with fish you will be getting your best online poker chips in with the best odds more often than not. This will result in the odd suck out by the fish that can leave you very upset and ready to rant. Often times the chat box will be your only outlet and the urge to trash the horrible player may take over. Then the berating begins with names being thrown around such as fish, donkey, idiot and more. When this happens what you should do is just tell yourself that you got your chips in with the best of it and over the long run this will earn you a profit. 

Try not to rant at a fish 

What does rant at the online poker real money fish accomplish? Well one thing that could happen is the fish gets embarrassed by their poor play and moves to another table or stops playing all together. This is of course not what you want because then the fish will just be running away with your money and you won’t have the chance to win it back. Another thing that could happen is the fish starts to play better. By ranting and telling the fish what they did wrong may actually be teaching the fish exactly how to beat you in the future. This could result in the fish taking even more of your money and you going completely off the deep end. 

Feel the need of fishes and make use of them 

When dealing with poker online fish the most important thing to remember is that bad luck happens. If you can avoid going on tilt and avoid ranting at the fish you will likely be able to bust the fish because they will not be improving or leaving the table. The best way to deal with a bad beat would be to simply say “nice hand” or “nice play” in the chat box. This will encourage the fish to play the exact same way the next time around and will give you the best chance to win your money back. 

The moral of the story is that you should not chirp the fish in the chat box because no good can come from this. If you feel the need to use the chat box you should complement the fish on his play so that he will continue you to do it in the future. Your goal is to make a profit and the best way to do this would be to let the fish play their own idiotic style. 

Happy playing!!

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