Best Snacks to Eat During Online Poker Game

Think of your ideal snack-accompaniment at your online poker game, and you’re most likely to bring in pictures of beer, crisps and nuts. Now, one of these bites surely has a place at your special poker table. But not all snacks made equal.

Just like live competitions, live casinos games are packed with challenges. So you require to be on form to win giant. The right nourishment is the key of remaining attentive and energized. Here are a few of the best snacks to eat while participating in online poker.

Poached eggs 

Crack an egg into a pot of boiling water. Toast some brown bread in the toaster. And leave the food to be ready while you watch on your challengers. They’ll be prepared in just a few moments.  Continue reading “Best Snacks to Eat During Online Poker Game”

Reasons Why Poker Players Don’t Get Rakeback

As you might or might not be aware of, decent rakeback deals are a crucial part of online poker success as they save the players’ major cash on tournaments or real money game rake fees. You’d believe that any sane poker player would seek out rakeback before they hit the poker tables. But, the fact is that there are loads of players who don’t get a deal due to different scenarios. So it’s absolutely worth exploring these reasons more and arguing why grinders require rakeback.

A player signs up directly through a poker site

The most ordinary reason for not having rakeback occurs when somebody signs up straight through an online poker site. This is a huge error as rakeback deals don’t come through poker sites, but rather associates instead. Rake is like a reward to players for helping affiliates make cash. So be sure that you sign up at poker sites through affiliates to get cash back on rake you make. Continue reading “Reasons Why Poker Players Don’t Get Rakeback”

3 Texas Hold’em Post-Flop Tips

Several Texas Hold’em poker players are great pre-flop. They know their cards and odds of winning and know whether to play on or not. However, an equal amount of Texas Hold’em online poker players struggle with what move to make after the flop. They just don’t really know what to do because there are so numerous variables and possibilities. The following are a few tips on how to handle you post flop game.

Fit or Fold 

Unless you start with a premium pair, you should have hit the flop and have a nice hand before you even consider playing further. Fit or fold is the mantra. Your pocket cards need to connect with the flop in some way. If you don’t have steady hands at the flop just fold and don’t bother playing post flop. You simply have to fold a lot of hands in Texas Hold’em poker. Again, if you don’t have a good hand, fold! It’s amazing how many people ignore this and keep playing on, pondering why they lose with a pair of 8’s. Continue reading “3 Texas Hold’em Post-Flop Tips”

Top Sports Celebs Who Love to Play Poker

Whether it is casual games just for time pass or high stakes tournaments, a number of the biggest celebs from the sports world are passionate about the poker game. Numerous top sport personalities have turned their hand to the poker as their hobbies or secondary careers.

You might ponder, what is the appeal of poker for the sports people? For numerous, it’s the feeling of familiarity which they discover in an outlet for drive and performance. For many others, it is the sense that poker is a competition which plays out on a level playing field.

Take a glance at some of the most talented and famous sports celebs who enjoy playing poker live or playing poker online just as much as poker pros love.

Shane Warne 

Who doesn’t remember the former top Australian spinner Shane Warne? He retired from the cricket team in 2007 and since then he has been practicing his poker skills. Shane Warne’s biggest success in poker came in 2015 at the WSOP where he had a striking run. He even had fruitfully overthrown prolific poker player Ole Schemion. Continue reading “Top Sports Celebs Who Love to Play Poker”

Zodiac Sign Traits and Poker Game

Do you believe in horoscopes? Believe it or not, each player is born under a different zodiac sign can show different styles, personalities, and other traits. Zodiac signs are linking to poker game as well.

Each sign of the Zodiac presents its own set of challenges which will vary by person. Your Sign doesn’t cement you into a certain online poker mould. But, just because your sign offers you one result doesn’t mean that you can’t do what you want, play how you want, and win! The point of poker is playing despite the odds, having fun and taking a risk to finally see reward.

Let’s explore your zodiac traits in poker: 


Aries, the first zodiac sign, are determining and they always accomplish the desired outcome because of their diligence. The poker players born under this sign are more likely to climb up the stakes fruitfully.


People who are born under the Taurus, the second zodiac sign, don’t like being with big companies or noisy place so they seldom visit casinos and prefer to play poker online. Taurus, like Aries are determining signs and strong which makes them a good player. Continue reading “Zodiac Sign Traits and Poker Game”

Trouble with Slow Rolling in Poker

As you broaden your poker skills, attaining new strategies. You are also learning proper poker etiquette, here’s one move to evade and that is slow rolling.

What is a Slow Roll?

A slow roll in poker games online is where the player with the very best hand (“the nuts”) makes a scene of calling a large final bet, adding pointless drama to the hand. One of the most disapproved moves in poker; slow rolling is liable to lose you admiration and may even annoy your opponents.

The slow roll ought not to be confused with “slow play”, “sandbagging” or “trapping”. Three terms which indicate to playing a strong hand feebly to encourage your opponent to bet. The slow roll comes at the end of the hand, when you hold-up showing your cards to tease your opponent. Continue reading “Trouble with Slow Rolling in Poker”

Limping With Pocket Aces

Limping pocket aces can be a decent idea and a bad idea depending on the situation. We are going to explore this situation to offer you a better knowing of what to do when you get poker pocket aces. Depending on the scenario, you should either be hard playing pocket aces or limping pocket aces.

Should You Limp Pocket Aces 

No matter, whoever you are, if you know how to play poker online or are still learning, even if you have yet to experience a large amount of success playing Texas Hold’em poker, there is always a place for limping pocket pairs. We know that you want to know if limping with pocket aces is a decent idea or not. Be assured that it can be an effective tactic.

Don’t Worry If You’re Losing 

If you are always losing money playing Hold’em 

If you’re taking bad beats and just not really getting the luck you deserve, it probably isn’t even your fault. It likely has nothing to do with you. You aren’t succeeding like you would like to due to the fact that the strategy you are implementing is wrong. This isn’t surprising seeing as there are an enormous amount of different strategies around. Continue reading “Limping With Pocket Aces”

A Short Guide to Poker Betting Limits

To be a successful in online poker game a player needs to learn how betting works. To be an expert in betting takes plenty of time and practice. There are several methods of making a bet. And each has its own rules and format that many other aspects of the game. Making small bets can turn the poker game more exciting.

Hence, if you decide to place some money in on a game of poker, you require knowing what to do to walk away from the virtual table with more cash in your wallet. Here are a few of the basics of betting and the distinct forms that it can take:


The ante in poker is basically a bet you have to make before you witness your cards. Antes help to form the pot before any cards are dealing. These bets are compulsory and give players more of a stake in every hand. The ante can vary depending on how you play poker online. But, understanding what changes require one of the most vital skills as you move towards the game. Normally, the larger the ante, the more hands you need to be willing to play to stay floating. If the ante is small, though, you can play little percentage of hands, as the cost per hand of folding is fairly low. The size of the pot is relative to stack sizes and how aggressive or conservative some players are. Continue reading “A Short Guide to Poker Betting Limits”

Online Poker Tilt Negatively Affecting Bankroll

Hello poker fans! There are some facts which are linked with poker online. One of them is poker tilt. It can be defined in various manners. But the most fitting one is when emotions make you play worse than you should. Emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hate, etc. Tilt is the most expensive leak in poker.

There are many reasons why one may tilt. One of them is if a player can’t play a hand past the turn without getting check raised by someone who hit two-pair, then it’s going to be hard to maintain composure and shrug it off and move on. Often, just losing money will set a player on tilt. Some tilt triggers can be avoided.

Tilt may be preventable

Losing money isn’t something a player can do a whole lot because it’s going to happen even if a player plays perfectly. But in other situations the tilt may be preventable. If someone taunts a player, he must be cool enough with that not to let it get to him. He can pick another table. A player tilts more easily when he is tired, hungry or under any other external influence which he knows that it affects him. A player can stop playing in this case. In order to learn how to deal with an instinct or emotion, a player has to be aware of it. Continue reading “Online Poker Tilt Negatively Affecting Bankroll”

Poker Games and Popular Books on Them

Online poker games are fun! Aren’t they? It is easy to learn them, but it takes lots of time to master them.

The biggest roadblock you face during your play is that not just you have to come up with a strategy when it comes to the cards you are dealt with but you also have to deal with the human aspect of the game.

You have to face some real human poker opponents who are also smart and have their own tactics and judgment when it comes to playing the game with bluffs and counter-bluffs, tell and other means to confuse you.

There is always a few help available for all the poker beginners and even if you are not a beginner there are certain really great poker books out there which everybody who loves to play poker should read, if not to play the game better then at least to increase their knowledge span.

10 popular books on poker:

The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide by Michael Craig (2007)

Kill Phil by Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson (2005)

Any Title by Lou Krieger

Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo (2007) Continue reading “Poker Games and Popular Books on Them”