Tips for Online Poker Players Trying Out Live Poker

online poker

Online poker has caught on like a house and has made many of us ardent fans of the game. This crazy love for the game of online poker is a huge attraction for people to visit and enjoy the thrill of live pokers games. However, those who have not played poker in these real poker rooms will find that the experience online and in live can be very different from each other. While some people enjoy this difference and excitement, others can get totally overwhelmed with it all.  

Online Poker Players advice 

Live these two games differ. So if you are a first time live poker room player, then it will help to keep the tips listed below in mind: 

Body language 

The first and foremost thing that you need to watch for is body language when it comes to live poker rooms. The others best online poker players will judge you and your hand based on your reaction and this is why you need to control your emotions and keep a straight poker face. You will also need to learn how to judge the other persons reactions and thereby estimate the quality of his/her hand.  


Tipping the dealer is very essential when it comes to real time poker. It is a fact that dealers can and often will give you subtle tips and keeping them happy will help you in your game.  


If you are someone who finds the live poker rooms very demanding then do go when the crowds are not too much. Going at a time when the dealer and the casino staff is more relaxed will help you gain insight from them. Lesser people also mean that you need not be looking at too many people and can comfortably concentrate on the game instead.  


Comps are a huge part of poker rooms and inquiring about them will help you a lot. Keep in mind that you may actually be disqualified from a huge jackpot if you do not have knowledge of these comps. So do not be in a rush to play the game and make sure that you have knowledge off all aspects of the play.  


It would be advisable to begin poker in a live room at lower stake. This will help you understand the various tricks of the game without feeling pressurized about the monetary issues involved. 


Unlike online poker Indialive poker can be very confusing. Silly mistakes like betting out of turn or betting too much can often happen on a live table. It is therefore very important that you keep your attention on the table and the game and do not let it wander here and there.  

Live poker though slower than online poker, is a very interesting game and once you learn to comprehend the body language of the other players, you can have a lot of fun at it. 

Happy playing!