The Fatigue Factor in the Game of Play Poker Online

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Anyone that tells you that they do not get fatigued in play poker online playing is quite frankly not being truthful at all. Everyone experiences some fatigue in playing poker and indeed this can even happen within the first hour or two for most people. Humans were not meant to sit around a poker table with their back hunched over for long periods of time and that is why we experience fatigue when playing the game.

Experienced best online poker players are better able to deal with the fatigue and avoid allowing it to negatively affect their game, but that does not mean that they do not feel it. If you are having fatigue problems when playing poker, here are some tips to help you deal with them.

Take ample break

Make sure that you take a break every hour, even if it is only for five minutes. If you are playing poker live, just get up and stretch behind your chair. You don’t even really have to miss a hand if you don’t want to, but missing one or two hands to take a walk around and come back can actually pay dividends later on in the session. If you are playing online poker, do the same thing except just around the area of your computer workstation.

Maximize the length of sessions

Increase the length of your sessions gradually. If you find that your 12-hour session is killing you every time you try it out, maybe you should reduce that session to 6 hours twice a day. Or alternatively, you could start at 6 hours every day and then on a monthly basis increase it by one hour until half a year later you have gradually worked your endurance up to where it needs to be to withstand daily 12-hour online poker real money sessions.

Sleep and sleep till you feel fresh

Get an appropriate amount of sleep. Many people like to underestimate this part and love to play poker sessions for 64 hours, but that is not really something you should do more than once in two whiles when the poker game happens to be unbelievably good. Making sure you are well rested with at least 8-9 hours of sleep each night will allow you to play good poker more consistently and that will benefit your bankroll much more.

Happy playing!


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