Texas Hold’em Tactics – Win More Pots With Aggressive Play


One of the most effective Texas Hold’em tactics is to be aggressive. By using aggressive Texas Hold’em Tactics you can win more pots by shear force alone.  

It’s one of the oldest Texas Hold’em poker tactics, and that’s because it works! Being aggressive at the poker table is the number one way to smash your opponents into the ground and literally take their chips away from them. Decent aggressive play will let you to win more pots because it intimidates your opponents and makes them less likely to call or raise you.  

Why aggressive is one of the best Texas Hold’em tactics  

Being aggressive is one of the best Texas Hold’em poker tactics because it works. It works for a variety of reasons, as outlined below:  

Aggressive play masks your cards  

It doesn’t matter if you have pocket kings or are bluffing a 7-2, aggressive play masks what hand you actually have. When your betting big, other players can’t help but think you have something decent. This is particularly true after the flop and turn, as any self respecting player wouldn’t bet big when they don’t have a decent hand, right? 

Aggressive play forces players to think  

When you bet aggressively; you raise and re-raise, it forces your opponents to think twice about their cards. Well he’s betting so much, he’s got to have something decent!’ are all examples of internal dialogue that will be running through their head. Playing aggressively makes your competition think about their hand. It’s more likely they will second guess themselves and fold.  

Aggressive plays reduce your competition  

When you raise and re-raise you force a lot of players out of the game. Most average players will not play on if they don’t have a decent hand. By playing aggressive you will reduce the competition you do have in every hand. Some of the time everyone will fold and you will just pick up the blinds and antes. By constantly reducing your competition you have less people to beat and you’ll win more pots. 

Aggressive play works even when you have decent cards  

You will get nice pockets every now and then. Aggressive play works a treat when you pull these. By playing aggressive when you have decent cards you will win more easily in every subsequent hand. By constantly raising you will strengthen the pot so when you do win the round you will take a big win. After you do this everyone will be deadly afraid of you and this aids you in your later aggressive moves when you don’t have as decent a hand. 

You can win more pots with aggressive play and this is truly one of the most effective Texas Hold’em poker tactics known to date. By learning how to play aggressively you will be able to take benefit of your opponents and ruthlessly win pots.

Happy playing!