Why Play A Tight and Disciplined Game of Poker?

Why Play A Tight and Disciplined Game of Poker?

You can’t play poker with a light-headed mentality. Yes, that’s true. The ones who have taken poker lightly are the ones who have not succeeded in the game in the long run. Poker is a mind game. If you think a mere stroke of luck is enough to make you win real money  poker , then you’re completely wrong. 

Practice, practice, and practice – that’s the key to becoming a strong poker player. For being a pro in the field of poker you need to learn to play poker in a disciplined manner. Buy playing a tight poker is hard! It might sound theoretically easy, but it’s really hard! 

It means you need to be patient, fully into the game, and sit for hours on the online poker sites and fold every hand before you get a flop. 

For the ones who are not aware of what tight poker is, read on, and get enlightened. 

What is a tight game of poker? 

In simple words, when you restrict yourself from playing many hands, you’re playing a tight poker game. A tight poker player is generally very selective about the hands they play and the position from which they’re playing the hands. Some of the best online poker players that you’ll find are trained in playing tight poker games. 

A careful and measured approach – that’s what is essential in poker games online. If you behave like a loose poker player and jump about from one pot to another, then your chances of winning become zero. 

Why is tight and aggressive poker good? 

That’s because you get to play only the premium hands! Wondering about in different pots and playing loads of hands, doesn’t make you a good poker player. 

In the best online poker sites, you’ll find different types of poker players. Most of them being a novice and playing a loose hand. If you start playing into several hands, you may end up losing more money. 

In the case of tight poker, the player is more disciplined and choosier. They select the hands which are in a good position and premium range. You can make a mistake in that as well, and end up losing a lot of money. But the same won’t occur repeatedly. 

Hence, when you learn to play poker, you should start with a tight poker style. it’s beneficial from the viewpoint of the player. More money, fewer mistakes. 

Remember, aggression in playing a poker hand is essential because no one’s going to give up their money easily or without a fight. So, be patient, hold on to one single hand, and play in a disciplined manner. Your winning probability will be higher! 

If your poker game is exciting, then you’re playing it wrong 

This might sound weird, but if you’re playing an exciting game then certainly, you’re playing on the losing side. A tight poker player is always bored with the game since they have to sit for long hours and build up strategies to win the game.  

If you’re doing it in the right way, then there’s no stopping you.  

Happy Playing !!

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