Things Poker Payers Like To Chat

Poker, besides being an exciting real money poker winning game has also been a source of making friends and recreation since its arrival. Whilst playing poker game over the weekends with family and friends. Or at the poker tables of poker rooms, we talk about various things. From the most popular Bollywood or Hollywood chit chat to the new club in the city. Everybody at the table has a thing to say while waiting around for a better Flop, Turn or River. The discussion flows through many aspects of real life, politics, TV Shows etc. Making the conversations exciting for a long time.

If we try to list the most famous poker table conversations it would look like these below.

Chit chat about Latest Movies

We all love movies; the genres may be arbitrary. Whether it’s the most recent action flick of Arnold Schwarzenegger or an enticing item number by Bollywood actors in some Bollywood movies or about Hollywood movies, poker online players discover them the most amazing thing to chat about. And if none of them are fascinating enough. There’s definitely room to open up a conversation about your preferred movie star or model and pass around some behind the scene affairs you discovered on the internet.

Sports League around the world

Play poker and no sports discussion? That’s unthinkable. In fact, every sport brings the delight and excitement to players and the witnesses moreover. Be it the English Premier league, IPL or a cricket T20 match or Wimbledon sports talk bring a further sense of action on the poker table. In some cases you might get into an inviting argument on some details on the best sports celebrities.

Politics & World News

Folks tend to begin discussions on a poker table with any news they noticed in their twitter feed minutes ago or last night on TV. Even though most of the world and political news is overloaded with accidents, you can always begin a discussion about something pleasant. Funny political gags also have a tendency to rule poker tables.

Local hangout junctions

One who discovered a new hangout destination in the city will share the moment he enters the online poker room. If you are a foodie or love that rock music in a club with a few shots, you can’t prevent yourself chatting about such joints. Many a times, these interactions lead to organizing an outing like trekking or a relaxing weekend in the surrounding areas.

Poker Talks

Quite apparent, every player while gambling on poker table or after a thrilling hand will associate it to a similar example in a recent poker event. Their hearts hop and pop with every single poker news, whether it’s a pro player’s latest million dollar win or a player getting a bad beat at the WSOP. Folks pass information about forthcoming events of poker in India and around the globe and make strategies to take part.

Happy playing poker games!

Myths and Facts About Online Poker Games

You can’t believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to online poker games. A quick search for “poker myths and facts” will yield thousands of results for you.

Today, here in this post we have broken down some of the most common poker myths and the facts surrounding them. Let us get started:

The cash out curse

The Myth – If a player makes a withdrawal from his/her online poker bankroll, he/she will get back luck and lose cash shortly after.

The Fact – The cash out curse is merely a way for bad players.

The Myth – All poker games are driven by sheer luck.

The Fact – Many poker games are a delightful combination of luck and sharp skills.

The Myth – Players have to deposit large funds to play poker games.

The Fact – With just few pennies in your pocket, you can also benefit from online poker gaming as poker sites offer facilities such as sign-up bonuses and other promotional offers those who can’t afford higher deposits in their gaming accounts.

The Myth – Online poker games are waste of time.

The Fact – Poker games are more a social activity than wastage of time.

The Myth – Prizes offered in online games are insignificant.

The Fact – Those who believe that prizes are insignificant haven’t won any jackpot ever. Online poker games provide an exceptional chance to win huge cash prizes.

The Myth – It’s insecure to use your credit card online.

The Fact – The best online poker sites have secured payment gateway.

The Myth – New games are launched to give the players more alternatives.

The Fact – Launching new games can be a way of promotion but the truth behind it is that introduction of new games is generally a try to tempt veteran players with a hope of better or better revenues.

The Myth – If you give tip to the dealers of a poker game, they’ll deal you better cards.

The Fact – A dealer can’t manage what cards a poker player will get.

Happy playing!

4 Good Tips For Success At Poker For Beginners

Everybody plays poker nowadays. In fact, large numbers of people all of the globe engage in playing poker at least once in a while. Frequently more than once a week! Poker has become significantly popular over the previous few years. And that’s primarily thanks to the World Series of Poker and Hollywood movies. Poker online is not the easiest of the casino games to get a handle on, but these four tips ought to give you a better shot at winning when you hit the tables.

Play Just Good Hands

This may appear like a no-brainer. But you’d be amazed how many poker players opt to enter a pot with inferior card holdings. Many skilled players will not require to be told this. But newcomers often make this error, just because they want to play poker as much as they can. You have got to think of that when playing online poker. As much as you may be trying to have fun, the game’s motive is to try and win cash. If you try to play hands you should be folding, all you will do is enhance your losses. Most players will play less than half of the beginning hands they are dealt in a game.

Watch Other Players and Their Cards Closely

Much of poker is about observation and psychology. So you need to be sure to notice other players at table and their “tells”. This is pretty challenging to do if you’re just beginning as a fresh poker player, but you need to at least try to watch a few simple things about others at the table. You should also be having tabs of the cards on the table, in particular if you are playing a game such as Texas Hold’em, so you can determine what the best hand for the flop might be.

Play Rationally, Not Emotionally

Poker is the sort of game you will be most successful at if you are entirely in control of yourself and taking part in the game coolly. This means you need not to play if you are exhausted or in a bad spirits, and you should also never mix poker and alcohol consumption, as this reduces senses, which can lead to careless bets, calls, and raises that your competitors will likely take edge of.

Know When to Bluff

Given how recognized the online poker bluff is as a technique, it is perhaps not unexpected that unsophisticated players sometimes use it excessively. Obviously, this decreases a bluff’s efficiency somewhat. A bluff will only be successful if you use it at the right point in the game, and against a poker player with the proper psychology. As expected, and a win guaranteed without bluffing your challenger is just as reasonable.

Happy gaming to all the poker lovers!

15 Secrets To Spot Online Poker Player At Poker Live

With the development of new media, the internet, and it being a lot cheaper, number of online poker players has increased drastically who have swapped the mode of playing poker live to online.

While some of these online players have met with success, others have failed to make the transition smoothly. Those of the players who have played live poker regularly can usually spot the online poker players from a mile. Here are 13 things you can look for that’ll help you identify “the online guys” sitting with you at the table.

Read on:

1]Poker online players shuffle their cards on Poker Padz. These poker table-shaped mouse pads let computer users re-create the feel of playing live poker game.

2]After losing a hand, online poker players yell out, “this game is rigged!”

3]If other player tells a funny joke at the table and while all the other players are laughing the online players just say ‘LOL’ or ‘ROFL!’

4]Rather than, calling for a floor person, online players ask for a moderator.

5]Online poker players will be truly mean regarding tipping dealers, but will tell them to ‘ship it’ as they win a pot.

6]Online poker players will challenge the winner to a heads-up match, after losing a big pot.

7]During a poker tournament online poker players will wish to take a 5-minute break every hour.

8]After a 12-hour session, poker online players will quit and announce they ought to head home for a certain ‘scheduled server downtime.’

9]Poker online players will say that they have been playing poker as for 8 years, even though they just have turned 21.

10]Online poker players justify a bad call by claiming it was a ‘misclick.’

11]Poker online players keep referring to the big stack at the table as ‘villain’.

12]When you ask the online poker players their names, they’ll say bizarre names such as ‘maddy123’ or ‘pokerjoker,’ etc.

13]Online poker players will take a look at the bad beat jackpot display and say ‘I made more than that in rakeback last year.’

Happy Gaming!

5 Errors To Avoid For Building Solid Poker Bankroll

Although poker online game is interesting but it is rewarding only if you play it skilfully. Poker players normally make improper decisions while controlling their bankroll which can lead to reducing returns.

Playing at High Limits

Playing high stake games in poker need loads of encounter and strong bankroll back-up as when you play at higher limits, you are jeopardizing a large portion of your bankroll. This is the most basic error by players, amateurs and advanced beginner, with an objective of making big cash. Do you know as you move ahead the stack, the poker players also get better? Additionally, if you do not have sufficient cash, you will be a fish among the sharks. So, always keep in mind that playing poker as per your talent level is key element to bankroll management. Hence, select your game wisely.

Playing Too Many Hands

Playing poker online game is interesting but at times poker players do encounter dullness if hole cards do not fall in their benefit. Putting it simply, poker players start playing every hand if their poker online game session has been card dead for a while. Such an action essentially results in downsizing of your chip stack rather than elevating bankroll. Whether you select to play Texas Hold’em poker or Omaha, you just get to play 16% hands. Therefore, what you require to decide in such a scenario is to either play few playable hands or play all the hands to get over your dullness. The ideal answer seems here is to either settle-back and relax or play multi-table poker games or play high-action variant of poker games.

Switching Games

If you continue switching from Texas Hold’em poker to Omaha to Texas Hold’em, you might conclude an inexperienced poker player who is jack of all trades, master of none. Swapping from one game version to another affects your capability to master the particular game. Similarly, you should not keep on swapping from cash games to poker competitions to cash games as it outcomes in difference of your bankroll management.

Don’t Neglect Your Balance

It is always advisable to not ignore your bankroll as making money in poker online is a slow grinding and losing cash is a rapid drop. For example, you feel great when your balance is elevating but one bad beat can bring your balance to a very low amount. At that very moment, checking that small amount in the bankroll will make you dishearten. Hence, avoid micro-managing your poker game bankroll as you play poker with chips, not cash.

Don’t Play on Tilt

Tilt can make very difficult hit any player, beginner or pro, thus driving them into craziness of nonsensical bets, raises, and calls. The cause for tilt can be special such as family insecurity or can be poker game related such as bad beat. The degree of tilt normally varies quite a lot, some players get over it easily but for a few it is difficult to control tilt. So, while playing poker game, if you anytime encounter a tilt, either mask it and proceed with playing the game steadily or get up and do a thing else as poker game will be there when you come back.

Happy playing!

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Pot Limit Omaha

Is poker getting difficult for you? Are you getting bored of Texas Hold’em? Then it is the good time to master Pot Limit Omaha. Although you might not feel like leaving your preferred Texas Hold’em game, here are five interesting causes for toggling to play Omaha poker.

It’s more Fun!

Whatever poker games online you play – it is not as entertaining as Omaha. Whether you play Texas Hold’em or other version, it might not be as fascinating as playing Pot Limit Omaha is. If Texas Hold’em takes a minute to study and a life to be an expert. Then PLO takes 10 minutes to study and 100 lives to be an expert. Say, if you believe flopping a pair and flush draw in Texas Hold’em is amusement. Then try flopping two pair, a flush draw, a gutshot. A backdoor flush draw in Omaha and discover how that really feel!

The Up-and-Coming Game

Acknowledge it or not! Pot-Limit Omaha is extremely growing in reputation as now a lot more people are learning, taking part in and enjoying the game. This has eventually led to exit of the games such as Limit Hold’em from poker world as such games are now seen in the early phases of extinction. Thus, if you wish to play poker for life, then today is the proper time to learn how to play the most famous game. Hence, learning Omaha poker will help you in the end.

The Games are Softer!

Let’s chat about the level of difficulty of poker games online. The level of difficulty depends on how an ordinary poker player plays the poker game. For example, games are regarded to be softer if an ordinary player is worse eliminating his status of amateur or pro player. Some of the poker research have uncovered that there are no 24-tabling automatic maniacs able to play viably at PLO, the same is not applicable for Texas Hold’em.

The Faster-on-the Draw, the Better

Now is the time to determine whether to play to Omaha or not. First, you may be a poker player who may lose funds to pro players. But soon, you will be amongst them combating down the No Limit Hold’em players who have recently switched to Omaha Hi poker. Therefore, the more time you take to change to Limit Omaha, the more difficult the games will be, and this will eventually increase your learning time to practice the poker game and emerge as a successful player.

PLO Trains You in Other Forms of Poker

Pot Limit Omaha is one particular version of poker that teaches and equips you in other versions of poker thereby elevating your win-rate. The abilities particular to Omaha like difference handling and tilt influence help you to turn into a versatile poker player, i.e., you will conveniently adapt to other versions of poker. For instance, the downswings and upswings are bad in Omaha as compared to other versions of poker online. So, you will be able to easily get over these swings in poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker, etc.

Happy playing!

Ways To Chill Out After A Tense Poker Game

You’re emotionally as well as physically drained out after playing one of the most serious rounds of poker online.

To recharge and retain your sanity, you need to discover some way to chill out before playing again. Playing while exhausted can provoke you to make poor gambling selections. And it can even more add to your level of annoyance. Read on how to relax after a serious and intense game of poker.

If you don’t wish to end playing just yet, then play another type of game. Playing something that needs a bit less focus may just be the point to help reduce some of the after-poker tension.

Get away from your system screen

If you have been devoting a lot of time at a best poker site you perhaps would do better to just get off from your computer screen for some time. At times the best approach to do this is to sign off and totally shut down your device.

Discover a Delicate Escape

There are numerous things to fill your senses and body with relaxation. Why not engage yourself by having a spa? You could also rest with a nice hot bath. An additional way to pass your offline hours is by reading a good book and allows you become engrossed in the storyline. Or, better still, why not grab your book with you and sit in the garden or your terrace? Around the nature will be good for you. In no time you will be calm and will have leave behind all the tension of that intense poker game!

Get a bit of exercise

Take a walk around; either alone or along with a friend. Whether you go alone, with a pet, a friend or other loved one, going for walks is a great way to work through the tensions you are having due to an online poker game. If you prefer bike ride, go for it instead of walks. Getting out into the fresh air or sunlight as well as elevating your level of physical activity may all go a long way toward reducing tension.

Enjoy a favourite film

Numerous of you can just rest watching a preferred film helps them to totally disengage after playing a serious poker game. Those who were inquired about which movie genre appears to be best to help get their minds off their poker game recommend watching a comedy. In the case of peace and relieving the tension focus that poker often needs, laughter is the best remedies.

Which one is the best option for you to relax after the game? Decide and happy gaming!

Poker Is An Excuse To Catch Up With Friends

Hey poker players! Welcome to yet another blog post by PokerLion!

We all know poker is a game which gives us fun and also give us the scope of earning either professionally or just leisurely. Many players who are not professional win good amount of fortunes and rewards playing poker occasionally.

However, there is a less appreciated fact about real money poker game. And that fact is that poker also persuades sharing quality time with friends. You might be wondering how that is possible. We will share with you this “how”

Playing online poker real money is not like watching a movie in a movie hall, where you have to keep pin-drop silence. You are immersed in the poker game, but not so much that you cannot communicate. In fact, it is the best time guys can have to communicate and share a few interesting. Or at times not-so-interesting, stories about their lives. A normal guy-to-guy get together is never without drinks. There are a few laughs in the starting, and usually, the end of the get together is filled with some sort of whimpering and cussing at the universe, the office boss, or just simply life in general.

The great news is

You cannot be taking a lot of drinks while playing poker, except when your idea of playing is falling unconscious head-first on the poker game table. To concentrate on the poker game, you will require being in your senses whether or not you are not playing for big money and are not totally alert.

The fact is that the poker game also discourages long chitchats over a single subject. That denotes, the mood is generally light with a joke or two passed on around occasionally.

There are just few online games that give as much delight, excitement, and adventure as poker does. And on top of all that, the joy of having your close friend with you! Hence just make a few calls, arrange for a small and light get together with your friends, pick an empty room, get a table and begin playing the poker game.

Catch up with your friends for fun! Happy gaming!

The Trouble Of Shuffle In Online Poker

What makes the play poker game interesting? It is the ability to play poker that the cards are dealt and shuffled. Hosting a poker game needs you to be a good card shuffler. Since not all of us are pro dealers at poker rooms, who make shuffling appear simple. Even the easiest shuffling tactics seem to be hard at first.

One answer would be to carry out and perfect your poker card shuffling abilities. The other great approach to prevent any shuffling awkwardness while playing best online poker games is to own an automated card shuffler that makes issues a lot less difficult.

Automatic card shufflers

There are different automatic card shufflers to select from. While a few shufflers can utilize to shuffle single deck at an instance. Many others have the capability to shuffle up to eight or more decks. These are portable and easy to manage. A few take batteries or you can simply plug them up to the wall. The only drawback is that one requires to put the cards through numerous times. To get them correctly shuffle which may take a little extra time. However, it is a much feasible choice rather than attempting to mess-up around with the poker cards.

Shuffling like a pro dealer is a difficult task. Furthermore, one would require a superior quality deck of cards, like plastic cards, that can handle constant shuffling again and again. Also, one requires discovering out which size of cards will be more convenient for them to shuffle with. Dealing with the issue of shuffling cards is quite normal so don’t bother, just practice it or choose for an automatic shuffler.

Happy playing!

How Is Poker Chips Made?

Poker has often been deemed as a smoky & sketchy card game & is often linked with back alleys. But in the past few years, this interesting game has developed a lot & has surfaced as one of the famous games of the mainstream.

We are aware that, poker games online are game of cards & chips but the most amazing feature would be to learn how these poker chips are created?

Let us look at the story:

The processing of poker chips is more limited to China. As they utilize cost effective solutions for producing these chips. The most regular method of crafting poker chips is by using shot moulding system. In this process, ABS plastic is utilized. It is heated up to a molten state and then pressured into moulds. These moulds are crafted by professional engineers and are crafted by toolmakers (who frame & elaborate all particulars of a poker chip).

Generally, two types of poker chips can be crafted with this standard approach of injection moulding to play poker. The most famous chips in the home market are manufactured via injection moulding with an ABS plastic. A few of the other patterns are – the striped dice & suited patterns. Another kind of chips is the ceramic chips that have a very exclusive texture identical to sandpaper. These are also crafted with the injection moulding procedure.

Previously, clay was applied to make poker chips. Later, makers used to add some other components along with some ratio of clay in order to make the chips tougher. These clay poker chips are produced by compression moulding procedure in which the clay chips are maintained to pressure up to 10,000 psi and heat about 300 degree Fahrenheit. Once the procedure is complete, this inlay cannot be separated.

Hence this is the story of a poker chip! Happy playing online poker with poker chips!