Types Of Poker Challengers You Can Find In A Poker Game


A thing you should acquaint yourself with to boost your game is the different sort of poker online challengers. This is an essential skill so that you can identify what groups your challengers fall under. And then use that info to decide how you are going to play the game.

So let’s take a look at the seven types of poker challengers and know their playing style beforehand:

Calling Station

This kind of poker player likes to call more than raise, irrespective of the cards they hold. Often, these players get successful when cards fall in their favor on table. Thanks to their inefficiencies and poor playing style. Calling stations usually play any two suited cards, and hardly ever fold these cards if they strike a flop. This kind of player play K9 suited and do not fold this hand if he/she hits K on the flop, disregarding other aspects of the poker game like how many players are in the pot.


Fish is regarded as the weakest player in poker as they play bad. They are beginner or amateur players who like to play and are discovered playing at lower limits most of the occasions. Also referred to as Donkey, you cannot bluff a fish as their bets make no sense in any way.


A player who is a poker lover with less or no knowledge in poker playing is known as a Newbie. Most frequently called Noobs, as these players have little information about poker game but are still not prepared to learn on their own.


Maniacs are essentially the crackpots who play almost all the hands, and raise or re-raise with any cards whether strong or weak. These players are very aggressive and spoil other players’ game by putting in many swings to the bankroll. Sometimes, maniac might seem to be an ‘easy-to-play’ player but they can put the whole table on tilt due to their indiscipline trend of playing.

Mr. ABC Poker

Even today, ABC Poker has always been regarded as the right approach for winning when the play poker. A player is considered Mr. ABC Poker generally follows and plays ‘by the book’ which enable them outplay Newbies. These players are well-versed with theoretical element such as primary play, blind structure, etc on a single side and well-trained in practical game.


These players are opposite to Calling Station as they take more challenges and play only superior hands in the top range. Also known as Nit, they have enough endurance to relax and wait for ultra-premium hands. These players play only Pocket Aces, Pocket Queens, Pocket Kings and Ace-King. If you are actually ever re-raised by a Rock player, simply fold hands up to Q-Q.


Sharks, as the term implies, are the craftiest poker player of all. These sorts of players are all-rounder in all aspect of a game, and can approach their play matching to their challengers’ play. They are qualified in reading challengers, shaping poker face and playing just like they have a bad hand or they are chasing. These types of traits help Sharks to get as much funds out of a hand as they can easily.

Happy playing!