Online Poker Basic: Learn to Glance Around

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When you play poker and a rumored good player joins the poker table with you do not be pressured to show off. Continue to observe all players for their style and tell signs. This good player might be losing small bets in the early part of the game to check on the other players’ abilities. That means you have to be careful for other players at the table might be doing some observing too. In this article, you will understand why it important to observe how online poker players react.

It is really important to not get too excited on showing that you have talent too when playing against a good player. If you are one of those good players too, this game could be a battle of talent and luck. Initially, you may say the rumors were bad. The looks of this guy just don’t fit the image of those winner guys you see on international or national poker tournaments. It could be true you play better than he does, no one can tell until the games begin.

And so when the cards are being dealt, you feel the pressure of winning the game and proving yourself. You may have the tendency to stare at your cards without even glancing at the other players. The result of your analysis was wonderful: you are raking in pot after pot. Then you wonder what is so good about this other good player. It seems like he is not so good after all.

Tackle the presumed good opponent

Then after several games it became established in your mind that the good player was just not up to your level of proficiency. So when he called for a raise in bet, you were thinking that there was nothing he was worthy of showing. You shoved in part of your stack. He raised again, you raised with him.

But after that you were slowly losing and losing pot after pot. The stack of chips you had on table is leaving you piece by piece. The thing to do would be to quit game or else lose all chips you previously own. You wonder what went wrong.

One reason could be that you failed to observe tell signs. Certain people make certain reactions when given a set of cards and/or when community cards are revealed. You may find a smirk on their face that could mean a good online poker real money hand. When a frown is observed, then it could mean the player’s hand missed cards on table to make a good hand.

When you just stared at your card all throughout game, you are missing out tell signs. And if you don’t want to let other people read your position, you may either bluff or maintain a constant face with no reactions when community cards are laid down or when cards are distributed.

So when you play poker online this weekend, don’t keep staring at your cards. Keep that stoic face and be observant of other players’ reactions. This talent cannot be learned overnight, it will take some time. Try to play as many kind of players as possible, take note of how they reaction to certain situations in game.

Happy playing!

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