Importance of Positions and Bets on Getting a Big Pair Preflop

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A lot of online poker players lose a tall stack of chips even with a big hand like pocket aces or pocket kings because they don’t know how to play their cards properly. When you have pairs of queens, kings, or aces, the big pairs, you need to be conscious about your chips, previous bets, and position in the game. 

Previous Bets and Position 

You have to know where you are in the battle field. If you are in an early position, it will be a difficult play poker online but it is wise to raise three to four times of the big blind. With this move, you can lure the other players to call or to re-raise your bet. 

In mid position, you will have an idea how your hand should be played. Let us say, a poker online player raises 3 times above the big blind, it will be a good choice if you can re-raise his bet about 2 to 2.5 times more. Doing a re-pop will uncover your opponents camouflage and see what he is made of. 

The series of actions after your call while playing online poker real money will help you gauge what your next move should be. If you have a KK or an AA then a re-raise or all-in maybe the best move. Folding after a few raise will logically lower your stack. 

In the late position, you might have two or three players raising before you can move. Observing how the pot is going, re-raise and isolate you from the rest of the field. This can scare some players away. 

You amount of chips will dictate if you will just call fold when someone challenges your big pair, or will you play all in. 

Happy playing!