Things Poker Payers Like To Chat


Poker, besides being an exciting real money poker winning game has also been a source of making friends and recreation since its arrival. Whilst playing poker game over the weekends with family and friends. Or at the poker tables of poker rooms, we talk about various things. From the most popular Bollywood or Hollywood chit chat to the new club in the city. Everybody at the table has a thing to say while waiting around for a better Flop, Turn or River. The discussion flows through many aspects of real life, politics, TV Shows etc. Making the conversations exciting for a long time.

If we try to list the most famous poker table conversations it would look like these below.

Chit chat about Latest Movies

We all love movies; the genres may be arbitrary. Whether it’s the most recent action flick of Arnold Schwarzenegger or an enticing item number by Bollywood actors in some Bollywood movies or about Hollywood movies, poker online players discover them the most amazing thing to chat about. And if none of them are fascinating enough. There’s definitely room to open up a conversation about your preferred movie star or model and pass around some behind the scene affairs you discovered on the internet.

Sports League around the world

Play poker and no sports discussion? That’s unthinkable. In fact, every sport brings the delight and excitement to players and the witnesses moreover. Be it the English Premier league, IPL or a cricket T20 match or Wimbledon sports talk bring a further sense of action on the poker table. In some cases you might get into an inviting argument on some details on the best sports celebrities.

Politics & World News

Folks tend to begin discussions on a poker table with any news they noticed in their twitter feed minutes ago or last night on TV. Even though most of the world and political news is overloaded with accidents, you can always begin a discussion about something pleasant. Funny political gags also have a tendency to rule poker tables.

Local hangout junctions

One who discovered a new hangout destination in the city will share the moment he enters the online poker room. If you are a foodie or love that rock music in a club with a few shots, you can’t prevent yourself chatting about such joints. Many a times, these interactions lead to organizing an outing like trekking or a relaxing weekend in the surrounding areas.

Poker Talks

Quite apparent, every player while gambling on poker table or after a thrilling hand will associate it to a similar example in a recent poker event. Their hearts hop and pop with every single poker news, whether it’s a pro player’s latest million dollar win or a player getting a bad beat at the WSOP. Folks pass information about forthcoming events of poker in India and around the globe and make strategies to take part.

Happy playing poker games!