Reasons Why Poker Players Don’t Get Rakeback


As you might or might not be aware of, decent rakeback deals are a crucial part of online poker success as they save the players’ major cash on tournaments or real money game rake fees. You’d believe that any sane poker player would seek out rakeback before they hit the poker tables. But, the fact is that there are loads of players who don’t get a deal due to different scenarios. So it’s absolutely worth exploring these reasons more and arguing why grinders require rakeback.

A player signs up directly through a poker site

The most ordinary reason for not having rakeback occurs when somebody signs up straight through an online poker site. This is a huge error as rakeback deals don’t come through poker sites, but rather associates instead. Rake is like a reward to players for helping affiliates make cash. So be sure that you sign up at poker sites through affiliates to get cash back on rake you make.

Players don’t think they can go back and get rakeback 

Once you sign up through a poker online site, you’re stuck without rakeback at that particular site. After all, poker sites don’t let players to create new accounts through an affiliate just to get a rakeback transaction. So it’s no doubt why numerous players think all hope is lost upon later realizing their error. But this doesn’t signify a player can’t sign up at another poker site via an associate and get a transaction. So we greatly advise that you think signing up at another site to take benefit of rakeback.

Recreational players are too lazy 

Escalating on the previous reason for not getting rakeback, a number of players just don’t want to take the extra time and leave their present site for rakeback. After all, this would need them to leave the site that they’ve gotten comfy with in pursuit of a deal. But, the truth is that it’s certainly worth a player’s time to sign up at another site where they can accumulate rakeback. In fact, you could save hundreds or even thousands of rupees in the future just by taking 10 minutes to sign up through an affiliate and get rakeback.

Numerous top poker sites don’t have rakeback 

Perhaps the one justifiable reason for not taking benefit of rakeback is when you play at a site where none of these offers exist. Top play poker online sites don’t allow affiliates to offer rakeback as they feel that their tournaments and promotional offers are already generous enough. Fundamentally, regular players will earn the equivalent of rakeback through cashback and other bonuses. But, if you’re just a rare recreational player, you’ll almost certainly profit more from rakeback.

Players think rakeback doesn’t make a big difference 

Not everybody is educated on rakeback as players usually learn about this idea long after being introduced to poker. Numerous amateurs dismiss rakeback as a small offer which won’t make much of a difference to the players. Keeping this in mind, you shouldn’t let any of the aforesaid reasons stop you from securing a poker rakeback arrangement.

Happy playing!