Trouble with Slow Rolling in Poker


As you broaden your poker skills, attaining new strategies. You are also learning proper poker etiquette, here’s one move to evade and that is slow rolling.

What is a Slow Roll?

A slow roll in poker games online is where the player with the very best hand (“the nuts”) makes a scene of calling a large final bet, adding pointless drama to the hand. One of the most disapproved moves in poker; slow rolling is liable to lose you admiration and may even annoy your opponents.

The slow roll ought not to be confused with “slow play”, “sandbagging” or “trapping”. Three terms which indicate to playing a strong hand feebly to encourage your opponent to bet. The slow roll comes at the end of the hand, when you hold-up showing your cards to tease your opponent.

For instance, on the final round of online poker betting, if one player goes all-in and demonstrates a king-high flush, and their opponent, holding the ace-high flush, acts as if to make a hard choice, this would be a seen as a slow roll. In this case, it is probable to make the all-in player feel they have the best hand. This is making it an extra crushing blow when the slow roller exposes that they have the nuts.

Why would a player Slow Roll?

Slow rolling is done upset an opponent, frequently as the two poker players occupied have some history. It may also be done, in larger or televised poker games, just for notice. But while a slow roller might discover their move funny, other players will not.

Be cautious, although – a slow roll may in addition be done by error. When a player doesn’t really grasp that they have as strong a hand as the player. In the Showdown at the Sands, “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth notably made a scene on global television. It was an out-bursting against poker legend T.J. Cloutier. He considered that he had been slow rolled by T.J. Cloutier. Cloutier, but, truly had not realised that he had made his flush. And it was Hellmuth who was left looking the fool.

Hence, while you ought to avoid making the move yourself, it is also smart to avert becoming heated with players who do slow roll, as the aim of the move is to rouse negative emotion.

Slow Rolling in the Casino and Online

Poker and casino manners powerfully dictate that you should not slow roll, however it is not a printed rule, and you’re improbable to be thrown out of a game for doing it. But, it surely won’t make you any friends around the poker table.

Slow rolling in online poker is far less uncomplicated to spot, as there are quite a lot of reasons why a player may take a long time to call a bet. Distractions away from the PC, slow network connections and playing multiple games are all potential reasons for what may emerge to be a slow roll. It is also less probable for there to be history between online poker players making slow rolling less familiar.

Be sure not to slow roll during your next poker game!

Good luck at the tables!