Poker Games Unspoken Rules


Rules are an essential part of games, and players of every sport have to stick to some set of guidelines. The same is applicable for skill games like online poker game which has its own set of guidelines. However, there exist particular tactics of poker that follows as basic practice. And at the same time are noted to be unsaid rules of the poker game.

Slowrolling is Never Acceptable

It is regarded to be one of the major infringements that a poker player can ever do in the course game. Slowrolling means deliberately stalling to turn over the winning hand, and only practice to irritate your challenger.

Never Call Clock on a Player if Not in a Hand

The game of poker is of judgment, and sometimes you will come across players who require additional time to make a crucial decision. This surplus time taken by your challenger for decision-making must not trouble you unless you are engaged in the hand. So, let the players handle the calling clock if you’re not engaged in the hand.

Don’t “Hit & Run”

One of the most awful poker game acts is to leave the poker table instantly after winning a big hand. It is regarded wrong to play poker game with this technique. Many of these hit and runners are despised by the poker society, and are viewed with disregard. In this instance, you will also find poker players who perform Short-Stacking, that is, these poker players not only Hit & Run but appear with lowest buy-in and follow a push/fold technique. Put simply, if they work on one poker table, then they will depart from that table. And change to play one more poker game on another table with nominal buy-in.

Never Drink while Playing

In poker games online, you may encounter few pro players who have a habit to win more with a glass of liquor. But don’t forget, exceptions can be found all over. It is always wise to not drink when playing poker game, even not under the effect of others, as you will lose those hands that are suitable of wins.

Never Grumble, Never Explain

Bad beat occurs to all. You may sometimes find yourself in a scenario when cards may not prefer you. That very instant all you require to do is deal with the circumstance – smirk or nibble your tongue – but do not grumble about it. Worrying is not the answer to your bad luck, rather it makes you feel even worse. Another essential thing that you require to remember is not to clarify the situation- just neglect it and proceed. Though you might have a feeling for the acceptance of your friends and even unknown people on the table, but don’t ignore you have not done a thing wrong. It is not essential to explain to others how estimated your raise or call was as no one at the table has signed up to have poker lessons from you. Rather, you lose much more than you accomplish.

Happy playing!