Top 5 Traps Poker Players are likely to Fall into

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There is no denying of the importance of learning the basics of online poker real money game, in order to perform to a medium level at the table. If you are still going through the basics, the truth is that there is still a long way to go before you can actually consider you are playing well.  

You might find the various situations depicted in examples as clear and your future actions obvious. But, at the online poker India table things do not follow pre-established patterns and you can very well find yourself falling into traps. 

What is even worse, you would not figure out what you did wrong. Let’s explore the most common traps poker players are likely to get caught in. 

Making decisions according to your guts

More often than not, people start playing online poker as they consider themselves lucky. However, luck has very little to do with poker and even if you sometimes win due to chance, in this game fortune evens out in the long run. The correct way to view poker is as a mathematical game and hence, you need to learn how to accurately calculate the odds. 

Focusing too much on the pre-flop 

It could be the enthusiasm of finally playing poker with people who know what they’re doing, but getting right into it and playing too many hands before the flop is a bad decision overall. In fact, if you were to analyse various pre-flop strategies, you will find out that 75% or more of these hands are unplayable. 

Going too far with the hands past the flop 

This trap is directly linked to the one involving playing too many hands before the flop. Essentially, a beginner does not only play numerous incorrect hands at the wrong time, but some of them also have a tendency of taking them too far. Taking any pair all the way to the river is a big mistake not even a beginner should make. 

Not managing their emotions 

Even if they do not admit it openly, nobody likes to lose. On the other hand, when playing best online poker you should expect to lose more times than you win, particularly if you are new to the game. Therefore, if you lose several hands and become irritated, then take a small break and calm down, as you will not make the best decisions when you are annoyed. 

Not perceiving poker as a long-term game 

Do not assume that you will make big cash out of online poker immediately as winning at this game requires a lot of time. As a rule of thumb, your goal is to leave the table with the same amount of cash you have when you entered. 

Happy poker playing time!