Using the Check Strategically In Play Poker Online

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If used in the right manner and timing, the check can be a very powerful button in a Poker game. However, most play Poker online players were not able to apply it to the advantage because of the lack of knowledge on the importance of the check.  The majority of players will actually dismiss a check.

Why do players check?

It is important to note the motivation of the best online poker players when they make a check.  It would be to your advantage if you know the motivation.  So, what will prompt a player to use the check?  Below are some reasons:

  1. The player has a bad hand
  2. Player wants to check another player’s hand
  3. The player uses it as a trap
  4. Most of the time, players use the check because they have a marginal hand.

Check combination

The combination of the check with other moves as well as the timing of the check is very important if you want to optimize your game through checking.

The check should not be used excessively as it makes your moves predictable.  If you check and fold all the time, you are not using the check to your advantage.  The majority (in fact 70-80 percent) of the hands that you will have in the online poker game will be folded.  Of course, this is on the premise that you are not an extreme daredevil.  So, if you are the check and fold type, you will check around 70-80 percent of the time.

To be effective, the check should be combined with raises or calls.  These online poker real money combinations will make the check powerful.  For instance, in the check and raise combination, it can be very effective because it is not common action.  You can slowly play your monster if you use the check and raise the action.  What you can do is trap the other player by checking and then raise them once they have a bet.  Again, use it sparingly.  It will not be effective if the other players are aware of it.

So, comes the bluffing part.

Most of the time, you need to bluff when you are using the check with the raise or call combination.   Of course, when you bluff with the check and call, you are taking the extra risk that there might be a player that has something at the time you called.


As mentioned earlier, checking is used to check to find out what does another player has at hand.  Checking is usually used after a flop.  This is more common in online games than in real games as you can’t see the reaction of people online that’s why you need to check what they have. Most of the time, players check the other player’s hand when they suspect that it is a bad hand.  However, if you start the checking chain and everyone checks, you get the advantage of people not noticing that you are actually making a slow play or that you are really checking on a marginal hand.

Happy playing!

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