Can Misclick Be Avoided in an Online Poker Game?

It’s a common situation to mistakenly hit the “call” button instead of “fold” and lose the game in online poker. This and many more goof ups are quite common when you’re playing  poker online. Sometimes, even the smartest of the lot ends up making a “Misclick”. 

One wrong click and your game is gone out of your hands! Sad but true.

Misclick – why does it happen?

If you think that this unfortunate situation can only happen to an inexperienced player, then you’re living in a different world! Slight distraction and inattentiveness can make you click on the wrong button. Even the best online poker players lose their focus and end up hitting a wrong button which makes your opponent win the game. 

It can be highly annoying, but it’s an inseparable part of the  poker games online. So, expert players who routinely play more than one game, have dealt with the fact and live with the uncertainty of its occurrence!

Avoid a misclick – follow these simple tips

There can be fortunate times when a misclick can work in favor of your game. For instance, you may unintentionally add some extra digits and shove up a huge stack! 

But, that’s the rarest of all cases. 

Why consider the same? Rather focus on avoiding the misclicks. Although there’s no sure-shot formula for the same, however, read on and follow these tips to get a fair chance at online real poker  India

  • Keep a firm hold over the mouse or the finger which you’re using over the screen to avoid any wrong clicks. 
  • Check the buttons you’re clicking at least twice before doing the same. 
  • Be calm, relaxed, and attentive while you’re in the middle of a game. 
  • Take time in making decisions. 
  • Don’t be in a hurry to set up strategies or to end the game. keep patience if you want to avoid mistakes. 
  • Avoid playing too many tables at the same time. 
  • Be focused on your game. Don’t indulge in other side activities while you’re in the middle of the game. 
  • Know the basics of a mouse click and mobile screen clicking system

Misclicks in live poker games

As strange as it may sound, misclicks are there in a poker live game as well. It’s true that in live games you don’t get the opportunity of clicking on a wrong button, but there you have the opportunity of taking a wrong decision! That’s what is defined as a misclick. 

Like any best online poker players, a live player may be under pressurized situations and take a wrong decision that might affect the overall direction of the game.


Next time when you sit for a poker game, remember to keep your surroundings clear from any noise, keep your mind focused and be patient. Don’t rush in a poker game, being quick mentally is all that is needed. Take time to click after deciding and analyzing the pros and cons of the situation. 

Losing from a win situation for just a wrong click can be frustrating and saddening at the same time! 

Happy Playing !!

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6 Reasons Why Millennials Are Hooked to Online Poker

With social distancing and staying at home becoming the new trend, fun Friday evenings are becoming a past now. Are you stuck indoors with nothing particular to meddle about? Surfing the internet, doing household chores, and reading books can get mind-numbing after some time! That’s where online poker steps in. 

For millennials, online real poker in India is not only a fun game but also a chance to win an abundance of real money while merely laying back in their couches. Now are the times, when a casino visit is a strict NO. Then what should the poker players do? Hundreds of poker sites in India are giving the opportunity of indulging in online poker games. 

Beat your stay-at-home melancholy. Play, win, and be happy. But first, check out the reasons that are making people go gaga over online poker.

No playing expenses

Unlike the casino culture, with the advent of the best poker sites in India, playing poker has become not only easy but also free! Previously rich people were allowed to indulge in poker. Do you know why? Because affording an evening at a casino is not a matter of joke. 

However, with online poker rage, with a minimum registration fee, anyone can join the table. No frills, no drinks, no expenses – rather get cash if you win! Attractive offer isn’t? 

Easy money winning options

Millennials are always attracted to things that get them money easily without much hectic job errands. What’s better than earning real money while playing poker in India? Fun, excitement, and possibilities of getting prizes – these are enough to keep the millennials glued to online poker games. There are many sites that offer amazing offers and surprising gifts as the player moves to level up into the game.

24-hour playing option

When you’re home confined for a long time, schedules get messy. When to sleep, when to work and when to play – nothing goes as planned. Poker sites in India offer 24/7 playing options. So, if you feel insomniac at the late hours of the night, then just open your app and start a thrilling game of poker. You won’t feel bad if you win some cash right in the middle of the night.

End of boredom

If you have got a poker app in your hand, then you can easily stop complaining about how mundane your stay-at-home days are becoming! Maybe you’re missing hanging out with your friends, but you certainly invite them for a game of poker. Online poker has brought back the fun and enthusiasm that has been missing from the life of the millennials, especially during such tough social distancing times.

Personalized playing options

Unlike the other card games, online poker allows the players to modify the game as per their convenience. Moreover, you’ll get the games in various formats ranging from the easy and basic ones to the professional and tough ones. Hence, playing poker becomes a feasible option for young people. The easy-to-play format of rummy helps people to enjoy the same for hours at a stretch.

Play within the comfort zone

Playing real poker in casinos was classy, but not comfortable! Yes, you heard it right. Casinos require the players to be courteous, maintain dress codes, and makes the player vulnerable to the opponent. Millennials are smart and somewhat lazy! They would rather be playing something where they can lie in their beds and enjoy. Online poker is one such option. How could they miss out on the same?

Happy Playing !!

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Virtual Reality – How Will it Shape the Future of Poker Online?

Poker is not a modern-day game. For a long time, poker enthusiasts all over the world have been playing different poker hands in casinos. You might have seen the same in Bond movies as well! However, with virtual reality kicking in,live poker has taken a backseat. Millions of poker players are also acquainted with some of the best online poker sites and know the tricks of playing online poker! 

But did you ever give a thought about the future of online poker? Till the time you’re winning and getting sufficient money, why would you even bother about the same? 

However, for the online poker players, who have already built a settled career out of the same, there’s a piece of marvelous news – virtual reality will certainly change the face of online poker

How is virtual reality different from online poker? 

For the newbies, there’s seems no difference at all. But for the pro players, who’ve been playing on online platforms for years now, will certainly notice the difference. 

Virtual Reality (VR) takes you to a world where you can’t be present physically! Wow, sound splendid isn’t? So, how about a free trip to the most desirable casinos in Las Vegas? With poker games online, you can only experience a mobile or laptop playing option. But, with VR, you can be present mentally in the casino while you play online. 

VR is thus creating the ambiance and creates an illusion of being present in a prestigious casino while you’re still sitting back in your room and playing poker online. 

Why will VR be good for online poker? 

You might argue that VR is not required for online poker. Why complicate things when you can simply make an app and let people play on it? The answer is the generation demand. There may come a time when the players will start getting bored with the play options. But if you install VR in your online game, then the virtual feeling of sitting in a casino surroundings will create a better vibe in the mind of the players. 

So, just plug in a headphone and enter into the virtual world of the online casino, then you can behave and get the feel of a real casino and imagine yourself in place of some famous poker players. 

Interact with other players 

Playing poker without seeing the opponent can be a really tough process. Although you can enjoy the perks of sitting at your home, however, the loneliness and failure to interact with anyone in particular for the whole long day might push you into boredom. 

That’s when VR makes a grand entry! With VR in place, you can use the live dealer options, wherewith the help of a webcam it is possible to humanly interact with the dealer. The same goes for the opponent players. As soon as you get to interact, you’re able to understand the playing style and the body language of the competitors. Some of thebest poker sites provide this option of using VR and you get to meet the other players. 

Hence, the overall playing atmosphere is converted to a realistic experience as much as possible! 

Attractive to get more users 

Let’s say that you’re a pro online poker player and have been into the world of poker for a very long time. How would you feel if you get to know that few of the best online poker sites are offering virtual technology that will allow you to walk inside the comfort of your home while you get the feel of a real casino? 

Certainly, an attractive offer! With such alluring offers in hand, poker players will choose the same over the likes of a live casino. In short, VR is making a path for online poker. Zero negative consequences, great attractive features – certainly being loved and will be more loved by all poker lovers. 

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