Overcoming Nerves At First Time Poker Game


Hey all the poker lovers out there! Are you a first timer at the poker online game? We can assume your nervousness. Perhaps you are pondering what will happen if you lose huge money in the first game.

The first thing you need to do is to stop freaking out! The more you will freak out, the greater you will be bad at your hands.

And if you have decided to play poker live for the first time against heavy opponents, then all the very best from PokerLion Team.

If you are to play poker for the first time and you wish to play against the live challengers, then nice for you. And we are here to offer you suggestions, the useful ones, on how to not have any nervous breakdown and survive in the game as a first timer.

Most of the poker experts refer to the first timers as calling stations. If you are trying to catch the logic behind this term, it is mostly as the first time poker players have the inclination to call almost all the bets with even giving a moment of thought on their decisions.

Of course, we believe you don’t want to be referred by the term, and you want to be recognised as a good poker player by your opponents, then we suggest you to think calmly before you act. You have heard this numerous times by now that poker is a mental game and not merely a game of cards. It is a strategic competition between many poker players.

If you feel that your nerves are getting the better of you,

Here are some tips to get rid of cold feet

Don’t give yourself unnecessary pressure by comparing your talent in the game to other players. That is a futile task. You simply cannot compare. Think about the logic. You are playing for the first time and your challengers have played the game several times more than you unless you are playing against another first timer.

There is a first time of all things in life. Accept that there is nothing to lose and there is no harm in trying. And you will be able to focus better on the game.

Okay, so you have heard some reputation of your online poker challengers. This doesn’t imply that you have to put them into superhuman place. Bear in mind that once in their life these players were too first timers, just like you are today. Do one thing; replace their faces with some funny characters to lessen your nervousness and your sense of inferiority.

And lastly, relax! Be calm! We know, it is easier said than done, but you really need to calm down and relax. Block out all except the cards you are holding. Completely focus on the game you are playing. Just think, as a first timer, you will play poker good.

Happy playing!