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Getting pocket Kings and Queens does not guarantee a win in a game of poker online. You can still mishandle these very strong cards and end up losing. Here are some poker tips on how you should handle such strong cards:

Aggressiveness preflop

Queens and Kings of the best online poker cards are quite tough cards to improve upon the flop. It is not that often that you will make a set out of them. You need to protect your hand from weaker cards which may hit upon the flop. Make sure that you raise good enough so you can scare away low pairs and suited connectors.

Raise more when holding Queens on preflop

This is a bendable rule of online poker real money but you will have more success if you follow it. Pushing more chips and being more aggressive when you are holding queens is logical since they are vulnerable to face card combos which may involve kings. You want to push off holders of K-J or even a K-Q so you will have a better odd in case a king opts out of the flop.

Be ready to fold

You should be willing to fold even these monster hands during an online poker gameplay. Remember that even when you have a K-K or a Q-Q, you can go against Aces. Proceed with a ton of caution when you see the flop reveal an ace.

Know what you are going against

Aside from other players forming higher pairs, your kings and queens are also vulnerable to sets like straights and flush, any other player who has pocket aces to start with. Be alert and observant of how your opponents play their monster online poker India hands so you know what to do when you run into one.

As you mature as a poker player, you will master how to handle your pairs of kings and queens, and also learn how to fold them prior to the flop when needed.

Happy playing!

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