Myths and Facts About Online Poker Games


You can’t believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to online poker games. A quick search for “poker myths and facts” will yield thousands of results for you.

Today, here in this post we have broken down some of the most common poker myths and the facts surrounding them. Let us get started:

The cash out curse

The Myth – If a player makes a withdrawal from his/her online poker bankroll, he/she will get back luck and lose cash shortly after.

The Fact – The cash out curse is merely a way for bad players.

The Myth – All poker games are driven by sheer luck.

The Fact – Many poker games are a delightful combination of luck and sharp skills.

The Myth – Players have to deposit large funds to play poker games.

The Fact – With just few pennies in your pocket, you can also benefit from online poker gaming as poker sites offer facilities such as sign-up bonuses and other promotional offers those who can’t afford higher deposits in their gaming accounts.

The Myth – Online poker games are waste of time.

The Fact – Poker games are more a social activity than wastage of time.

The Myth – Prizes offered in online games are insignificant.

The Fact – Those who believe that prizes are insignificant haven’t won any jackpot ever. Online poker games provide an exceptional chance to win huge cash prizes.

The Myth – It’s insecure to use your credit card online.

The Fact – The best online poker sites have secured payment gateway.

The Myth – New games are launched to give the players more alternatives.

The Fact – Launching new games can be a way of promotion but the truth behind it is that introduction of new games is generally a try to tempt veteran players with a hope of better or better revenues.

The Myth – If you give tip to the dealers of a poker game, they’ll deal you better cards.

The Fact – A dealer can’t manage what cards a poker player will get.

Happy playing!