Online or Offline: Where to Begin Playing Poker?


People interested in playing poker often are confused about where they should play the game – offline or online? It is an interesting query. Many pro players now wish, they had gotten their start online. Why? There are many reasons for such. 

Let’s explore a few from the list below: 

You can take your beatings cheap 

Unless you’re a natural, poker isn’t going to come simple to you at the very beginning. You have to work hard and gain experience before you be a solid poker player. That’s part of the reason you ought to start off online. Most online poker sites offer freerolls where you can learn how to play poker game without any buy-in and risking any money, and still win some amount of cash. 

Every poker site offers micro stakes games. You don’t have to make an enormous deposit or have a massive bankroll to begin playing online. In offline poker rooms, you will require far more money to buy into games than online. It is fine if you’re rich. If not, online poker will be much more affordable while you are just starting to play the poker game. 

Play more hands every hour 

You require gaining some experience prior to your expectance to begin making money. Not just it is going to be cheaper to play online as a beginner; you will see more hands per hour. To tell you the truth, online poker players are dealt about 5 times as many hands per hour, per game played. Once you begin multi-tabling, you’ll see extra hands per hour. You can’t manage how fast a live dealer deals the cards. Slow dealers harm your hourly wage if you’re a winning player. That won’t occur online as the cards are automatically shuffled and dealt. 

Conceal that miserable poker face behind a computer screen 

This is a bit funny but have you ever thought that you ought not to play poker online as you can’t make a good poker face? If you are miserable at concealing your emotions, playing poker at a casino is not a wise notion. No one can watch over your face online. So whatever hand you play or whichever move you make, you can feel free to express your feelings in your play room. Your opponent wouldn’t see you. Many new poker players don’t know how to perfect a poker face. Play poker online for some time to have some experience while practicing on your poker face. After that if you wish you can play at the tournaments or offline at casinos. 

Most players online are bad 

T he majority of online poker real money players are bad. As you are a beginner, you ought to play at the place where bad players play. You can practice your game first with the bad players. You’ll find a much higher percentage of weak players online than offline. Don’t worry. 

Online poker coaches you how to deal bad beats 

This might not sound tempting, but you will deal a lot of bad beats online. It might appear, at times, that the poker sites are rigged. But, they aren’t. The reason it’s going to seem like you get more bad beats online than offline is because you are dealt more hands per hour online. Playing poker online will teach you how to handle bad beats as you are going to get bad beat quite frequently. It builds your poker character! 

Now you can vote to play online poker, if you are just starting the game. 

Happy playing!