Perfect Reads of Online Poker Tells through these Signs

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A tell is any habit, behaviour, or physical reaction, that gives other players more information about your hand. The following are tips supplied to online poker fans by the pros, and can apply against novice or advanced players. Remember, that in poker there are many contradictions and exceptions to the rule. Also, experienced pros will give out false tells to fool players.

Watch the Eyes

This is why many pros wear sunglasses or visors/caps when playing; they know that the eyes rarely lie. For example, many players can’t help but stare at big hole cards, so their length of time peeking is longer. Conversely, if a poker online player is looking to steal the pot, he may look to his left to see if the remaining players, who haven’t yet acted, have quickly glanced at their cards and are likely to fold. Another e.g., a player may try to ask you questions about your hand, knowing that people rarely can “look someone straight in the eyes” while being dishonest.

Facial Expression

Again, many pros try to disguise their entire face by wearing a cap and looking downward. This is to avoid the classic stare down that best online poker pros are famous for. They may try to study your face for nervousness (detecting a weak hand), or even look for repetitive characteristics like a body “tic”. You may have obvious unhappiness in your face when your hand is weak, and conversely, you may show a contrasting show of confidence when your hand is strong.

Trembling Hands

Also, a by-product of anxiety, beware of an online poker real money player whose hands are shaking, this nervousness can represent a big hand.

Glance at Chips

Again, relating to the eyes. It is common for players to quickly glance at their chips if they connect with the board after a Flop for example. This may be a subconscious reaction, but the player is already planning his attack.

Repetitive Betting Patterns

Usually the most revealing tells are based on the way an online poker India player habitually bets during particular situations. For example, maybe the player always checks when he has made the nuts, or a player may regularly fold after being re-raised.

Chip Stacking

When you first sit down at a table, study the way the players stack their chips. Although it is a generalization, loose aggressive players typically maintain unorganized/sloppy stacks, while tight conservative players keep well organized/neat stacks.

Happy playing!

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