Is Playing Online Poker is Only About Winning Cash Prizes?

Whenever you start a game the first thing that comes to your mind is – win or lose! The competitive world has made us all highly competitive in nature and all we can think is about either winning or losing a game rather than enjoying the entertaining factors involved with the games. Poker tournaments are a similar category of game that makes people more competitive in nature.  

However, losing a certain game of poker doesn’t necessarily make you a bad player. While playing poker online, you came come across many diverse situations. You might get a rouge opponent or maybe unlucky with the cards. So, if you lose, remember that it was not your day!  

Sulking and giving up on the gameplay, won’t make you a better player later. Unlike other physical games, poker is a mind game. Hence, good amount of patience, logical skills, reasoning ability and emotional control is very much necessary for a person to be a good poker player.  

In case you’re looking beyond the win and lose part, then please read on to know more.  

Poker makes you emotionally strong 

If you’re an emotional fool, then your life will be full of hurdles. Poker will teach you to be patient and handle your life’s decisions without any emotional attachment.  While playing poker you’ve to stay focused and be judgmental. If you think that making sensitive decisions will help you get through the hurdles of life, then you’re wrong. Start playing poker online and you’ll be amazed the way the game changes your emotional wellbeing. 

It’s an option to learn new skills 

Poker is not about winning cash all the time! It’s also about learning new skills which you might have not known even existed in you. Rules of playing poker games online are more or less the same in all poker apps. However, as you embark on the journey of becoming a pro poker player, you will learn mathematical calculations, probability, permutations, and combinations and also develop high-end analytical skills. If you lack concentration skills, poker is the right game for you! It will definitely help you develop your focus on things!  

Develops never give up attitude  

Did you know that the longest ever poker tournament was played for around 5 years? It’s like an addiction that draws the poker players towards the game They keep on playing and playing for days and months without ever giving up on the game. So, real money poker definitely develops a positive attitude and helps in developing a spirit of competitiveness in the individuals who are engaged in the gameplay. Never give up attitude is the one that makes a person a professional player. If you want to be one, then you need a high degree of resilience and a positive attitude to maintain your status in the game. 

In short, poker is not about money only! If you win and get the money that’s incredible. Even if you lose, don’t be disheartened. You’ve definitely learned something from the game as well. 

Happy Playing !!

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4 Strange Similarities Between Online Poker and Stock Market Trading

Online poker and stock market are two diverse activities with a few uncanny resemblances to each other. Although earning money is a common motive behind both, however the other resemblances will make you awe as well.  

The thought of comparing stock market trading with that of playing online games may seem eerie. However, you would be delighted to know that there are many stockbrokers who love playing poker games online because it gives the same thrill as the one that they get while trading in the stock market. With the ascent of some of the best poker sites in India, poker has gained popularity among the Indians as well as the other nationalities.  

However, it can be presumably stated that if you’re a good poker player, then you’ll certainly be a good stock broker as well. Still wondering about the similarities between both? Then, read on to know more: 

Psychological similarities 

Psychologically an investor and a poker player are both very weak. As a trader, a poker player also takes decisions based on emotions like rage, greed for money and becomes overconfident at some point in the middle of the game. Since real money poker assures a lot of winning amount, hence like a trader a poker player plays without pause for earning more and more money. Hence, you may find the psychology and the emotion going similar in both cases.  

Risk-taking abilities 

The ability to take risks is high whether it’s in poker or in stock trading. So, whether it’s a poker player or a stock trader, both need to be equipped with high risk-taking abilities. Like in a poker tournament, the stock trader is also required to be calm during the trading activity. Thus, the risk-taking abilities of both individuals are generally high. 

Effective management of cash/bankroll 

Whether it’s the poker games online or stock market – money is the primary thing that is involved. Management of cash, how much to invest, how much to save – all these factors ply in the head of both the trader and the poker player from the beginning till the end. Experienced poker players focus strictly on the bankroll management part rather than indulging in the madness of continuing the game even if there’s no chance of winning. Similarly, in the stock market if a trader feels that there’s no chance of a particular stock getting an upper value at all, then the trader decides to sale the stock as soon as possible!  

Situations depend on the probability 

Chances of getting a better outcome – this is the major motivation that helps a poker player and a trader to survive in the long run. Hence the law of probability plays a vital role in both cases. Majority of the matters are generally left to the destiny because a small change in a card or a minor fall of the stock prices may result in complete change of the destiny.  

No matter whatever best poker sites in India you’re using for playing the game, rules are same, game play is same. Take risk, stay focused and keep playing.  

Happy Playing !!

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6 Amazing Female Poker Players of 2020

Card games are not for women – discrimination based on gender has always been prominent in every industry and sector.Online Poker tournaments were not an exception. However, 2020 has been a good year for the girls! Despite the traditional belief that poker is a man’s game, women are also taking the poker world by storm. 

Although a world series for poker is still away, however, girls are surely making a lot of money by playing poker online. To keep up the spirits of other girls who are willing to play poker, check out the list of a few international winners. 

1. Liv Boeree

She is a talented, intelligent, and a very impressive player. She is the only female poker player who has won many poker tournaments. Not only that, but she also has a degree of astrophysics in her name. If you’re into the world of poker, then Liv Boree is a common name that you should be knowing. Not only poker, but she is also a celebrity in the television industry. 

2.Joanne Liu 

Don’t let the distinctive hats and unconventional dressing style of Liu fool you! She’s been an exceptionally good player since 1996. She became 4th in a Limit Hold’em match and uses her Chinese gambling skills to play poker. Although initially, she was looking forward to a career in computer science. However, once cash started raining on her, she gladly accepted this as her fortune and career. 

3. Maria Constanza Lampropulos 

You might have heard her name in poker very seldom! She already has a great professional career. But as she played on, she got engrossed in the game. Maria entered the world of poker with her boyfriend, the famous poker player Ivan Luca. Since there was no looking back. One of her notified wins is the one in Nottingham over 7,000 people. Have a look at her playing videos and learn to play poker online successfully. 

4. Vanessa Rousso 

If you’re into poker, then you must’ve heard the name of Vanessa Rousso several times. Her poker skills have successfully landed her in the 8th spot in the Women’s All-time Money List. She is beauty coupled intelligence – rare but a dashing combination for a female poker player. Although she has no major titles to her name right now, that time is going to come soon! 

5. Vanessa Selbst 

After completing a smashing 12 years in poker games, she has the number 1 ranking in the Global Poker Index. Very popular and having a net worth of around $11.9 million, she is undoubtedly a tricky player. Opponents are of the opinion that it’s very difficult to win over Vanessa. She knows the right set of bluffs than can turn the game around. She is a very reckless and bold poker player and can teach you some smart moves for your poker games online. Check out her bluffs and you’ll know why she is famous. 

6. Annie Duke 

With a net worth of around USD 9 million in the bank, Annie is popularly known as the Duchess of Poker. Unlike others, she has made poker her career, profession, and passion. She thinks it’s a great initiative to help other novice players to get the tactics of the game in mind. For that, she has written books on poker strategies and instructions. Want to get some handy tips for poker online? Read her books. 

Happy Playing !!

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Is Poker Still a Popular Game in The Year 2020?

How frequently do you see people getting ready to go up to a casino and play a game of casino? Nowadays such scenes are almost rare. So, the question arises, is poker still a profitable game in the year 2020? Is it still possible to get real money from poker games online

The answer is short and simple – yes, poker is still one of the addictive and loved card games. Believe it or not, winning cash from playing real poker in India is not an easy job. 

You might undoubtedly state the fact that the poker boom is over, but the game is still on. However, with the regulations applied to the game’s rules, things have become complicated for the players. 

Is live poker alive? 

Live poker is a different experience altogether. For those poker players who’ve never been to a casino and have not played the real game, it’s a big loss. 

Because nowadays live poker has become difficult and is a rarely played option.A Texas Hold’em pokergame during live poker can be easily beaten. You may ask how? Because the players get to see each other. However, with the government being strict on the live poker regulations, this era is going to end soon. 

Online poker is gaining grounds 

If you talk about poker being dead in 2020, then the name of some of the best online poker sites in India is going to crop up making you think about it again. Experience the thrill of playing with strangers! Also you will get facility of playing the game in private in case ofonline poker games

The rules remain the same. Rather the game has become more comfortable, affordable, and relaxing. No more hassles of searching for casinos. No more dressing ups. No more expenses for drinks at the casino. 

So, even if live poker is losing its field, it’s counterpart is a consistent player! 

Virtual reality changing poker games 

Bringing the real world of poker virtually on your laptop and mobile screens – that’s what virtual reality is doing! How exciting will it look when you can see the virtual casino? Also the players along with a 3D effect while you’re into the game? 

The future of real poker in India is changing rapidly. It will change more if VR is inculcated into gaming apps.   

In short, poker is not a lost game. Rather, it has been reinvented in other platforms and technologically made advanced to attract a greater number of players. To add to this, online poker games also allow the player to win loads of cash prizes. Good news! All this is legal!  

Would you still stay that poker is dead? The growing number of players and thousands of online registrations don’t say the truth. It is not only profitable but also helping millions of young minds to fulfill their dream. 

Earning easy money is no more an unfulfilled dream now! Play Poker and earn for real!  

Happy Playing !!

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The Psychology Behind the Need of Bluffing in Online Poker

If you want to win consistently in poker, then you need to bluff and you need to do it big! Whether it’s poker live or online poker, your lady luck will not be able to save you at the game, if you’re not a good bluffer. As soon as you’re able to convince others at the table that you have got a good hand, you can swing the game in the way you want it! 

Just bluff and do it professionally and correctly. A good poker player knows how hard it is to bluff and make others believe their version of the truth. You’ll be getting numerous tips on how to be a good bluffer and how to play poker professionally, but did you ever wonder about the importance of the same in the game of poker? 

If not, then read on to know more.

Purpose of bluffing in poker 

The majority of the good players of online poker in India are master bluffers and never miss out on an opportunity of creating a delusional atmosphere for the opponents in the game. Why would you bluff? 

For two reasons mainly. 

  1. To make the opponent assume that you’re having a better hand in comparison to the opponent 
  2. To make the opponent assume that you’re having a worse hand in comparison to the opponent 

Why should you lie to your opponent? Because the strategy behind the same is to make the opponent nervous, play with his mind, and make him take a wrong decision drastically. One wrong move by the opponent and your game is on! 

It can be difficult for poker live games. You need to be a real good actor to fake it! Have confidence and don’t let it show on your face. Remember, the person sitting in front of you is also an experienced player. One expression leak can expose your bluff to the other person. 

The psychology behind bluffing is to remain calm and restrict your reactions. Because it’s natural to start reacting as soon as you tell a lie straight on the face. 

However, players of some of the best online poker sites in India have the exposure of bluffing effortlessly because, in online poker, you and your opponent are not able to view each other!   


Things to keep in mind while bluffing 

Faking a fact and making it convincing is an art. Bluffing is the name of that art. There might be times when despite the best efforts, you’ll not be able to bluff. However, if you keep these simple tips in mind, you can succeed for most of it! 

  • Be confident while you’re doing it 
  • Keep your breathing and pulse intact 
  • Keep a calm mind 
  • Plan the bluff before executing the same 
  • Avoid any kind of stress and apprehensions 
  • Believe in the lie 
  • Don’t rush into the matter 
  • Keep an eye out for the opponent’s moves 

As the popular saying goes “Fake til you make it”. Bluffing is a consistent and integral part of poker games. Your mind is a powerful weapon, use it well and develop the game which will make you win fortunes.

Happy Playing !!

6 Reasons Why Millennials Are Hooked to Online Poker

5 Smart Tips for Becoming an Expert Online Poker Player

Yearning to get the life of a pro poker player? Seems like a dream life, to get bags full of money, playing passionately the game that you love and living a luxurious life! 

Getting real money from poker in India is easy for those who have pro qualities of playing the game. The more you play and the more you use your brain, the more you’ll earn. There’s no sure-shot strategy of winning in live or online poker games. So, now you might be wondering how to become a professional player? Well, no training institute will develop your skills! 

If you’re playing poker for more than 5 years, then you’ve your share of perks as well. Experience is the key to success in poker. However, if you find people saying that it’s just a day’s game, then they are simply kidding with you! 

Becoming a professional poker player in this competitive age is not a matter of joke. Here’re a few tips that can come handy, if you’re in the learning phase and are trying to become a professional. 

Step 1: Be a consistent player

Just because you’ve lost 3-4 games of poker, don’t fret and move on to some other card games. Being consistent is better than having highs and lows! When you’re playing online real poker india, you can access the game from any device. So, even if you don’t have the luxury of sitting in a casino for long hours, that’s not a problem. But quitting the game in between for playing once in a year won’t help! 

Stick to the game. You’ll learn strategies from your opponent’s moves. 

Step 2: Know your odds

No matter how much you try to learn, poker is a game of mathematics. So, knowing the odds is essential before you start playing. How much do you have in your pot? Do you have a drawing hand? These are some basics that you need to assess while playing on some of the best poker sites in India

Learn to think about the ranges and not the hands because then you’ll be able to judge all the possible hands you’ve. Be smart and play logically.

Step 3: Study poker 

Knowing the game inside-out is what makes a person a professional poker player. If you think, it’s just a child’s play, you can meddle with the cards and get hefty amounts of cash, then you’re wrong. To get real money from poker in India, you need tostudy the game. Yes, that too in a literal sense. 

Check out trial games and videos on Youtube to get a hint of the professional strategies that the game involves. You must be astounded to know that you are paid to learn programs as well! Get hold of one and start learning. Soon you’ll get the hold of it.

Step 4: Don’t act like a know it all 

Let’s say that you’ve won a few games of poker. Congratulations! However, don’t let the win get on to your head. There’s no “happily ever after” in a game of poker. Since online poker for real money is played, hence the game is always very thought-provoking and dynamic. 

So, stop acting know-it-all and be cautious all the time while the game is going on. From the moment you become over-confident about your moves, your game’s gone!

Step 5: Keep your emotions away 

Poker is not a place for emotions. Lost a match? Got very upset? Feeling bad for the opponent’s wrong move? Lost concentration for the same? 

If you’re facing such emotional turmoil in your head, then go up and get some fresh air. Your emotions will barely help you survive in the game. Think logically and play rationally – that’s the ultimate motto of being a professional poker player.

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6 Reasons Why Millennials Are Hooked to Online Poker

With social distancing and staying at home becoming the new trend, fun Friday evenings are becoming a past now. Are you stuck indoors with nothing particular to meddle about? Surfing the internet, doing household chores, and reading books can get mind-numbing after some time! That’s where online poker steps in. 

For millennials, online real poker in India is not only a fun game but also a chance to win an abundance of real money while merely laying back in their couches. Now are the times, when a casino visit is a strict NO. Then what should the poker players do? Hundreds of poker sites in India are giving the opportunity of indulging in online poker games. 

Beat your stay-at-home melancholy. Play, win, and be happy. But first, check out the reasons that are making people go gaga over online poker.

No playing expenses

Unlike the casino culture, with the advent of the best poker sites in India, playing poker has become not only easy but also free! Previously rich people were allowed to indulge in poker. Do you know why? Because affording an evening at a casino is not a matter of joke. 

However, with online poker rage, with a minimum registration fee, anyone can join the table. No frills, no drinks, no expenses – rather get cash if you win! Attractive offer isn’t? 

Easy money winning options

Millennials are always attracted to things that get them money easily without much hectic job errands. What’s better than earning real money while playing poker in India? Fun, excitement, and possibilities of getting prizes – these are enough to keep the millennials glued to online poker games. There are many sites that offer amazing offers and surprising gifts as the player moves to level up into the game.

24-hour playing option

When you’re home confined for a long time, schedules get messy. When to sleep, when to work and when to play – nothing goes as planned. Poker sites in India offer 24/7 playing options. So, if you feel insomniac at the late hours of the night, then just open your app and start a thrilling game of poker. You won’t feel bad if you win some cash right in the middle of the night.

End of boredom

If you have got a poker app in your hand, then you can easily stop complaining about how mundane your stay-at-home days are becoming! Maybe you’re missing hanging out with your friends, but you certainly invite them for a game of poker. Online poker has brought back the fun and enthusiasm that has been missing from the life of the millennials, especially during such tough social distancing times.

Personalized playing options

Unlike the other card games, online poker allows the players to modify the game as per their convenience. Moreover, you’ll get the games in various formats ranging from the easy and basic ones to the professional and tough ones. Hence, playing poker becomes a feasible option for young people. The easy-to-play format of rummy helps people to enjoy the same for hours at a stretch.

Play within the comfort zone

Playing real poker in casinos was classy, but not comfortable! Yes, you heard it right. Casinos require the players to be courteous, maintain dress codes, and makes the player vulnerable to the opponent. Millennials are smart and somewhat lazy! They would rather be playing something where they can lie in their beds and enjoy. Online poker is one such option. How could they miss out on the same?

Happy Playing !!

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