Knowing When To Fold And When To Hold


Hello poker lovers! One of the most common errors in Texas Hold’em poker, much more than other poker games, is to cling to hands that look decent long after they turn bad.

For instance, one of the clearest signs of a weaker player is the incapability to fold some pocket pairs after the flop.

Weaker players will frequently fold a King, Jack on an Ace, Jack, Eight flop but will bet all their money with a pair of Queens on an Ace, Ten, Nine flop.

When facing a bet, the difference in value between those two hands at that point is miniscule, but the somehow the ‘prettier’ pair of Queens’s forces players to act.

It’s just so ‘good looking’ but sadly, you don’t get any money for having ‘pretty’ hands in poker online.

Beat weaker players

What you do get is a chance to force assured situations in each round and better players will often beat weaker players for a lot of chips even though the better player is holding worse cards than the weaker player.

Okay, in a way, this is the idea of most of the game but what makes one player better than another, in essence, is the ability to transform what should be negative situations into positive ones.

The factors at work are the better player’s skills and the weaker player’s idea of a good hand.

Another way to put it is – giving a weak player a good starting hand is sometimes the best thing for a more experienced player. Just because something starts out fine doesn’t mean it will end that way. Starting hands are merely that, a start.

Clinging to good starting hands for too long, specifically putting in a bet on the bigger betting round on the turn is a huge hole in most players’ game and players who rely on the simplest starting hands, mostly pocket pairs, will suffer most.

Remember, just as it looks ‘good’ doesn’t mean it is. Online poker is a learning experience, so if you make a mistake make sure you learn from it.

Happy playing!