Tips and Strategies in Blind Stealing

poker online

Blind stealing applies to the act of a player who is in a late position to raise prior to the flop in order to steal or win the blinds which are uncontested. This poker online strategy is often times effective since those in the blinds will have random cards which means there is a small chance that they have a hand which is worthy of a raise so you will be able to take the blinds. 

When you are talking about stealing blinds, there are two realities you must face: you will steal their blinds, and other people will steal your blinds. 


Stealing blinds is most effective during poker tournaments be it multi table or single table. If you need additional chips, you cannot wait for the premium cards. Blind stealing is a good opportunity to get some chips. 

It is not worth it though to go for it at the early parts of the Texas Hold’em Poker when the blinds are small and has a high potential of encountering raises from opponents. 

Cash Games 

The blinds on cash games are fairly small which means that this move will not be very profitable for you. Stealing blinds though during cash games should be based on the opportunity to out manoeuvre your opponent and making them put more money into the pot and then taking their money later on. Generally though, stealing blinds is not recommended in cash games. 

How to defend against players who steal your blinds 

Rule of thumb is that you do not protect your blinds in online poker game every time someone tries to grab it. Remember that you will be the first to move when one tries to snatch your blind, but you are in a poor position and most likely you will not have an idea what your opponent has and it will be a big risk. 

Remember that once you have posted your blind, the money is no longer yours 

It is part of the pot and you do not defend it all the time. If you feel like defending it though to deter your opponent, make sure you put in a decent re-raise and make them feel that they cannot do it to you later on in the game. This is not effective though when the blinds are quite big and the risk is just too much. 

Happy playing!