Top 5 Hollywood Movies Based On Poker Game


There is something special about poker online game. Of all the games in the world, none is as mysterious as poker, and full of romance and intrigue. It doesn’t matter where you are playing the game, in a casino or online, poker is the most thrilling one.

So, with poker being so thrilling, it is natural to be a hot topic for movies. And as a poker fan you should have a list of them. Let us explore:


This Hollywood flick won’t train anyone how to play poker, but it is an entertaining film which captures the old-west picture of back-alley bars, cards and cowboys. The character of Maverick which is played by Mel Gibson. He travels with the original Maverick which is played by James Garner. Additionally, Jodie Foster to the big poker event and a riverboat five-card draw winner takes the entire contest.


Many poker fans were introduced to the world of no-limit Texas Hold’em through this 1998 movie with Matt Damon and Ed Norton as its star cast. There’s yet no movie made that’s about modern day poker like this one. And the epic poker session which Damon’s character goes through to help save Norton’s “the worm” is spectacular. With a cameo role by Johnny Chan and a few great lines, this is a must-watch movie.

The Cincinatti Kid

This movie is a poker classic and is famous for its climatic final poker hand between Steve McQueen’s “The Kid,” and Edward Robinson’s Lancey Howard. The movie revolves around the young card player as he attempts to win the title of the best poker player of all time. And this leads him to Lancey Howard, who was the title holder at that time.

A Big Hand for a Little Lady

The western comedy of 1966 draws attention of the audience and also of Meredith. The traveller who stakes his whole family fortune to get into the biggest high-stake poker game. He makes his wife, Mary, very unhappy. But, when her husband suffers with a heart attack during the game, Mary intervenes. She takes up the hand of her husband.

Honeymoon in Vegas

This 1992 comedy movie revolves around Nicolas Cage losing his girlfriend for the weekend when his straight flush is beaten by James Caan’s higher straight flush. Now, the audience would have perhaps assumed cheating here, but luckily the character of Cage isn’t that bright, as then we’d miss out on his antics from Hawaii back to Vegas to get his girl back.

Happy playing!