Why Sit On The Right Of Poker Online Table?

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One of the big differences between beginners and pros when playing poker online is checking out the table that they are about to play poker on. Whereas a beginner would just choose a table blindly and sit down, someone who knows a bit about what they are doing will have a quick look at the table stats first.

Poker table stats are usually readily available at online casinos and they provide a quick and easy way to check the quality of the table you are about to play poker online at.

The most important factors to look at are the player-flop ratio and the average pot.

Player-flop ratio

The player-flop ratio shows the relationship between the number of players at the online poker real money table and the ones who see the flop. You should look for a high number here. 40+ per cent is good because it means that the number of players that continue betting past the flop is approaching 50 per cent, and so there is more money to win at the end of the hand. This applies for a table with around 8-10 people. Any less and a flop percentage of 50+ could be considered low because you are taking fewer players into account.

The average pot is also very important because this also shows how much money is available to win on average each hand. So obviously a high number here is good as well. A pot which is 500 per cent or more of the big blind is a good number to look for. So, for example, if you are playing with a big blind of ₹2, then a good average pot would be ₹10.

So why are these things good to look out for and how does it increase your chances of winning over other people? It’s simply because it shows games with a large number of players who see the flop and also put quite a lot of money in are not playing an optimal best online poker game. This means that they are more likely to lose their money and you can use a good strategy to win it from them. Look for a good poker bonus to test out your poker skills.

Happy playing!


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