Survive in Your First Online Poker Tournaments

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Playing in online poker tournaments is a daunting experience – both for the novice and expert gamers alike. In these tourneys, you will be inside a huge room with thousands and thousands of participants. Most of these players are eager at sending you home early so they can have greater chances of winning the pot.

Along with these people are other distractions that can keep your focus away from the best online poker game. This includes the clicking of chips and the sound of a roar from distant sources.

Since it is your first time to play poker, you have to be equipped with all the necessary skills and strategies that help increase your odds at winning. Let this be your complete guide to playing in poker tournament games.

Stay Calm

A large tournament is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Some people crack because of the high tension that’s involved in the game. Others experience a sea of emotions that has distracted them from playing properly.

In essence, a tournament is no different than any online game you have played. It needs you to stay especially focused and calm so better results can be expected.

Tight Makes it Right

Most of the gamers inside the tournament will be playing an extremely tight game. Only the strong hands will be risked by these players. So, if someone is playing as if they have better cards, then they probably do hold strong hands.

Chips are to be Protected

Chips are your life in online poker real money. You need to protect them in any way you can. You cannot risk losing these chips from falling into major bluffs. In most tourney situations, players would be running complex bluffs. It is, therefore, necessary to guard your chips against your opponents.

Keep an Eye on the Stack Size

If you get yourself blinded in poker online, then you are really getting yourself into a poor spot. It is best to risk for healthy-sized stacks than letting yourself get down so low without taking the challenge.

Know and Understand Your Goals

Setting goals in poker is very vital. You can keep yourself focused on the career if you know the game rules and mechanics by heart. Aside from learning and crafting these goals, you also need to understand why you’re setting them up. You should have a basis for your goals so you can accomplish them at the most realistic time.

Since you are new at the tournament, it is best to target smaller goals first. You can begin by watching other players play and developing strategies out of the images you have seen.

Learn the Rules

Tournaments may vary in rules. You have to learn old protocols and know new ones as well. It is only important to know the ins and outs of a game considering the high stakes involved in poker.

Once you are familiar with the common rules of poker, you can begin understating ones the complex ones. You can have other poker professionals teach you so you may be properly guided on the matter.

Happy playing!


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