Online Poker – The Tricky Double Barrel

online poker

Making right choices during a game of online poker is crucial to take home prizes. What do you do when you make a continuation bet and your opponent calls it? You might be facing an awkward situation and one option is to double barrel. It refers to the act of bluffing into a pot twice. 

Double barrelling is quite difficult to learn and master. What you do is, fire another barrel. Or make another bet on the turn after your opponent calls your continuation bet. 

You have to remember some basics. So you don’t end up crying after the game if you plan on trying to double barrel: 

Don’t double barrel a calling station 

It could be fun throwing money at someone. But, you need to remember that it will not be productive if you try to bluff someone who rarely folds his card. Double barrel a calling station and say goodbye to your poker online bankroll. 

Reads as always are essential 

It will be very helpful if you know that your opponent folds when he doesn’t have good cards and it is also very useful when you know that someone loves showdowns with every deal you get. The more you know about your opponent the easier it is to know if it’s good to double barrel. 

Check your equity before double barrelling 

This simply means don’t force a double barrel if you do not have some chance of grabbing the chips for the hand. Like in other bluffing scenarios, having some equity is always better. 

Fire a second barrel when your opponent is scared of the turn card 

When you get an over card for the flop, this might be the best situation to double barrel. These cards may hit our range and has a higher chance that you u hold better cards than your opponent. If the turn is a scare card for your opponent then they will be a lot happier to fold and just save their chips when you fire a barrel. Also, you may have improved your potential to as little as a gut shot straight draw, which is enough to continue firing very often. 

Double barrel when you improve on the turn 

You don’t fire the second barrel only when you miss the turn but you also double barrel when you improve your cards. This balances out your strategy and becomes less vulnerable to opponents 

Happy playing!