Which Of Your Poker Images Should You Hang On To?


Most poker players are completely ignorant that they have an image at any given moment during the game. They are even ignorant that an image ought to be thoughtfully maintained. Or are trying to project no image by making the poker face. A few actually believe that their sunglasses, hooded sweatshirt and moody expression communicate nothing to the opponents. 

Yet they are not invisible and they will always project some sort of persona and reveal sufficient info for the decent online poker player to decipher and use. What they are really doing is attracting better players than themselves to the table. And detracting the not so good players that they could really win money from. 

To be absolutely neutral is not the same as to be ahead of observation. Active controlled communication with other players, when managed appropriately, is perhaps to yield much nicer outcome than a blank attitude. A blank attitude is most likely a sign of weakness rather than of strength. 

The blank attitude is withdraw from any active involvement and withdraw is forever a sign of weakness. Furthermore, these poker online players with blank expression are not aware that their more highly skilled counterparts can inevitably read their tells at some instant during a hand as an old stone face is still a human being after all. 

The amateurs who play poker online game will for the majority opt for tables where they can have a good time. The players, cruising around the room, are looking for a table where players are relaxed and friendly. They will look and listen for good times before they at all try to appraise potential partners’ actual poker skills. And are most likely to opt for those tables where people seem to enjoy themselves most.  

For the career player

For the career player, these fun seeking amateurs are his bread and butter. And he will cater to their every whim. The wise player knows that these good time amateurs are where his earnings originate. They will encourage them to stay and play by being a witty raconteur while emptying their wallets. A not-so-great but happy player will linger at an amusing table, risk more and lose more while always in a good mood. This professional’s dream player would not go near a table manned with stone cold zombies.  

Sparkling conversation and a sense of fun in combination with compliments on others play will keep an amateur in a trusting frame of mind and keep him returning to that table again and again. They don’t play poker for an income or for the thrill of risk so they will not be upset by losing to an amusing opponent.  

Keep your weaker opponents in a good mood and you will keep up their good hopes, believing that luck may still take their side. Good time and occasional “luck” may turn them into regular players and into regular income and attract still more amateurs. But a show of cold indifference will only make them disgusted with themselves or the table or both.  

Experts know that they always project an image and are always careful about what they project. They design the image according to the best of their interests, not to avoid contact. Their key to success lies not only in superior method but often in the capability to create, through personality and capability to manipulate the game cleverly, scenarios that project an affirmative experience for their unsuspecting prey. 

Happy playing!